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Hey, Peeps. This is my new fan fiction ever so I really need your help if i should continue the story. So please comment just right after you read. I'm really not good at prologues so, thanks!



A never-ending life. That's what you have once you became a vampire. But what if everything changes once a war started between all the covens all over the world vs. the Volturi? Yes, the Volturi, the most powerful coven..for now. Who will win? Who will continue the happiest life? We'll see....

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Will be very interesting.

So, this is Chapter 1, part 1. I'll be posting my next part the other days when I get my laptop back. thanks! I won't be serious for the first part of this chapter because i think it'll bring too much..uhmmm..heavy feelings? By the way, I hope you all will like it. It may be too short but i promise that the next chapters will be longer.



Chapter 1- Playing with the Cullens and the Pack

Bella’s P.O.V.


            It has been 2 years when I was turned into a vampire, realizing that my eyes have already turned into fully golden brown now. My eyes roam the room and see that everyone is doing their own activities.


            I see Emmett and Jasper playing video games, as childish as ever, the Alice and Rosalie polishing their nails while gossiping. And my perfect husband, Edward, and my lovely daughter, Nessie, and I at the piano listening as Nessie learns piano lessons. Then Esme, at the kitchen preparing plates of foods for the hungry wolves. And speaking of the wolves, I wonder where they could be…


            Now I know, I can smell them now entering the house without even knocking the door or something but that’s okay as long as we treat each other as families, then they could do whatever they like.


            The boys quickly headed to the munching table and started munching. Quil and Embry have been hanging with us now which is a good thing because in this house, the more the happier.


            I followed them and left Renesmee and Edward since they have been taking the lessons easily.


            I walked at human pace and quickly stopped, shocked. “Emmett, Jaz, you’re wrestling again so please stop because if you will, you’ll break another part of this house again which will make Rosalie and Alice kick your butts off and once you break down Edward’s piano again for the second time, I will not make any second thoughts to do worse since I still am the strongest vampire in this family so please stop.” I said seriously. I then looked around and saw all of them staring at me with wide eyes and open mouths especially the boys with food on their mouth still unchewed. I also saw Emmett and Jasper still lying on the floor, motionless. And Edward, just smiling, a sweet, understanding smile.


            It’s starting to feel awkward now so I spoke… more of a whisper, “Hey?” I said shyly. Then they all laughed at me with Emmett bursting in loud guffaws.


            “Please stop. You know I hate being the center of attention.” I said with low voice, I know all of them can hear it. Thank God Edward came into my rescue putting his hand on my waist while pulling me back to the piano. He let go of me and I whispered, “Thanks!” I kissed him right full on the lips and headed through the dining room.


            “Great speech, Bella. Mind doing my graduation speech?” Seth teased with food on both of his hands.


            “Yeah, like the first time you stopped Emmett and Jasper.” Jacob added.


            “Awwww! Quil and I are betting for 50 bucks! Embry squeaked while Quil just laughed.


            “But so far who won?” a familiar voice said with teasing tone. I quickly looked around, and it’s just Paul. “Mind if I join you all? I got bored at my house ‘cause Sam and Jared were deep asleep and we lost food, too.” He said after shaking his head to get rid of the rain in his hair.


            “Sure, take a seat, dear, I’ll get you a plate.” Esme said kindly.


            Then suddenly they were all looking at me as if they were expecting something.


            “They’re waiting for your answer, love.”Edward whispered.


            I just stood there with my mouth open and spoke, “Oh! Uhmmm… Sorry?”


            They all laughed at me this time, loudly, including Edward. If I were a human, I could have blushed all red. I suddenly felt that I was laughing at myself, too.


            I just walked to help Esme and messed Seth’s hair as I pass.


            These boys are really eating the foods out of the refrigerator. God! Don’t they have foof this much at home? I went beside Edward and held his hand. “I miss Zafrina and Kate.” I whispered. They were the ones who helped me enhance my shield while practicing for the fight last winter (Breaking Dawn- Book 3)


My love just smiled, my favorite smile. Suddenly, my phone rang. I huge grin occupied my face because it was…

Thank you so much! Again, my apologies for not posting chapters. I'm still begging my mum for my laptop. But im keeping on writing the chapters so thanks for being patient.

