The Twilight Saga

Time for a NEW quiz. This time it's to find out if you are a vampire, werewolf, human, which one will you be???

1. If you were angry wold you want to..
a. write in a diary
b. throw someone
c. spaz out

2. Animals are.....
a. Cute!!!!
b. food

3. your idea of fun is...
a. hang out at malls
b. race across all of north america
c. jumping off cliffs

4. is your skin.....
a. pretty normal
b. pretty...freezing
c. hot HOT HOT> me!

5. what is your worst flaw?
a. I'm clumsy, slow, not super smart, and not super man.
b I sparkle
c. I get REALLY angry

6. do you like trouble?
a, no, nope, cause then I get hurt
b. sure, I can beat them ALL
c. if it's against a vampire!

7. would you rather...
a. lay around, eat, sleep, LIVE LIFE
b. beat your brother in a wrestling match at the bottom of the ocean
c. get an imprint

here are your results
mostly A's- you are human, you like to go to movies, have friends, and live life
moslty B's- vampire all the way, blood, speed, it's all YOU
mostly C's- Werewolve, you tend to get angry but YOU are the protecter of people!

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Replies to This Discussion

my result is little strainge... 1->a , 2->a , 3->d , 4->c , 5->c , 6->d meaning :P
WOW!!! I got a tie between Alice and Bella!!!!! I <3 Alice!!! But im very clumsy like Bella
how about Jacob you should put a B.F.F. match for Jacob
Got Rosalie and Jasper.
Emmett/Alice :] Lol I thought it would be either one of them..but I got booth:]
Oh, If you wanted suggestions, Grammar/Spelling..dosen't really matter, but makes the quiz look cooler, and add some more questions-then you'll have an odd number, and people wont have more then one result..unless they want too:] I think a mix of Emmet and Alice describes me pretty well lol:]
BELLA!!! I love her!!!
i got a tie in Bella and Alice.
Bella + Alice + Edward :)


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