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rob and kristen are said to be split up...but he has a plan to win here over. What are your reactions?

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......I didn't even know that they were together xD....but I really thinks that it's a god idea that he want to get her back :D
ok first of all, there is no evidence that they were actually together in the first place! there's not even one picture of them kissing! but i guess if they were together and then got broken up then i would want them to get back together....
Poor Rob, Go get her man! XD
Ummm, no... he had his chance... now its my turn ;p
They can't they r a totaly good couple!
I hope they get back together. they are so perfect together. Not only in the movie but in real life too. they look soo cute together.
he should get her back they make a great couple
i dont think they would get baq 2gether cuz of how rob acts..if kristen knew better she would juz move on..i think she might have been pressured in2 it also cuz of all the gossip..
I'm glad they broke it off. Kristen needs a real man, not an actor, if you know what I mean.
I think it's really nice that he wants her back but haven't they been on and off for a long time? And the other day i heard they were getting married! But I'm not sure how true that is. I say they should make up or break up. They should stay together or stay apart. Don't ya think?


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