Awesome story. Keep more coming.
Looking forward to reading more. It seems like it is going to be real good.

Chapter 1- Part 2

Bella’s P.O.V.


Darn! It’s just Jessica. Jessica?! Now I’m panicking. “What is it, Bella?” my sweet Edward asked. “Jessica Stanley! She can’t talk to me, she’ll hear my voice!” I creamed, and regret it. “Momma, you don’t need to shout, we hear you well. And just make your voice a little rough.” Renesmee said. I looked at Edward, he just nodded.


“Hello?” Crap! Stupid chime- like voice. (But I do like it)


“Bella, is that you? It’s Jessie. God, what happened to your voice? Or is it just the telephone connection?” Oh no, she’s starting to notice now.


“Maybe the telephone... What’s up, Jess? I’ve never talked to you so long! How are you?” Better.


“I’m super alright! How about you? I tried to visit you at your house last year but your dad said that you’re deadly sick and you’re in Atlanta, blah, blah, or something.”


“Oh, yeah, I was. But I’m perfectly fine now.” We talked and talked and learnes so much things about her. She also told me that she broke up with Mike and met a man named Ivan. They both met each other at Harvard.


“Oops! It’s 6:30, I gotta go to school. I’ll see you at your house later, Bella. BYE!!”


“Okay. No! I mean, what? Jess-“Then the phone cut off. First, Angela then now, Jessica. Great. Super great.


“Edward, Alice, what am I going to do?!” panicking again.


“Bella, I had a vision, she’ll come here at 6pm. You two will eat at Starbucks Coffee. We still have tons of times, you’ll just do whatever you did when Angela came. So calm down.” Alice explained fast before I could do anything.


She’s right, what am I panicking about? “Okay.” I agreed and sat beside Edward.


“Emmett, please get Bella’s contact lenses.” Oh no, here comes the big bear…


“Why me? Can’t you see I’m busy over here?!” Emmett complained.


“What is so important with those dolls that Esme gave you?” Alice, angry, oh no, bad thing. “Well, if you don’t want to, I understand… Nessie! Will you please hand me the make-up kit and the dress I just bought yesterday?” Here comes the evil little pixie…


“Mo! Nessie- stop. Sister, we can talk about this… I’ll go get it.” Emmett quickly stood up with an evil grin. Oh no! I know what that is.

“Don’t you ever try to.” Edward said with a growl.


“Don’t worry, baby bro.” Still smiling. I giggled with the ‘baby bro’.


“Look who’s talking.”


Emmett went upstairs and started digging for the muddy brown contacts (because there are no chocolate brown available, remember BD?).


“Don’t worry, love. Emmett is just fooling himself… something silly.” Edward said, a little laughing.


“ I HEARD YOU!! YOU’LL SEE! HAHAHAHA!” Emmett yelled with a boom. I slightly jumped with his laugh.


“Crazy fool.” I mumbled.


Thanks! :D

Helloes! Chapter 2 is up. Still edting the next chapters.. Hope you like this.



Chapter 2- Role playing

Emmett’s P.O.V.


What did  that pixie just said with my collection of toys? Dolls? She’ll see… what a doll is after what I am going to do to Alice’s stuff toy, Mr. Jaspy.

Bellie is so dead. Now is the time for… THE PRANKY EMMETT! I’ll get her a contact lens then tint it black on the inside. Or maybe just get a fake one? Or maybe…


“Don’t you ever try to.” Eddie warned me. Stupid mind-reading brother.


“Don’t worry, baby bro.” HAHA! BABY BRO! You like it better Baby Eddie?! Huh? I thought. And made him hiss once again.


“Look who’s talking.”


Then I went upstairs digging for Bella’s contacts. Suddenly, I heard Edward whispered something to her which is audible for vampire ears.


“Don’t worry, love. Emmett is just fooling himself… something silly.” Me? Fooling myself?! CRAZY!


“ I HEARD YOU!! YOU’LL SEE! HAHAHAHA!” I yelled and I think made Bella jump a little.


