The Twilight Saga

The Unexpected & Unfortunate: The Rewrite

One Breaks, the other Heals...

I have never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in place of someone I loved, it seemed like a good way to go. What would you do to protect the ones you love, will you be able to give and risk it all? To put your whole life in danger just to keep them safe, how many secrets would you be able to keep?

There is only one choice when you have everything to lose…sacrifice. I had it all, my father, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my life changed, I was surrounded by secrets; I was confused, hurt and torn.

The ones I loved where in danger, and I was the key to keep them safe. While one tried to heal me, the other left. I had to decide which way take. My life now, It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. What would you do for the ones you love? If it’s someone you truly loved?

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I want to thank all of you who answered my message and wanted me to post this story again. You know who you are! :-) Thanks also to my best friend Ildira Peterson for not giving up on me and saving all the original chapters of this story, also for her encouragement, guidance, and unconditional love; for being there when I needed someone to talk to and for helping clear all my crazy ideas.

I hope that you enjoy this version of the story, somethings were changed, some were added that had been left out before. The plot is clearer now. 

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Enjoy! ;- )

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Chapter song: We’ve got the party with us-The Jonas brothers Ft. Hannah Montana, Hollywood records all rights reserved©


Chapter 3

Surprise party:


August 5th 2011

(please remember this date, will be important for a future chapter)


Today after my shift at Newton’s Outfitters I had to rush home and get ready, and then I have to go to La Push to set things up for Jacob’s 18th birthday surprise party.

To top it all, next weekend is the Forks High School midsummer senior class welcome party, after that party we were officially seniors, Alice was definitely looking forward to that and her birthday party which was going to be happening on the 20th , yeah I’m going to say that August is a busy month.


I came out of work at 3:00 on the dot; Tyler was my replacement he worked until closing.


I picked up the cake from the bakery and rushed home, on my way I called Emily to see how the diversion was, she told me that Jacob didn’t have a clue. She was almost done with the food; she also told me that we were short on drinks so I called Alice.


“Alice” I asked


“Yes” she answered


“I just talked to Emily and we are short on drinks, so I wanted to ask if you could bring some more soda?” I told her.


“Of course Bella don’t worry. And by the way, please wear the brown dress!” she said.


“Okay, okay Alice. See you guys there, bye”


I got home; I placed the cake on the kitchen counter and the candle box on top. I grabbed a quick snack and called dad, he told me that he will meet me there.

After that I went upstairs and pulled out the outfit for tonight, I took out the brown dress, which I was pairing with a pair of flats.


I also made a bag because I was staying at La Push tonight, we where cliff diving again tomorrow. Most of the guys were going to stay with Emily and Sam while the girls were going to stay at Leah’s.


I took a long shower, I washed my hair and re-shaved my legs; after that I stepped out I blow dried my hair straight, even though tomorrow it will get wet and it would be ruined, I dressed and worked on my makeup it was simple, smoky eye, mascara, and lip gloss.


Before leaving at 5:30 I grabbed Jacob’s present from the desk. I went downstairs, dad was coming in, I said goodbye to him and went out.


I arrived to Jacob’s house where Emily, Leah, Billy, Sue were finishing the decorations. After hanging the “happy 18th birthday Jacob” banner we arranged the food table, the cake was on the kitchen till it was time to cut it. At 6:15 pm Leah, Billy, and Sue left to get ready, I stayed with Emily and Jacob’s sister Rachel doing the final details.


At 6:45 Alice arrived with Angela, Jasper, and lots of soda. Just a little while later dad arrived, followed by Rosalie and Emmett. I told everyone at seven but the guys were supposed to bring Jake at 7:30. It was already dark, at 7:20 Emily’s cell phone rang, that was the cue, we shut the lights off and waited.


We heard them approach,


“It has to be around here somewhere let me get the lights” we heard Jacob say, at the count of 3 we all shouted “surprise”, Jake’s face was unique, I saved it on my camera. He had an expression of suspicion, when he spotted me he went to where I was,


“You’re very sneaky Swan!” Jake exclaimed “you planned this didn’t you Bella?” he said smiling and giving me a kiss.


