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Is it just me or did y'all feel like they were mocking the cover of breaking daWn by playing red and white chest in the movie. That didn't happen in the book so it shouldn't happen in the movie and now I'm going to have to go to school and argue with someone when they say "hey did you know the cover of breaking dawn was chest because they played red and white chest in the book?" and clearly that's not true!!! Just sayin!!! what do y'all think??

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exspeccially when they havent even read the books!!!

The chess set on the book was to show how Bella (before the pawn, now the queen) had matured and taken responsibility for her own destiny. It also parellels the Volturi having to create all the subterfuge they had to use to get the witnesses to agree with them that what was going on was real reasons for punishment (chess being a game played with the mind) 

Nicely said, Louise!!!


I thought it was a nice touch of using chess in the movie!  I loved LOVED the movie!!!

Yea, I love the movie and I loved that part but I just don't want to argue with people about the cover of the book
I already knew that and probably %90 of all major twilight fans do. But people who don't read the books always assume that the book covers are because of something that happened in the movies

It's always a good idea to read the books!  :)  If anyone read the books, they will have better understanding about what's going on in movies!!!!  :)  Right, Shel?

Exactly toni

thats a very good way of putting it,i never really looked at it that way,but i think i know why stephenie meyer named the last book "breaking dawn".It was a way of showing Bella's new life as a vampire.but its nice to know why the cover was the chess set,because i never fully understood that.thx

Those book covers are confusing and hard to explain, but in "The Twilight Saga: The official illistrated guide" she expresses what each one means! It's REALLY neat (: & Glad i could help!

i'm with you guys!  i run into a lot of people who criticize the movies.  i ask them to read the books and then tell me why they think, until then i really could care less what they say!  actually, they could read the books and criticize the movies and i wouldn't care regardless!  every one's taste are different and just because you "hate" the books and movies doesn't mean i will!  

I know what you mean. I especially hate it when peoPle are like "gosh, twilight so stupid" it isn't theyre opinion that bothers me, it's the fact that they don't have any respect!!! Right?

Well, I think it was kind of cool how it was incorporated with the movie. I think it was a cool addition. What people must realize is that movies based on books generally have a few parts that differ from the original story. People shouldn't assume like that, but I do think it was alright.


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