“Crazy fool.” She mumbled.


If I’m planning on something, I really should get it out of my mind very often so that the pixie and the … uhmm… Edward ( I don’t really know what to call him) will not know.


GREAT! That’s it! Great plan! Now all I need to do is get Bella’s contacts and get everything ready. So, I went downstairs.


“Here you go!” I said as I throw it to Bella and made a bored face. Boring! I thought.


“Auntie Alice… Please tell me stories… Good ones like with a little action.” Little Nessie said, also bored.


“Okay, we’ll make a play. But we’ll need some characters. Someone who really is bored or acting bored.” What is she saying? She then looked around and caught an eye of the pack; First to Jacob, then Seth, Paul, Quil, then Embry. And lastly is… ME?!


“Don’t give me that look Alice! I know that look! It’s the oh- yeah- this- is- the- time- to- show- Emmett- where- he- should- place look! Don’t you dare!” Now I’m panicking like a five- year old boy who’s hiding because of her evil pixie sister.


“Well you should get used to it. Come on, Emmy, please!” Here comes the eyes… Oh the EYES! EDWARD! HELP ME! I’M GOING TO DIE HERE! I thought.


“Shut up, Emmett!” he said while laughing. “You’re bored! Look at the face… see? Boring!”


“YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!!” Now they’re all laughing. Ughh.


“Come on Unca Emmie. You will not let me down, will you?” FINE! I nodded. FOR MY NIECE! I said mentally to Edward, still laughing. Then I looked at the pack, they’re talking with scared faces. Why did Nessie even requested this?


Then they looked to Alice, then to Nessie. Jacob spoke first, “Fine we’ll join. This could actually be fun. ‘BUT’ we will not take a role of a girl. DEAL!” What? They surrendered? And what is about Jacob said that ‘This could actually be fun?’


“Okay! There is only two girls in this story and one is Nessie. Which means that you’re the other one Emmett! HAHAHAHA!” WHAT? ME? A GIRL?! NO WAY!


“I told you Emmett. You’ll only fool yourself.” Edward reminded me. He’s right, I just did. “Yup!”


“So, these are the scripts and your roles. Memorize these because there are no peeking at the scripts later or else, you’ll have punishment.”




Title: The Fairy, The Princess and… The… Dogs (not literally, they’re more of uhmmm… some secondary characters… I guess.



Fairy- Emmett 

Princess- Nessie

Knights- Embry & Paul

Nanny- Seth & Quil

Fairy’s Doggie- Jacob 


“ Alice… How long have you been planning this?” Embry asked.


“About a week or so… I’m actually planning on traps and punishments in case you escape.”


“Hey, Pixie! How come you call me ‘doggie’? You can just call me “Fairy Emmett’s Assistant or something.” Jacob said. I glared at him when he just said ‘Fairy Emmett’


“Because that suits you.” Then stucked her tongue out.


“And what about the ‘Nanny’?” Seth asked.


“Uhmmm… I really don’t know. That just came up in my mind.”


“Awww. Look at Emmett. Maybe, he really likes to be a fairy. He’s not complaining.” Bella teased.


“I’m not talking because… uhmmm… WHATEVER!” I demanded.


“ I told you he’ll love it.” Bella whispered to Alice and nodded.


“Okay, guys. Gather around in my room. Bella’s friend will come here in 30 minutes. Go accompany them, Nessie. Remember, no escaping! I got traps everywhere.” We all got up and headed to her room with Nessie in my arms.


“This better be good, Alice.” I said then stuck my tongue out.


“Don’t be childish, Emmy, of course this will be good, you’re the fairy, remember?” Laughing again.  Good thing they have an arcade-like part in their room.


I realized that I’m not really angry at all. Even a while ago. Maybe… I’ll love this play… or do I love being a fairy? NO!!! What is happening to me?


Then, I heard Edward bursting into laughters and heard tires coming into the driveway. Maybe it’s Jessica Stanley.


I started memorizing the scripts and the thought of Rosalie. I’ve never seen her this whole day. Where could she be?

go.i think i' ll like that :)
Looking forward to more


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