“Yes I was involved but don’t blame only me Jake” I said in defense.


“Happy birthday” I added with a smile.


“Yeah little bro now you are an adult!” Rachel said teasing.


Everyone said hi and gave him their happy wishes and congratulations. The party then flowed and Seth turned the stereo on so the dancing started, I had made a playlist for tonight plus the band was playing… yeah Alice, Jasper Emmett and I were a band “The cousins” I do not know what song we are playing tonight but we’ll just wing it. We mostly played cover songs and once in a while we would play something that I composed.


I went to dance with Seth and Quil while Jacob danced with Alice. Jasper danced with Leah, Sam and Emily gave a display of how it is done while the adults watched.


The food was being passed at random and at the half of the party we were short of supplies.


Jake and I were dancing now.


“Thanks Bella, the party is awesome. You totally caught me by surprise” he told me.


“You liked it?” I asked him, “yeah” Jacob said, then he leaned in and kissed me, “I love you” he said.


“Me too”


We served dinner at 9:30 and all the guys except Jasper ate all the left over’s after a while. On these days the Quileute boys were eating a lot and they were huge, I mean Jake’s body changed every day, damn.


He was getting taller, he made me feel like a child sometimes when I held him, but I liked it though… I felt safe and protected with him.


Two years is a long time, I cannot even describe what I feel for Jacob. He is my best friend he has helped me deal with my mom’s disappearance, the same thing I have done for him when his mother died 9 years ago, it was a terrible car accident, Jacob was in the car, he broke a leg but his mom’s body was completely shattered, her wake was with a closed casket. Our friendship then grew to something more when we were 15 ½, we were both scared but we gave it a shot and here we were two and a half years later, together and more in love than ever.


I located Alice and nodded to her, which was the cue for the band to get ready, the guys didn’t actually bring all the instruments so Seth lent us his set of drums for tonight. Jasper got ready on the electric guitar; Alice got a mike for the vocals while Emmett took care of the drums. My tasks on the band were lead singer and guitar player; I play both acoustic and electric guitar and base. Tonight I was playing the base and singing.


“One, two, three, and four…” Emmett said and started playing. I started singing.


C'mon guys, tell me what we're doing, 
We're hanging around when we could be all over the place, 

The sun is shining just the way we like it, 
Let's get out of this hallway show the world our face, 

It's Friday, but there's nowhere to go, 
Anywhere is cool, but we're not going home, 

We can do anything we want to do, 
It's all up to me and you. 

[All 3]
Turn this park into a club, 
The stars are lights, 
And the moon is the vibe from above, 
Skateboards here's our ride so pull on up, 
Everyone is waiting for us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 

We got the party with us 
We got the party with us 

Radio, let me be the DJ, 
I'll send you up keep us moving till we're on a role, 

[Bella & Alice]
Everyone is dancing to their own beat, 
So let go everybody here's got a soul, 

It's Friday, and there's nowhere to be, 
We're kicking it together it's so good to be free, 
We got each other and that's all we need, 
The rest is up to you and me, 
[ Lyrics from:

[All 4]
Turn this park into a club, 
The stars are lights, 
And the moon is the vibe from above, 
Skateboards here's our ride so pull on up, 
Everyone is waiting for us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 

We got the party with us! 
We got the party... 
We got the party... 

Life is for dreamers, 
and I'm a believer, 
that nothing can stand in our way, 
Today let's find a place to play! 

[All 3] 
Turn this park into a club, 
The stars are lights, 
And the moon is the vibe from above, 
Skateboards here's our ride so pull on up, 
Everyone is waiting for us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 

Turn this park into a club, 
The stars are lights, 
And the moon is the vibe from above, (we got the party with us!) 
Skateboards here's our ride so pull on up, 
Everyone is waiting for us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 
Anywhere we are, Anywhere we go, 
Everybody knows, 
We got the party with us, 

We got the party... 
We got the party... 
We got the party with us! 
We got the party with us!

Music had been my escape, I started writing my thoughts and feelings, I do not know if they are good or not to make into songs, but I kept them anyway.


