The Twilight Saga

Chapter One:

I opened my eyes, gasping and immediately noticing the difference in my vision. Then I thought. The gasp didn’t feel natural. My lungs didn’t inflate; I didn’t feel the relief that I used to. The scents that came to me filled my head, and I expected my thoughts to swim, but there was a large space there, ready for them. I reached up and touched my face, hearing the noise my arm made as it pushed through the air. As soon as I did, I felt the mood in the air tighten. I felt my smooth face and wondered where my scars had gone. I turned my head, and gasped as I saw the magnificent people in front of me. My family. I had been born into a family of humans, when they had all been at risk by a family of vampires. I had only been ten when my dad had been bitten by the vampire called Elyse. That time was horrible. He had to leave us for three years before he could control his thirst for blood.

The next person to be bitten was my older sister. Her name is Leanne. She was bitten by John. That wasn’t as bad, as she can control herself well. But she was the one that had bitten my younger sister, who was only two. She was bitten when Leanne had lost control over an argument with my mum.

When my mum was bitten, that was the worst time. She was bitten by a vampire called Andy. He was only a new vampire, with uncontrollable thirst. Mum had to leave completely, for five years me and my sisters had to live without her.

Now I sat up and looked at them, and as I sat up each of their faces broke into smiles. Then I shuddered as I remembered my last seconds of human life. It was the last week of the summer holidays, going into my last year of senior school. I was at the park with my friends, messing about when Andy jumped in front of me, with another vampire, called Becka. My mates ran away screaming, but before I managed to get away, both Andy and Becka lunged for my throat.

I open my eyes and see everyone looking at me. I shrugged my shoulders, afraid to speak just yet. My younger sister, Charlie, reached out for me, fists opening and closing to show that she was getting impatient. I reached my arms out, and felt her light weight on them. Then Leanne suddenly rushed out of the room. She came back seconds later carrying a small pocket mirror.

“Sorry,” she said, shrugging. “I couldn’t rip the full length one off the wall.”

I looked into the mirror and if my heart were still beating it would have stopped.

The girl in the mirror had bright green eyes, her face was scarless and her hair fell over half her face like a blonde waterfall.

“Oh. My. God,” I said.

I was lost for words as I stared into the mirror, looking at her perfect skin, her clear eyes and her beautiful hair.

“Right then Chloe, are you feeling thirsty? Or would you prefer to wait?” my dad was standing by the door, looking at me, concerned.

“Erm, could we all hunt together?” I asked.

“Sure, I don’t mind,” Leanne said, smiling.

“Googoo ga,” Charlie giggled, twisting her hands in my hair.

“Right then,” mum said, taking Charlie from me. “You go with Leanne, and I’ll follow with your dad and Charlie.”

“Err okay,” I muttered, shrugging.

I followed Leanne downstairs and out the back door. I watched her as she jumped over the two-meter-high fence in one go, and land in a field that had a dirt track leading to the forest. My throat felt as dry as a desert, and it began to burn. I felt intimidated, but the thirst was nearly unbearable.

“Are you okay, Chloe?” I heard Leanne call from the other side of the fence. “I can come and help if you want?”

“No, I can do this,” I called back, and took a deep breath, taking in the scents of my surroundings. I stepped back and jumped, landing lightly on the soft grass next to Leanne.

As soon as I landed Leanne took off, sprinting quickly in the direction of the forest. I breathed in again, following the scent of her towards an opening in the thick trees. I caught up with her in a clearing, wondering why I wasn’t gasping for breath.

As the rest of my family came through the trees, I heard a twig snap. The scent wasn’t human, it was like us. A stranger came through the trees, baring his fangs at me.

Chapter 2

The vampire had tousled dark hair and near black eyes. His fangs were cream; his skin was an unusual ivory colour. His hands were clenched into fists, knuckles pulling his skin taut. His low growl rumbled through the silence, and Charlie held onto my mum’s back tighter. The strength and instinct of a young vampire take over, and I stepped in front of my family, growling at the stranger. He crouched down low and bared his fangs. My knees buckled slightly as I crouched down, but my mind was fully focused on the vampire in front of me.

He took a step forwards and I felt the tension in my family building so much it was coming off of them in waves. Suddenly, not knowing what I was doing, I lunged forward, taking him by surprise. Once he noticed what I was doing, he reached forwards too, flexing his hands and grabbing me on the shoulders. My nails clawed at his skin, ripping his sleeves but doing nothing to his flesh. I threw him off, leaning from one side to another before making him flip through the air and land on his back. I grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, then pushed him with such force back into the trees that he left a trail of broken branches and torn leaves.

When I turned round, my family was sitting down in a circle, legs crossed, eyes closed. I had seen this many times before, when I had once gone on a hunting trip with them. They had left a place for me, where I sat and closed my eyes. When I did, my other senses took over, the scents of different animals reaching my nose. The sound of a small stream with deer drinking from it travelled through the air. I could feel the air being blown by the wind, throwing my hair behind me. Movements in the air made me open my eyes. I saw everyone on their feet and sniffing the air. After a second I caught the scent of a herd of deer just a way in the forest.

Mum put Charlie on her back and began to climb up a nearby tree, jumping from branch to branch with catlike movements. Charlie giggled with delight. Once mum was at the top, she put Charlie down on a branch. Charlie stood up and began walking along, until she was just above the herd. She waved at us and waited.

