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i think yes sho would be a great one and she has a lot of selfcontroal.

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i know but it is what she wants and she want to be with edward forever
yes,Bella should be a vampire

YES!!!!!!!! XD I DEFINATELY think she should! XD
OMG yes she should be a vampire.... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Yes cause she would make Edward happy and she adjust well to the life!
yes. i think she should b. thats pretty much the only way she can stay w/ edward w/o turning 30 and ugly
she should! so that he live forever with edward....
I think she should become a vampire now because Jacob has found Renesmee, she doesn't have to feel guilty for hurting him by being with Edward. Now she can be with Edward forever and still have Jacob as her best friend!
yea of course..y not...but i thought it wuz cute how she hung on 2 edward wen she wuz human..but she iz safer as a vampire..
of course...
it's the only way for her to be with Edward...
.. she should be.,,
she did great,,


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