Writing keeps me grounded; it helps me not get too depressed, since I miss my mother every day. I know she is alive, she has to be, and I’m not giving up on the thought.


I was another person when I was performing, I completely transformed no matter the song that I was doing, tonight was fun so I just played and moved around with Alice and Jasper, and I also jumped and smiled a lot.


After we finished the song, Emily and I brought the cake with the 18 candles and after an out of tone chorus of “Happy birthday” we let Sue cut the cake.


Dad left a little after that since he had to work the next day, I said goodbye.


“You were great tonight kiddo.” Dad said smiling, “thanks” I replied.


“Be good Bella, love you” dad told me.


“Bye dad”


~ 0 ~ (~ U&URW~) ~ 0 ~


I finished cleaning up at 1:00 am, everyone else helped, but I told them to go get ready for bed, Jake was helping a little but all he did was watch me with amazed eyes, when I looked his direction he winked and smiled at me.


I blushed, “stop that!” I told him, he just smiled.


When I finished I grabbed his present from the table and twirled it in my hands, Jake grabbed my hand and turned off the lights of the side where the party have been. He took me in direction to the garage, he opened the door and we got in.


He closed the doors, and the only light came from the windows but it was dim. He stood there in front of me waiting I smiled and he did the same.


“Well what are you waiting for Bella?” Jake said


“Um… I don’t know if you would like it” I said


“Well there is just one way to find out bells” he said taking the box from my hands opening it.


“So… What do you think?” I asked


“This is awesome Bella! The best GPS that is out there, you are amazing sweetheart” he told me smiling.


I circled his waist, “thanks a lot” Jacob said doing the same.


After that he took the box out of my hands and placed it on the counter of the garage he turned around smiling.


“Come here” he said grabbing my waist. He kept his hands on my waist so I placed mines at his neck, he came closer and kissed me, I kissed back. We both gave in and we loved each other physically... Jake and I stared at each other’s eyes for a long time, he watched my face like if he was trying to memorize it; I played with a strand of his beautiful long hair. I caressed his face he closed his eyes so I detailed his eyelids with my fingers; when he opened them he sighed and I smiled.


“I love you Bella” Jake said


“Me too, I love you now, and I promise that I’ll always will, no matter what” I responded


“Thanks for the party and the GPS” he said smiling.


“Goodnight, Bella” he finished, I knew I should get up and go to Leah’s house but it was too far and I was very comfortable where I was.


I cuddled closer to Jacob and he wrapped his arms around me, keeping me warm. His breathing was more even, he was already asleep. I contemplated his sleeping features, he was so beautiful.


I couldn’t wait to be with him forever…


August 6th 2011


I woke up at 8:30 am; I was blinded by the sunlight I also was trapped in Jacob’s tight grip. Swiftly I woke him up, we had to get ready to go cliff diving with the gang, and I dragged Jake until he was fully awake.


At 9:45am everybody was there. Jake was my passenger, Leah was on the back with the boys and Rachel who joined us today. Sam brought some lunch that Emily gave him, Emmett followed on his jeep. We all undressed to our swimsuits and Sam as always jumped first, Jake and I followed, today the water was good. Seth jumped after Paul and Jared followed Quil. Embry was the last of the boys. Seth got out of the water and went to help Angela, this was her first time cliff diving since she moved here by the end of last summer, Angela and Seth then both jumped.


“Wow that was cool!” Angela exclaimed smiling.


“See I told you it was a rush” I said


Jasper jumped next followed by Leah, and then Emmett with Rosalie. But then Emmett jumped again alone.


“Wahoo! This is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life!” he exclaimed we all laughed, Alice and I gave a jump together; we landed swiftly in the water.


“That was beautiful Bella” Sam said joking.


“I want to go next” Leah said,


“Go I will be waiting down here” Jasper said.


Alice rolled her eyes and came to my side in a rush; she incidentally splashed Jasper on her the way and she muttered something under her breath, thing is that Alice and Jasper like each other but they are just too coward to realize it.

Jasper enjoys making Alice jealous while she just ignores him, which boosts his ego, because he knows he's affecting her in some way.