Leanne quietly ran to the bushes, and then crouched down until she was barely visible. Dad took a few steps back, signaling to me.

Following instincts, I jumped in the air and grabbed onto a branch and was swinging when mum gave us a signal and we all sprang into action. Charlie lightly jumped down from the branch, landing on the back of a buck, before sinking her small fangs into its neck. Mum hopped down the tree to dad who grabbed her hand and ran straight through the herd and came out the other side holding two deer in one arm.

Leanne suddenly leapt into the air, landing in the middle and thrust her hands out. Everything stopped, I could still see and breathe but I was frozen in midair. Leanne moved swiftly, picking up a deer of her choice and walking out. Then she clapped her hands and everything was back again, me swinging and waiting. Then my thirst took over. I bared my fangs as I dove through the air, landing on a stags back and sinking my teeth trough its soft flesh. My mouth had fur in, but I didn’t notice as the metallic taste of blood filled my mouth. My throat died down, but I could still feel it like a small dwindling fire.

As I finished off, I looked up and saw Charlie standing over me, blood wiped over her face like tomato soup. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder, smiling at the way she shrieked with delight. I jogged gently back into the clearing, following the scents we had left. My parents and Leanne were there, finishing off their deer and putting them down lightly into a ditch.

“Right then, let’s go home,” Leanne said, dusting herself down and taking Charlie out of my arms.

“Okay..,” I sighed, my instincts still wanting to hunt until I ran the whole forest dry.

Chapter 3

My life had been easy until that time, school was fine, home was a tad difficult but on the whole I survived. But when I was a newborn vampire, my thirst led me out of control. My family had to try and keep me in the house whilst I was out of control, but they couldn’t.

A week after I had been bitten, I had to go back to school. My mum bought me some glasses with special lenses that made my eyes look more normal. I had my blonde hair up in a loose bun, with long strands hanging down in various places. I had dragged on my uniform, rolling the skirt and my sleeves up. I had the tie loosely around my neck, along with a new necklace given to me by my mum. My new shoes were black pumps, with small ribbon bows on.

I walked down the street with my black and green bag. My appearance turned every head I passed, eyes wide and mouths open. It began difficult to control myself, holding my breath while trying to look normal was difficult. I reached the gate before anyone else, my new appearance not affecting my status as major brainbox.

I walked through the playground, just as the biggest group of girls in my year came around the corner.

“Oh look, it’s ickle Chloe,” the tallest girl in the group, Tanya, teased, grinning.

“Do everyone a favor, Tanya, and go and take some nice pills,” I shot back, using my extremely small range of comebacks. My temper was short though, and I could feel the anger rising.

I turned and walked away, hearing the laughter from the other side of the playground. I walked into the building and into my form room, where I had a shock. There, sitting in a seat near the front, was Andy. At the sound of my footsteps, his head turned and he smiled slyly. He rose out of his chair, and I took a step back.

“It’s.. I.. You..,” I stammered, taking a few more steps back.

“Yep, it’s me,” he replied, his expression staying still.

I heard someone enter the room, and turned to see Becka standing in the doorway. She had the same expression as Andy, whose was now smug. I went to sit in my usual seat, where there was a view of the field with its large willow tree and running track. I looked up from my desk when my friends came in the door together, chatting and laughing. They suddenly fell silent at the sight of Becka and Andy, who were seated in the dark corner at the back of the room. Then they walked over to the chairs next to me, asking pointless questions about whether I had dyed my hair, or used new make-up. I responded sub-consciously, knowing that they’ll settle down after a while.

As I walked to Drama, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and jumped when I saw Becka’s expressionless face inches from mine. She smiled sweetly. I turned and began to walk when I saw that she was in front of me. I gasped automatically, breathing in my first gulp of air of the day. Big mistake. I took in all the scents and my instincts went wild. I smelt all the sweet scents of humans, and that sent me walking through the school, to find the sweetest smelling humans and take my pick. This sent kids running and screaming. Although, one boy didn’t. I didn’t know at the time, but there was one boy who wasn’t terrified.

I was busy with a young year seven when I noticed a figure standing over me. I looked up, my fangs still connected to the girls flesh. There, standing in the bright light, was Leanne. She had her hands outstretched to show me that she meant me no harm. Her expression was worried, and I could see the contours in her skin as her expression changed. She nodded in realization, and then thrust her hands out to the sides. Immediately, I saw that all the running pupils froze, and I couldn’t do anything but sit as Leanne takes the girl from me and picks me up. Once we got to the gate, Leanne puts me down on the ground, still frozen, and clapped her hands. I heard the screams of terrified pupils and teachers. I stood up, dusting myself down and looked up at Leanne. She had her hands on her hips, the angry look on her face was erupting off her whole body.

“I.. Um.. It wasn’t my fault!!” I stammered.

Chapter 4

I looked at the ground, shuffling my feet. I could feel the presence of three other people in the room, but I was too ashamed to look up at them. Someone cleared their throat. I looked up into the faces of Mum, Dad and Leanne. They looked sincere, each of them deadly serious. Dad stepped forward, his movement making no sound at all.

“Chloe, I understand that you are a new vampire, but you should control when you breathe,” Dad began with a stern tone.

“But Dad, I’m not like you!” I exclaimed, my temper rising. “You could go hunting when you wanted; you only had a small thirst! Well maybe I’m just a little bit different!”

