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If you get a chance to change the actress who play Bella in the movie, who would you replace as Kristen Stewart? Other than you ;)

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I would put Keira Knightley or someone else (rather than me)

she's cute

She's beauty but she's not the way Kristen is...

I couldn't pick anyone besides Kristen Stewart. She's my favorite actress and shes the only bella I can think of. When I read the twilight books then watch the movies she is the best and in my opinion the only person to play bella. She's a perfect fit. End of story.

I agree wholeheartedly, Christy.  :)  I think she is perfect for it and I think the chemistry between Rob and Kris are palable!  :)

I never really thought about it.

Um that's a tough one Emma Watson I think Would be a good Bella

mmm... it's hard to decide... Kristen does it quiet well, maybe Amanda Seyfried could do it too, but she's not like Bella in the physical way... what do you say??


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