“Bella lets go again” Jacob said “sure love, come on”


We jumped and it was great. Alice jumped again, this time with Quil, next all of us girls jumped alone. When I landed on the water Jacob kissed me.


“That was a perfect jump bells” he said


“Thanks, I have learned from the master” I answered.


“That would be me” Sam said over Jacobs shoulder while he grabbed his head and pushed him down into the water.


“Stop that!” Jacob said the second time Sam did it.


The boys made a few show off jumps but the most great ones where Jake’s, Sam & Emmett’s.


“That was cool Emmett” Rosalie said smiling


At 1:00pm we all ate the lunch Emily made for us and headed back, I stopped in La Push to drop the boys Rachel & Leah.


“Bye guys” I said, they all waved back


“Bye love” I told Jake kissing him.


I was about to leave when Alice stopped me.


“Bella?” she asked.


“Yes Alice”


“I was going to invite you to spend the rest of the day with us but then I remembered we had to go to Seattle to the airport, to pick up my cousin that is coming to live with us. He arrives today at 5:00” she explained


“Would you like to join us?” Alice asked,


“Yes sure I will go with you, don’t worry Alice” I told her she sighed relieved.


“Yayy!” she said


I called dad to the station and told him where I was going to be and with whom.


Alice blow dried my hair, I brushed the front back, and held it with one of Alice many cute hair pins, and I left my bangs to the front and applied some lip-gloss. I grabbed a magazine and was looking at it while Alice did her hair also.


A little after that it was time to leave for the airport. I remember that Alice had told me a little about her cousins Edward and Erica Masen, I even remember that last year all of them had to go to Chicago because something happened, when they returned I had tried to ask Alice what happened while they were there but she said she couldn’t tell me so I didn’t ask anymore.


What was she hiding from me?


We were near the airport, Carlisle then gave some instructions;


“Emmett, I want you and Rosalie to go pick up Edward's car and drive it home” Carlisle was saying. “Yes dad” Emmett said, I felt the mood switch…


What was going on that had them all tense and worried? It’s been a while since they had seen their cousin Edward, why are they so tense about him coming? Aren’t they supposed to be happy because he decided to visit?


We arrived to the airline arrival gate area and sat to wait for him.

I wasn’t ready for all the unexpected stuff and feelings that came along with this arrival…


Well there you have it, below will be the next chapter,

Edward's introduction to the story...

Video of the Song "The Cousins" sang:

Bella's outfit:

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Chapter 4

Edward Anthony Masen:


Still August 6th 2011


“So how old is Edward?” I asked Alice,


“He just turned 18 in June” she answered.


“How long is he going to be here?” I asked.


Alice sighed, “Sorry for not telling you before, he’s coming to live with us” Alice said.


“Oh, okay. You don’t look very happy about it” I inquired, she gave me a sad smile, “does it show? Is not that I don’t want him to come…is just…I’m just a little…anxious that’s all” my best friend said.


“Why?” I asked all of this mystery around Edward was killing me.


“He’s just a little hard to handle right now. I hope that he is okay, and that he gets better once he settles here” Alice said.


“Is he sick?” I asked, Alice denied “he suffers from PTSD”


“What’s that?” I asked, “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mix that with a little depression and it will equal my cousin” Alice said.


“I can relate” I said bowing my head. He was suffering from the same thing I experienced when mom disappeared. Those were the darkest days of my life, I was like a zombie both dad and I were.


I shuddered at the memory.


“But if I got over it, maybe he will too Alice, just have a little faith” I said hugging her.


“Thanks Bella”


“Besides I know of something that can cheer you up…” I started, “what?” Alice asked.


“Remember the senior welcome party?”


 “We have to do some shopping!” she said exited


“You will come with us right?” she asked almost pleading


“Yes sure, since it was my idea and all” I responded


“Ok I’ll pick you up on Tuesday so…” she lost her train of thought, “Edward!” Alice exclaimed running to meet her cousin.


I followed her and there he was, holding two bags. He dropped them and took her in his arms, “I missed you so much” Alice said.