“Chloe,” Mum began, but I interrupted her, angrily.

“No, don’t Chloe me! I put up with having to move around since you were all turned into vampires! I had to live without you, when you were unable to control yourselves!” I yelled, clenching my hands into fists.

Charlie began to cry, her face screwed up but no tears coming out. Mum rushed over to her and hoisted her up over her shoulder, patting her back and bouncing up and down. I began to walk away, ignoring whatever they said. I stomped up the stairs, banged into my room and grabbed my rucksack. I shoved some clothes into my bag, grabbed some perfume, my glasses and my trainers, before jumping down the stairs in one go and slammed out the door. I heard the door open, but I couldn’t bring myself to look round. I can’t believe I was leaving my family, but I had to. I strode off, and slowly the wails of Charlie disappeared. I kept on walking, my stride steady and confident. I stopped when I reached the park, which was deserted and dark. I walked in through the gate, setting my bag down on the dry grass, sitting down next to it. I crossed my legs, eyes closed. I breathed in slowly, taking in all of the scents around me. My throat began to burn again, searing the entire inside of my body. I needed blood. I could smell and feel a variety of small animals in the undergrowth. I could hear the birds in the trees, rustling and sleeping. I envied them. They slept at night, but however much I tried; I couldn’t lose reality for even a second. I was busy breathing in and out when I caught the scent of something else. It was a sweet smell, with a tangy after scent. Then I felt the air move, the scent blowing in my face. My eyes flickered open, and as they focused, I saw a silhouette standing by a tree.

My eyes adjusted to the darkness, and I saw that the figure was a boy about my age, with black, spiked hair, and deep blue eyes. He was around five foot five. He was wearing a red tee-shirt with black jeans and white sneakers. My instinct wanted me to growl and leap onto him, but there was the over powering urge to be curious. He was leaning against the tree, facing me. I could hear his heart beating quickly. Suddenly I saw another shape out of the corner of my eye. A figure standing on the top of a flat-roofed building. I could see the glint of their fangs in the moonlight, their shadow stretching out over the street.

The figure jumped down into the road, making no sound at all. It ran like a cheetah through the park gates, and then jumped into the tree the boy was leaning on. I hissed, making him jump. He sprinted away, with the figure following, without the boy knowing. I stood up, and jumped into the tree. I hopped from tree to tree, before leaping up in the air and landing on the figures shoulders. He hissed, and began clawing at my legs, ripping my tights. I automatically hissed and yanked at his hair. He yelled out and I saw the boy turn around, looking for the source of the noise. I yanked the vampire down into the branches to conceal us fighting. I twisted his arm around his neck and kept on twisting until I heard a satisfying snap. The vampire crumpled, kept from falling by two intertwining branches like claws around prey.

I heaved myself up, out of the branches, and looked round for the human. He was sitting on a basket swing, staring up at me with terrified eyes. I curiously leapt down from the trees, walked forward. He flinched and leaned back as I got closer, nose twitching as I took in his scent.

“You’re… You’re.. A-A..,” He stammered, before he could finally utter the word, “Vampire.”

I nodded, my eyes never leaving his face, his eyes, his soft, smooth skin. My instincts wanted to lean forward, to plant my fangs into his smooth flesh. But my mind couldn’t do anything except look at him, examine his beauty.

He reached his hand out, and touched my face with his soft fingertips. My hand shot up and grabbed it, and there was one moment when his eyes filled with terror and fear. But I kept hold of his hand and stroked my face with it, and then lifted my other hand to his. I stroked his face slowly, feeling his smooth flesh and his breath on my skin. My throat burned, but I couldn’t bring myself to bite him. I slowly stood up, releasing their hands so that they fell to the grass with a thud. He looked up with a look mixed with fear and questioning, but I lifted a finger to his lips, and spoke to him for the first time.

“I’ll be right back,” I whispered, and he nodded. I stepped and turned away, walking into the bushes before I breathed in. I caught the scent of a few rabbits, and a few men. They didn’t smell as appetizing, but they had to do. I lunged into the darkness, my fangs planting into soft, bare flesh. No noise was suppressed, which meant that I had killed my victim instantly. In a few hours they would feel the burning that I felt. After my whole body was full of blood, I stepped out of the bushes to find that the sun was beginning to rise. I looked around for him, and saw him standing by the climbing frame. He began to climb, his hands moving up the fame slowly. I jogged towards him, and leapt into the air, grabbing hold of the frame and hoisted myself up next to him. He cleared his throat.

“So.. er, what’s your name?” He asked, as he reached up and wiped some blood off from the corner of my mouth.

“Chloe,” I replied, my voice smooth and velvety. “You?”

“Zack,” he said quietly, still looking at my mouth.

I smiled, gazing into his eyes. I began to lean forward, exactly the same time as he did. Our lips touched for exactly a fifth of a second, and in that miniscule piece of time, fireworks shot up into the sky. But I was a monster, with an ever-growing thirst. My throat began to burn again, but I ignored it, as a new feeling was overpowering it. My head, however large it was, began to buzz with new thoughts. But these thoughts were interrupted when Zack began to run his fingers through my hair. I began to hiss, the sound escaping through my smiling teeth before I could stop it. His smile faltered, and he withdrew his hand quickly. I quickly retrieved it, flashing him an apologetic smile.

