The Twilight Saga

I decided to TRY and write a story..i don'tt know iff itts good..ittss nowhereee as good ass anyone elses but im trying



Chapter One: Reality


I knew i was asleep. I had to be, because nothing this beautiful could be so real. I was staring at the sun, and even though the bright rays blinded me from everything else, I still stared. I waited for the part that would suddenly bring me back to reality but nothing happened. Suddenly, i saw sparkles coming off from the side of my vision. I thought it was just me, about to wake up from this dream. As i hesitated to turn my head, i saw him. He was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, more beautiful than this craziness that was before me. I wanted to reach for him. To hold him and never let go. But something told me not to. Something showed me that this was a bad idea. I blinked twice and in an instant he was gone. I tried to remember his beauty. His dark brown hair, that was tossled up into nothing. His beautiful hazel eyes that seemed to mesmarize you forever. And of course the beautiful elegance of his body. What was that glittering? I could have sworn it was him. But then i heard a gust of wind fly by me. And suddenly my hair was blowing back behind me. I turned to my right and saw him again. This time i did not let fate choose for me. I hesitated, but took one small step foward. He saw what i was doing and yet again he was gone. But i couldn't turn to find him anymore. I realized my vision was slipping away. I inhaled and suddenly awoke in my bed. I longed for more, but knew that, that dream would never come back. I layed there in my bed, dissappointed that my dream had ended. It was my first day of work. My first day into the world by my self. I pulled the sheets off of me, and got up to get ready. Reallly, what was the point in going. I only wanted to go to work to possibly see the guy in my dreams. Reality dissapointed me, and i suddenly slupped over ready to bring it back. I was soon ready, before i even had to leave, and decided that i could use some breakfast. My dad was up too, his name is Mike he works at the hardware store for the city of Denver.

         I moved here with my Dad, because my mother died from a terrible accident. I was only 8 when i had to move because of it. And from that day on i've lived with my father. He wasn't peticularly quiet, though he wasn't loud. You could coun't on him for a good laugh. I poured a couple of shakes of fruity pebbles-my favorite cereal-into a bowl and started to eat. I could feel myself gasing off into another world. I was remembering that wierd but wonderful dream I had about 2 hours ago. Who was he? I kept asking. I felt as if i've seen him before. Somewhere, but i can't recall it. I wanted to know the answer and to find it out. I planned to try to redream it but i didn't know if i could. As soon as i was done i washed the bowl out and set it to dry. "Jazmine," my dad said, "you have work today don't you?" I could feel myself pulling back to reality yet again and turned around instantly.

"Uh-yeah, yeah i do. Why? Do you need me to stay home today?" i said wondering, and hoping he didn't need any help because i don't think i could stay a minute more in this house without daydreaming again.

"Well not really, no, i was just telling you because your going to be late. And it's unseasonably cold outside, so the rodes must be icy. It's going to take you a while longer to get to work." he sounded really concerned-great. I checked the time on the stove and was suddenly aware of my dads words. Wow how did so much time pass? I rushed to my coat, got my keys and bolted for the door. My dad had bought me this chevy impala for my 16th birthday which was spent with the 2 friends i had in my softmore year. It was fast, and nice. I always had some reason to keep it clean. It was always shiny under the pile of sleet that covered it every morning.

I worked at Gordmans down the road. It wasn't a busy store usually this early but it wasn't always quiet. I didn't enjoy working here but it was good pay for an 18 year old.



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more will be on i just have to let my mom use the computer ;)
i know its not that good or whatevs but i just wntd to tryy you know..people let me know what you think so i can be a good writer
it is really good can't wait for more!!!!
:) this is good! :D i'd read it everytime u type more 8)
thannxx soo much
Hey its good. I liked it. Was is it really about? Who's point of veiw is it?
ummm my character jazminess
ohh, okay. It's still good.
thankks iDon'tt thinkk so butt..yeahh im trying
i love it! :) but i really do think that if you going to write a story, try to not make it so similar to Twilight. sparkling body, tossled hair, hazel eyes, fast speed, the name Mike, a chevy for a car. and in the beginning it said the first day into the world by myself, and then it goes on talking about how shes lived in that house sense she was 8, and that she didnt enjoy going there, making it seem like she was there before. but all in all its a great story! just think about changing those parts a little bit. i cant wait to read the rest!
yeahh iKnoww thatt itss verrii similarr to twilight..i just wntd to see if i could make mi own version of it but tweek it up,,it needs improvement
wow plz finish n keep me posted


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