“I know pixie, and I’m sorry” he said to her.

“Is okay, you’re here now, that’s what’s important” Alice told him.


“Eddie you are huge!” Alice said hugging him again.


“And you are the same Mary, short, graceful and when you can annoying.” he said smiling a perfect smile.


“Please don’t start you know is just Alice” she told her cousin.


He was tall, slender but a bit muscular, his hair a bronze-ish with a touch of gold. I’ve never seen hair color like that; it must be from the other side of the family. I was standing behind Alice at Emmett’s side, When Edward spoke his voice was mysterious, sweet but somehow velvet…but I also detected a little bit of shyness.


“Hi uncle Carlisle, aunt Esme” he was saying “welcome godson” Carlisle said.


“I’m very glad you decided to come and move in with us” Esme told him


“Thanks aunt Esme” he said giving her a warm embrace.


“Hi there Eddie” Rosalie said welcoming


“Hey Barbie” he said


“Oh, Please! I thought we went over this…” she responded


“That means that you look good Rose” he said defending himself.


“Thanks you too” Rosalie said


“Hi there Edward” Jasper greeted “man what up?” Edward said as they man hugged.


“Yeah cousin what’s up?” Emmett said finally.


They all got closer to him I stood where I was he noticing asked…


“Who’s that?” he asked


“Oh sorry, our bad this is the daughter of the police chief at Forks and my best friend Isabella Swan” Alice answered. He came to where I was and I then saw his eyes, they were green but they also seemed gray or blue…Maybe, they were hazel?

“Hi Isabella Swan, nice to meet you I’m Edward Anthony Masen Cullen or as from now on, just Edward Cullen.” he said while we shook hands.


“My pleasure, and please is just Bella” I said


“Okay just Bella” he said politely.


We all went to baggage claim and waited for him to get all his bags, then it was finally time to leave. “Okay guy’s time to go” Carlisle announced, “Come on Bella” Alice said grabbing my hand. 

“Emmett, Rosalie do as I told you before” Carlisle instructed.


“Where are they going?” Edward asked.


“They will retrieve your car and drive it home for you” Jasper answered “unless you want to do that?” he added.


Alice gave Jasper a death glare …okay, what did I miss here?


“Always with the side comments” Edward said facedown a crease on his forehead; it looked like he regretted the question. We loaded the bags and Edward helped Alice into the van, I sat and closed the door. “You must be tired Eddie” Alice said.


“Just a little, what is killing me is my stomach, i’m starving.” Edward admitted.


“Well dinner is almost done so don’t worry” Esme reassured him


“Hey Bella, you will join us right?” Carlisle asked.


“Umm…I don’t know” I said


“Come on Bella please” Alice said with puppy eyes.


“Come on you won’t dishonor our cousin Bella, and besides Edward needs a friend like you. I mean fun, good looking and a girl that actually knows this town from head to toe. And I’m just saying” Jasper said while Alice gave him a furious glare.


“You know this town from head to toe too Jasper! You have been here for four years” I said.


“Bite me” he said slumping back in the seat.


I couldn’t refuse to the offer so I accepted; I could just leave after dinner. We arrived to their place Carlisle, Jasper, and Edward unloaded the bags.


“Welcome Edward, this is your new home” Alice said with enthusiasm.


“Is pretty big, and it seems like it has a great view” Edward said.

“Yeah it does, specially the room you’re going to be in” Alice told him.


“Is a big change, you know i’m used to the city and the buildings, contamination… everything here is green” he finished


“It’s not so bad, you will get used to the green, right Bella?” Alice replied.


“Absolutely” I said


“This will be good for you Edward, it is time to start over, try new places and people” Carlisle said.


“Yes uncle” Edward said resentful.


We entered the house and Esme was already in the kitchen finishing dinner, Carlisle went up with Edward to show him his bedroom, and Jasper followed.


After a while Jasper came down and Alice ambushed him on his way to the kitchen, I wasn’t supposed to eavesdrop but they were on my way to the dining room.


“Edward needs a fun friend? That was very touching and a nice thing to say Jasper! What’s wrong with you? You know we aren’t supposed to say anything about what happened until he says so!” Alice whispered she was mad.