“Sorry, I haven’t got control of my instincts,” I apologised, lifting my hand and placing it on his shoulder.

He nodded, and I could guess what he was thinking. I can’t believe that a real vampire is talking to me, He was probably thinking.

I think he might be thinking about me, I thought with a smile. Zacks head snapped round as if I had said something.

“What did you say?” he asked.

“Nothing?” I replied, then began to think again. What happened there?

“I don’t know,” Zack said. I looked at him in amazement.

Did you just answer my thoughts?

“Your thoughts?” he asked, confused. “I thought you were talking. It sounds like your voice.”

I leaned forward, and began thinking again.

Chapter 5

Zack and I walked along the street, hand in hand, and we laughed at anything silly I thought about. We turned a few heads, and then we ran into a group of Zack’s friends.

It was obvious that they had no idea about vampires, or that they lived only down the street from them. They hadn’t known me before, but I was sure they had seen me around town before I was bitten. As Zack was talking to his friends, I walked off down the street a while. Then an image filled my mind.

I was walking home from school when I heard a scream fill the air. Mum. Her scream lasted twenty seconds then it faded. I used my key to let myself in, when I saw a figure leap out of the window. I ran into the house and saw mum writhing in pain on the floor. I knew only one person who could have done this. I picked mum up and carried her to her bed, before pulling out my mobile and dialling dad’s number.

“Chloe?” He answered.

“Dad, you need to get back here. It’s mum. She’s been bitten by.. by.. Him.”

He immediately hung up, and was at the door in seconds.

“Andy,” he said, shaking his head, eyes full of anger. He sat in the armchair next to mum, and held her hand.

I gasped. Andy was part of the family Elyse belonged to. The family we had fought over the years since dad was bitten. The Fryers.

They were a family of hundred year old vampires (apart from Andy and Becka), who have lived in Essex since before my grandparents were born. The mother, Sophia, was one-hundred and fifty. The father was the same age. They had lived together for a long time until they found first Andy, and then Becka.

We hated them.

Zack came creeping up behind me, making me jump, surprised that my new senses didn’t pick him up. I looked round at his goofy smile, which faded as soon as he saw my expression.

“What?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

I can’t tell you here, I need to get home.

He nodded, not needing an explanation.

I hurried off, attempting to jog in my black ballet pumps. In the end, I took them off and ran barefoot to the door of my house. My brain was filled with confused questions when I saw that the old ford focus wasn’t on its usual spot on the drive. I jumped in through the open window and saw that the house was empty. The scents were old, at least five hours.

I glanced at the old clock on the wall, which said that it was twelve-thirty. They had been gone since half past seven.

Zack!! I thought as loud as possible. Where the hell are you?? I knew it wouldn’t make any difference, as he couldn’t answer me back.

I threw myself onto the sofa, and breathed in all of the familiar, old scents. It felt like I had been away for years. I patted the sofa, and watched the dust float up into the air. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes, running down my face in huge, clear droplets. I sat there in the dimly lit room and I could do nothing but cry, as I know that my family wouldn’t run off like that. They would know that I would go off during the night and be back in the late morning. Something had happened to them, and that something was probably started by the Fryers. The tears welled up again, but I brushed them away.

Chapter 6

I walked down the street when my throat began burning when I caught scent of something sweet and familiar. I turned and saw Zack smiling and walking up behind me. I grinned half-heartedly, trying not to project my thoughts. I looked around at the street which was bathed in a bright sunlight. There were people sitting in the park eating picnics or playing with huge, bear-like dogs in the distant fields. Young people were walking down the street carrying large bags of shopping which rustled as they walked along, laughing. The wind blew their hair back, blowing their scents along with it.

“Hey! Where’d you go earlier?” Zack asked with a questioning look on his face.

“Went home,” I mumbled, then went on to tell him, through my thoughts, about what had happened.

After a while, we walked through the park gates and went to sit on the worn out swings after they were vacated by a group of five-year-olds.

“So..,” Zack said after a few minutes. “You gonna go look for them?”

“Yeah,” I replied, barely listening.


“I guess so Zack,” I nodded.

“I’ll come,” He suggested.

“No Zack, it’d probably be too dangerous for.. for.. a..,” I began, unable to finish my sentence out loud. Human, I thought.

“Charming,” He muttered, obviously annoyed.

“Sorry,” I whispered, getting up from my swing and beginning to walk off.

I had got to the edge of the field when I heard him call me.

“Chloe!” He called trying to catch up with me, when I was only walking. I stopped under the shade of a tree, sitting down in the long, emerald green grass.

Zack came and sat next to me, placing his bare arm on my shoulder. I shrugged it off. Zack sighed and leaned back against the trunk of the tree. I leaned back too, feeling the gnarled dents in the bark on my back. I could feel the sun bearing down on the tree, leaving the grass looking dappled with two shades of bright green. The wind blew a gentle breeze through the air, rustling the leaves and blowing the grass which tickled my legs, which were barely covered by my ripped and laddered tights.

Zack coughed.

“So, erm you know that you have to go and find your family?” He began. “Well, you said it wasn’t safe for a human.”

“Woah Zack, I’m not doing what you think,” I snapped, throwing him a serious look.

“You sure? You do know that I am ready for this, even in the nine hours I’ve known you,” he explained.

“Oh, Zack, I wish I could, but if I start then taste your blood, I doubt I’ll be able to stop,” I sighed.

