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Is it just me or did y'all feel like they were mocking the cover of breaking daWn by playing red and white chest in the movie. That didn't happen in the book so it shouldn't happen in the movie and now I'm going to have to go to school and argue with someone when they say "hey did you know the cover of breaking dawn was chest because they played red and white chest in the book?" and clearly that's not true!!! Just sayin!!! what do y'all think??

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Well actually I loved that part in the movie. It was sorta funny and cool but people just assume way to fast!

I think it's okay that they did that. In my opinion, I didn't think they were mocking the cover at all. But you know those movie biz people, they have to add something to the movie that wasn't in the book.

Yep I know what you mean

I had this talk before the movie came out with my friends say ppl are going to think that.

well the movies always have different parts and the books do to in all of the movies some parts are their just shorter but I think ur right they did not play chest in the book and it should have not been in the movie AT ALL!

Right!!!! and I don't think Chess is something that Bella would like anyway!!!!! I can see Edward likeing it but deffiantly not Bella!!!!

well in Eclipse bella goes to the cullens and plays chess after she and her dad talk about the plane tickets so I think she mite like chess but maybe not I knw Edward does though

Well.. that seems reasonable enough..

Yeah.. I didn't like it very much because it is totally unrelated and makes it very unnatural. And the part where Edward catches the apple in twilight, too! It mocks the cover of the book totally, but that didn't seem unnatural. In fact, that's one of my favorite parts in the movie! But yeah, the chess part in breking dawn wasn't a hit scene.

Exactly! it just doesn't seem real enough!


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