The Twilight Saga

okay this is a fun game I got from another group


Are you a "Movie Buff?" This game is for you! We all have watched Twilight at least 20 times and seen New Moon 10 times. Give us a quote and see if the next member knows who said it, and what movie.


Example:  "You really should'nt have said that."

The next member comes and put's in: "Edward ~ Twilight" and her favorite quote!


Twilight and Breaking Dawn Movie

New Moon and Breaking Dawn Movie

If your not sure feel free to ask for a hint

 hints usually involve:

 ...vampire, human or wolf (Jake is considered human in Twilight and wolf for NM along with the rest of the

           wolf pack.)

 ...twilight or NM

 ...male or female

but a hint can be anything U think will help the others figure it out.

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Ineke: yours is Jasper ~ New Moon

Renesmee Carlie Cullen:): Emmett ~ New Moon

"That dude is weird."
Freja, is that Mike in New Moon?

"Why are you doing this to me?"
Edward ~ New Moon

" I don't relish in killing a creature"
"We send u after one u bring back two...and a half"
Alec ~ NM - I think lol

"Sorry...But no"
Rosalie ~ New Moon

"Dating an older woman, hot" (I know it's easy but it's one of my favorits!)
Emmett NM
"Pyramids falling from the sky"
Alec, def-- NM

" You've been so gracious toward us"
Mike going in to classroom -NM

"You got that right"
Edward- Twilight

"We don't bite"
Bella- NM

"Don't trash the truck"
"you should put your seatbelt on"


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