“You know you can!” he exclaimed, looking at me. “Look Chloe, you know that you’ll be able to, and you’ll have to. Either you let me come, or I’ll follow you.”

I sighed, and he smiled because he knew that he had persuaded me. I began to think.

It’s your loss Zack, but I don’t want to hurt you..

“Quit worrying!!” he laughed, over confident.

Why should I? I’m the thing that’ll hurt you more than anything else!

He just shook his head and took my hand, stroking his face with it. I closed my eyes, smiling and feeling the warmth of the soft wind that blew in my face. My nose twitched, and my head swam and my throat burned.


“Errm, tonight?” he wondered, looking up into the trees.

I guess so, but Zack, you do know the consequences, don’t you?

“’Course I do,” he nodded, his black hair flopping down over one eye.


We walked down my road, hand in hand, just as the sun was setting. This felt like the most perfect moment in my life, walking along with him, talking, in the dimming light. The sky was red, a deep, fiery red, the colour of fresh blood. The colour of the fresh blood that I would taste in my mouth within the next half hour. That thought made me nervous, my head was swimming, but I began to control it, focusing my thoughts on Zack, as if he was my whole world. Which he was, as I knew that I was uncontrollably in love with him. I knew he felt the same, because of the way he looks at me. If my heart was still beating, it would have stopped the first time I looked at him.

As we reached my house, Zack turned towards me.

“Thanks for doing this,” he thanked me.

I stared into his eyes, his deep blue eyes. His black hair glinted in the dim light. I reached out and touched it, feeling the silk strands weave through my fingers. Once again, I found myself leaning forward. Our lips touched, colliding like waves breaking on a beach. Fireworks exploded and birds soared in the three minutes we were connected.

Too soon, we had to pull apart, and we walked into my house hand in hand.

Chapter 7

I had found some candles in the kitchen to light the room, since a power cut had left my house in darkness. We were sitting in the living room, lighting plenty of candles and talking. But nothing could distract me from the horrific thing I was about to do.

“So,” Zack said, twisting in his seat. “When?”

He was beginning to look nervous.

“Why? Nervous?” I answered his question with a question, laughing nervously.

“No,” he scoffed, shaking his head. “Y-Yes,” he stuttered quietly.

Now? I thought, staring into his eyes, trying to deduce his expression.

“Ok,” he whispered.

He moved over to the bed I had moved into the middle of the room, and laid down facing the ceiling. He moved his shiny black hair so that I could see his pale skin taut on his neck. I could hear his heart beating faster than normal, smell his scent stronger than any other. My hands trembled as I stumbled over the floor, making my way towards the middle of the room.

“Wait, one thing,” I said loudly, holding myself back from my stronger instincts. “I want to say, if this doesn’t work out, I’m sorry.”

“No worries,” he replied, confident although his face was white as a sheet.

I began to lean forward, kissing his throat and jaw line, moving up to his lips and leaving myself there, before stroking his cheeks gently.

I lifted my head up, and moved it in line with his neck. I slowly lowered my head, and placed my mouth on his throat.

Immediately, I felt his pulse rise. His heart was beating uncontrollably, faster than anything I had heard before. He arched his back, and I could feel his temperature rising.

“C’mon Zack, you can do this!!” I urged him on, but my voice broke at the end.

Zack yelled. It was a yell that would haunt me for the rest of my eternal life. Then, I realised something. His heart rate was slowing, from fast, to normal, to slower than normal. The seconds ticked by from one Thump! To the next Thump!. I began to panic, to yell at him, to tell him to hold on, that I would help him, save him. I could see his skin paling, from cream, to ivory, to grey. My whole being ached, waiting for him to actually sit up and embrace me with a laugh. But nothing happened.

His heart stopped, leaving me in the silence of midnight. I no longer felt his presence, just saw the frozen corpse. His warmth left me, leaving me in the cold, even though the candles had warmth bouncing off them.

The sadness over came me within a minute. My heart ached. I looked down at his face, his frozen eyes that now looked like the cold depths of a dark sea, cold and empty, frozen in an eternal look of pain. His skin was cold, even to me, and it was grey, the colour of a long gone corpse. It pained me to think that he would always be like this, rotting away and fading. His hair, which had been shiny strands of silk, now looked dull, the light from the candles being absorbed instead of reflected. His mouth was open, frozen in a yell of pain from the burning and heat.

I felt my eyes prick with non-existent tears, but they began to blur. I had thought that vampires couldn’t cry, but when I reached up to wipe the tears away, my hand came away red with blood. Zacks blood. This made me cry more, which made me fill with regret and thirst. The tears rolled down my cheeks and into my mouth through the corners. I tasted them on my tongue, but I was disgusted at myself for drinking his blood after I had...

Killed him.

I could only just bring myself to think of those two words before I began to cry again. Blood dripped on the cream carpet as I walked to the bathroom to get some tissue. As I shuffled back into the living room, I saw his body frozen with his back arched, and the tissue was full of blood in seconds. Unable to walk another step, I fell onto the sofa and curled into a ball, crying blood onto the red fabric. I barely noticed when the candles blew out when someone came into the room...

