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Is it true that there is gonna b another book after breaking dawn? i hope there is cause i love these books! i can read them over and over and over again

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are you talking about midnight sun?
there is. but its edwards version of twilight. its called midnight sun. ive strted reading it. its is awesome so far!!!!
Yes, look on It's Twilight, but in Edward's point of view. It's called Midnight Sun. 'Cuz his life was an endless night, then the sun (Bella) came along and made it bright! His version is soooo funny! It's only, like, the first 12 chapters, but it's still great! Read it! 8D

On the writers page she claims that the story she was writing got leaked out to others before it was finished, so this made her pretty upset, she put up part of "midnight sun" on there so you can view it, i loved it so far. i hope she publishes it but she says that it does not seem right at the moment because of what someone did to her work. i understand, i hate it when i write something that i haven't yet finished and someone else goes through it without permission. i hope the book is made because i love the story so far in Edwards view.
I have read all of the chapters that was on the website, I stayed up all night to do it because i could not just stop. I hope that she does finish it one of these days and sad that it was leaked.
wat is the name of the new book rumer?
Midnight sun
Is it really tellus step your fans need to know stop keeping us in the dark
she said she doesn't even know if she is going to finish it, which sucks because it was amazing and i can't wait to read the rest!!


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