Chapter 8

I finally opened my eyes, realising that I was in an unfamiliar place. I noticed that there was also a strange tinge of red to my vision. The ceiling was cream and gold, with patterns of swirls intricately moulded. It took me a minute to realise why the hole in my heart was so big. Zack. If I hadn't been empty on blood I would have cried again, but I couldn't. I sniffed and told myself to be brave, before swinging my legs over to the edge of the chair and stretching. I had still been looking at the ceiling. When I looked round I caught sight of myself in the mirror. I saw my hair which was sticky with blood and tangled, my lips which were red with my tears I did not drink, and my teeth, which were usually pure white, stained red. I looked at my eyes last, and when I did, I gasped and inwardly screamed. My bright green eyes were now a deep, blood red, the colour of the tears I had cried.

Suddenly I could feel the presence of someone else in the room. I turned and saw my older sister, Leanne, standing in the doorway. There was something different about the way she smiled at me, like it was only a ploy or a trap.

“L-L-Leanne?” I stammered, staring at her in disbelief.

“Uh-huh, course it’s me sis,” she replied, but then her smile broke into a sneer.

What are you? WHO are you? I thought, trembling although my instincts were to fight. I took an automatic step forward, slightly leaning into my hunting crouch.

Leanne laughed, her white teeth flashing as her lips pulled back in a slight snarl. I felt her begin to put her arms to her sides, so I rushed forward with such speed and force she was knocked off her feet, and had to use her arms to support her body. She growled, a deep rumbling noise coming from the pit of her stomach. I replied with an ear piercing shriek, making the windows shake as if a strong wind had blown.

Suddenly, Leanne leapt to her feet, and launched herself at me, nails like claws ready to tear through my skin. I reacted quickly, grabbing her arms and flinging her round so that she hit the wall with such force that she went through two before she skidded to a halt on the pavement on the street. Immediately she jumped up and sprinted straight at me, running through the unnaturally created holes in the plaster. Instead of hitting me, she dodged to the left just before she ran into me, running behind me. Before I could turn round, I felt two pairs of hands on my back, gripping with a bigger power than I could create. I turned my head, and saw that Leanne wasn’t alone. My eyes wide, I noticed that the second person in the room was Andy.

I could feel the fear and anger rising up inside me, bubbling like boiling water. My ey

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Lol I'm at school writing some more, it takes its time on these computers, but at least I can update :)
Lol Our school has a filter on most websites like this! Like Facebook etc xD
I think that it is great!!!!
Thanks!! xx
Chapter 12
“Purple?” I asked, looking at him with a confused and questioning look.
“Yes..” he replied, and then something happened. I saw a view of me, although I wasn’t looking in a mirror. I opened my eyes and saw that I was still facing Zack.
“What. Was. That?” I asked, and breathed in again, realizing the answer. You can show current pictures?
He nodded, and showed me what he was looking at. He was looking at my eyes, which were now a blue-purple.
“What the hell?” I whispered, once I got my own vision back. “I thought they had gone red from crying so much.”
“Crying?” Zack asked, and he stroked my hair, which was matted and sticky with blood again. “It looks like you spilled your food over yourself like a baby.” He laughed, and I joined in with him, only half heartedly, thinking about why my eyes keep changing colour.
We began walking again, then running. I showed him the way to Terrso, helping him leap into the air and swim for a time that went quicker with him. Before I knew it, we were back on the bright beaches in the sun, greeting my old friends, minus Pedro. Aurken seemed pretty pissed that he didn’t have a twin after all, but he kept a smile on his face as he greeted Zack.
“Nadia? Are you ok?” I asked Nadia as she seemed a little woozy and nervous.
“I don’t know Chloe, I feel something, like what happened..,” she couldn’t finish her sentence as she fell to the ground before being lifted up again by invisible puppet strings. Before she could say anything, I heard splashes from a few miles off. The scent was blowing towards us, and I instantly recognised Beckas’ scent mingled with Andy’s, The Fryers and my family.
“You are going to war,” Nadia said in the same hissing voice as before. “You are going to fight with those you hate, and those you love.”
“Of course! My family!” I exclaimed, despite my dread. I felt scared that I would be fighting an evil goddess in a few days. I was also scared for my family, who could be injured. I thought of little Charlie, and I couldn’t stand the thought of her fighting me.
“You will be prepared with no preparation. You will be able to fight them easily, with the emotions you have to keep you together. Do not let them destroy what you have. You can destroy their anger and hate with the bond you have with your family, Chloe, but you have to find the link left between you all,” Nadias voice brought me back from my thoughts, then I heard the soft thud as she landed on the ground gracefully. I turned around and held onto Zack, burying my face in his clothes.
I turned around, and tried to act brave.
“Right, we need to make sure our bonds are strong,” I said to them, shaking from the fear.
“But Nadia just said we don’t need to prepare!” Tiana said, looking at me in disbelief.
“Listen, Chloe’s the goddess, I think she knows what she’s doing by instinct,” Nadia interrupted, shaking her head.
Zack showed me a picture of me, haggard, with red, matted hair and purple eyes. I looked scared, not like a goddess. I thought to him, I really need to hunt and calm down..
Zack nodded, and took me by the hand.
“We’ll be back soon,” he promised the others, and they nodded understandingly.
Zack led me into the woods, and I let him drag me by the hand. I felt lost and alone, despite being with him. It was hard not to get everyone to prepare, to train them to fight them.
Then I felt a click in my brain, and I realised what I needed to do. I stopped dead in my tracks, and Zack turned around and I saw a picture of myself through his eyes. My once desperate face now had a tiny glimmer of hope. When I got my vision back, I saw that he was giving me a questioning look.
“Right, lets hunt, and then I’ll tell you my idea. I won’t be able to bear this thirst much longer,” I told him.
We hunted together, running towards various animals and taking their blood. I had obviously got my meal all over my face because when Zack looked at me he laughed and I saw an image of me leaning over my prey, my mouth connected to its neck, with blood dribbling down my cheek. I laughed, and skipped over to him. He plucked a long, wiry strand of fur from my lips, and took my hand.

Chapter 13
Zack and I turned up on the beach around nightfall. The others were gathered around the fire, obviously training their abilities, like they did every night.
I saw Tiana breathe out, and she suddenly disappeared, then reappeared after a few seconds. Nadia was again suspended in the air, muttering advice and words in an ancient language so low a human wouldn’t be able to hear it. Aurken was making shapes with the flames, making them lick up and down his hands and arms without leaving a mark. Emiliana had her hand pointing upwards, and I saw small, blood red glitters above my head. They fell over Zack and I and I held my hand out, where one landed. It disappeared in seconds, melting like snow.
Zack tightened, and I could tell he was concentrating. Then, everyone’s, faces broke into smiles, as our vision halted and we saw a picture from his point of view. We were stood around the fire, and we looked like a family. My eyes were getting a green tinge into the purple, which made them look like two glass marbles. I had a smile of two rows of bright, white pearls, which glinted in the orange light of the fire.
When I got my vision back, I reached up and gently pressed my mouth to his. Compared to when he was human, he was physically stronger, and I could feel that in his kiss. He lifted me off of my feet, with his arms wrapped around me protectively. I leant into him, kissing him softly. You have no idea how much I love you, I thought. I could feel him suppress a chuckle, then he pulled away.
"I can't begin to explain how much I love you," he whispered in my ear softly, almost inaudiable even to my ears.
I looked around at my friends, and began explaining my idea.
"Right. I have an idea. When the others get here, we need our bonds to be strong. Our bonds are strong as it is, but they can be stronger. We need to spend some time with each other, practicing our trust in each other and using our abilities to save one another. We have the ability, we just need the power to use these," I spoke clearly and confidently, looking at each of them and smiling.
They all had smiles on their faces, and they all seemed to agree.
"Yes, that is a great idea, and the gods agree," Nadia nodded, and looked at the others. "Don't you think?"
"Yes," Emiliana spoke for the first time since I had known her, and her voice was quiet and soft, almost like velvet.
"Of course it's a great idea! You are the godess Reyene Teya! She was always known to have a great mind!" Tiana exclaimed with enthusiasm.
I laughed, and thought, How about we go down to the water, and do some trust work?
I walked off with Zack, and the others followed. We reached the water and began playing frisbee and doing trust exercises. We did some that were different to others that humans do. Someone jumps into the air and closes their eyes and the others catch them.
Suddenly I caught the scent of my family and the Fryers, but it was stronger. I turned and saw tham swimming towards us. They were only a few hundred metres away.
I growled, a deep noise from the base of my throat. They were coming.

Chapter 14
We stood, coiled like springs, on the white chalk cliff edge watching them swim closer and closer. They broke the calm water with arms and hands like knives, creating a white stream of bubbles behind them. Remember, I thought to my friends, we need to unite our powers, and keep together. Never think or speak as one. Act together.
I felt them all nod behind me, jaws tensed, hands clenched. The group of "people" had reached the beach now, wringing out their clothes. They looked around, and leaned their heads back. I could tell that they were searching for our scent, ready to follow us wherever we go. Then, Becka looked in our direction. She saw me standing, slightly infront of the others, and even from the distance, I saw her pull her top lip back and bare her teeth at me. I looked down, and suddenly had an idea.
Leave this place while you can, I thought, making the sound distorted, to disguise the fact that it was me. Or else face your fate, spawn of evil beings.
I saw them panic, glancing around them for the source of the voice.
"Stop your childish games!" I heard Beckas sharp voice cut through the air. "If you are too scared to fight, then run, run like the cowards you are!"
Come on, we can win this! I thought to my friends, and we set of to battle the ones I hate, the ones I loved.

-Chapter 15 coming soon!-
Its very nice.But it still has the same concept.The human family bitten one by one until all of them were vampires is just like Carlisle biting his family one by one to have company. The details were close to each other like the Vampire Victoria she is like the vampire that bit Carlisle.Its very nice.
Thanks :)
Oh yeah, and in the actual document, I changed the name Victoria to Elyse xx
i love it it was great
Thanks! It's been ages since I've done any lol xx
This is the last part to this story, I hope you enjoyed reading it! I will be writing a sequel to it lol
Chapter 15
We crouched in the bushes, waiting for the right moment to pounce. A member of the Fryers I had never met turned away, and we took our chance.
Zack jumped out in front of Andy, making him jump. He took his chance, grabbing him by the head and flipping him onto the floor with one flick of his wrist. Aurken jumped out and took three strange, new vampires out with one swing of his muscled arm, then turned to the vampire that had created them all. He fought with Aurken, whilst Emiliana began to work her magic. There were red sparks in the air, distracting them for a few seconds. Tiana and I took our chance, Tiana jumping in front of Georgia, and I jumped in front of Becka. Her deep red eyes focused on me, and I could sense her anger.
We were in our crouches, circling and lunging and faking towards each other. She snarled, at I smiled. There’s no way you can beat me, Lavizsia Jiae. I know who you really are. And you can’t beat us.
“Ah!” I yelled, in mock pain. Everyone turned. I heard people rush over as I fell to the ground, eyes clenched shut tightly. I felt the breath of Zack part my hair, smelt his sweetness in my nostrils. Then, there was a new air to my surroundings. I opened my eyes and saw Becka leaning over me, with my family being held back by Andy and the rest of the Fryers. My friends and Zack stood over me, anxious. I leapt up just in time, slapping Becka’s face so hard that she fell. The Fryers reacted. They leapt forward and whacked Zack into the air.
“Zack!” I yelled, before lunging at Becka, who was writhing on the floor in pain. I picked her up by the collar and threw her back, denting the hard ground. I glanced up and saw that my friends were wrestling the Fryers. I looked back at where Zack was on the floor, unmoving. I had to rush over to him. No matter what the cost was, I had to know that he was OK.
I rushed over, and held him. He was completely still, eyes closed.
“No, Zack. Please. Please No!” I whispered. “I can’t lose you again!”
“You’re going to have to,” I heard Becka’s voice from behind me, although it seemed to have a more pained edge to it than before. I had to try and not look around, to turn and kill her there and then. I knew it would be wrong if I did, that there was no way I could kill her with this amount of despair.
I felt the tears arrive again, and then I saw a small movement in the corner of my eye. I saw Charlie kneel down beside me, and she began to stroke my hair. I glanced over, and saw my family next to me, smiling sadly.
“I’m sorry hun,” Mum said to me. She was looking at Zack with a mix of confusion and understanding.
He can’t have gone, he just can’t have, I thought, my eyes blurring and my vision tinting red. I slumped over him, breathing in his scent. He was cold, and hard. He didn’t feel like the boy I loved. I sobbed quietly, my eyes finally giving in to the red tears. I felt like I was the only one there, just laying on him in the middle of the beach, crying my non-existent heart out for him.

Chapter 16
It had been at least a few minutes since the fighting stopped, when a new air was in my surroundings. I felt the people next to me tighten, and then a soft growl reached my ears. I looked up, and was suddenly looking into Becka’s eyes, which were centimetres from mine. Her eyes were black with anger, and her fangs were basically dripping with saliva. I guessed that goddesses of my type tasted delicious to the evils. I felt the anger rise, along with my face rising to her level.
I struck her around the face, and I saw the red mark of my hand temporarily embossed on her cheek. She hissed angrily, her eyes growing a shade darker. I felt the bodies of both families, who were crouched around Zack, turn towards where we were circling, on a small patch of grass in the middle of the sand. I guessed Mum had done that, using her powers which called nature to make a landing softer for me, if I needed it. I smiled briefly at her worrying, before turning my full attention to the fight.
We were circling each other, dancing backwards and forwards, feigning and growling. Her technique was polished, but I had something that she didn’t. Power. I had immunity to her brainwashing power, the power that made my family change sides. I could see her straining to change my mind, her face scrunching a small bit and then relaxing. I felt satisfaction flow through me.
Suddenly, not knowing what was happening, I lunged forward at Becka, surprising her. I took her down to the ground, which suddenly turned hard, and bit her. She yelled out in pain, and I felt a wave of alien knowledge flow through me.
I have venom, poisonous to them, and their venom is poisonous to me. When Becka bit me, her venom counteracted, making me the opposite of what she’d have liked. I wasn’t just a created goddess; I was a Vampirete goddess before I was a vampire. I knew I had felt different to other people; this new goddess brain began to take over.
That’s a new word, Vampirete. It must be either an old word used for a vampire goddess, or it meant a female vampire, my normal smarty sub-consciousness was taking control.
Becka yelled out in pain, and she was beginning to cripple. Her body was crumpled on the sand before I had time to turn to the others.
The first thing I saw was Andy and Leanne staring at each other, seemingly oblivious to others around them. They were smiling, but it seemed like a different smile to the one you would give to a friend.
But then I remembered Zack, and, rushing over to him, I knelt next to him.
“Come on Zack, you can survive this!” I whispered in his ear, trying desperately to keep my voice steady.
Suddenly his eyes flickered. I felt his chest rise and fall slowly as he breathed in deeply.
“Zack?” I murmured.
“Who else would it be?” he replied, chuckling.
“Are you Ok?” I asked, concerned.
“Why wouldn’t I be? I’m fine,” he reassured me, stroking my hair.
“I killed her, Zack. I sat there after I bit her, and watched her die.”
“It happens, love,” he muttered. Suddenly he lifted me up and kissed me full on the mouth. As we pulled apart, he chuckled. “You do know that your thoughts are going haywire? I can’t hear myself think.”
“It must be my new goddess sub-consciousness. Even my brain is starting to hurt,” I giggled.
I looked over at Andy and Leanne, who were now hand in hand, still gazing at each other. I smiled, wondering if this would now end the feud between our two families.
“It probably will,” Zack answered my all-too-loud thoughts. “Nothing can really keep those two apart now.”
“Just like us then?” I let my voice just creep into his ear, and I saw him smile.
“Yeah, like us,” he replied, before lifting me off of my feet and carrying me off into the sunset.