“Okay, okay I’m sorry Alice, you know I sometimes get carried away when I’m talking but I promise it wouldn’t happen again” Jasper promised & defended himself.


“Okay because you know he is here to start over and forget about what happened, so no more innuendos or I’ll kick your…blonde face!” Alice finished. Jasper nodded, and zipped his lips with his hands. She went her way and Jasper entered the kitchen from the other side, I placed the plates on the table and hurried back Alice played it cool so did I.


“Hey mom, this Wednesday there is a party in school for all seniors” Alice said


“Yes Alice, what about it?” Esme asked while she placed the casserole in the oven.


“Can Rosalie and I have permission to go shopping with Bella and the girls on Tuesday?"


“Okay Alice, but remember that we have to finish the invitations for your party so you can hand them in on  Friday and we have to go to Seattle on Saturday to finish the final details, plus we have to go to Port Angeles to order the cake.” Esme said


Right, Alice’s party was around the corner, “okay mom” Alice replied.


Dinner was ready, I had called dad but he didn’t answer, I left a message. Emmett and Rosalie arrived with Edwards shiny silver Volvo, this car was too fancy for forks like his uncles Mercedes and Rosalie’s red convertible. Emmett had a jeep and Jasper a motorcycle, the only one who didn’t have a ride was Alice. At her sweet 16, she said she wasn’t ready to drive yet, but she had learned already so I guess she will want a car for this birthday.


We sat and ate dinner while Edward updated his family about some stuff I didn’t understand and they were catching up with some details. I noticed that they where choosing their words carefully, like walking on eggshells, even Emmett who was one of the most careless, maybe I was wrong or it was just because I was there?


“Well Bella is time for us to take you home” Carlisle told me


“Okay then, let’s go. Bye guys and thank you Esme for your marvelous dinner.” I said heading for the door. “No!” Alice exclaimed “let me take her” she added.


“Okay Alice, just don’t kill my eardrums will you? Go, here take my car” Carlisle told her


“Edward, come along” Alice ordered, he was confused but followed.


Alice took the Mercedes and Edward opened the back door for me. Alice looked confused, so was I but I just entered without a word just a small shy smile. He looked pleased.


The ride home was short; Edward was looking through the window while I traced patterns on my jean-clad thigh. Alice talked about the party and a little about school.


I arrived home and got out of the car, “Bye Bella, it was nice to meet you” Edward said, “likewise” I replied.


“Goodbye Alice thanks for the ride” I told her, “see you around Edward” I mumbled.


“Sure” he replied he got in the car and Alice drove away.


I finished entering home, in the kitchen there was a note from dad,


“Bells I had an emergency down in mason, sorry for not telling you sooner. I will be back tomorrow morning, don’t worry. Be good, loves you, Dad.”


After I read the note I headed upstairs, I entered my room and when I was about to get ready for bed someone surprised me.


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Things are getting more and more interesting!

great updates!  can't wait to read your next one to see how this goes!


i like this stroy. And yes i feel the same why about my best friends katilin bebe, miller, and my favorit kath

Chapter 5

Movie night:


Evening of August 6th 2011


“What was that about Isabella?” Jacob said.


“What in the world?” I exclaimed surprised my right hand in my chest.


No one usually used my whole name, only when I was in some kind of trouble, but what have I done?


“No I asked first Bella” Jake said angry


“What are you talking about Jacob?” I asked confused I had done nothing.


“That guy with Alice in the car” he stated


“oh…that is Alice’s cousin Edward, he came from Chicago today, I was with them when they picked him up, and after  that we had dinner at their place and Alice drove me home” I said.


“What’s wrong Jacob? And by the way how did you got in, the spare key is broken” I said.


“Back door”


We were quiet after that; I continued undressing, Jacob just stood there.

“Sorry Bella, I was just being stupid…” Jake said


“Wait a minute…Where you jealous?” I asked


“No…” he said, I stared at him, “okay, maybe a little” Jacob admitted.


I giggled, “Silly Jacob”


He exhaled and took me on a warm embrace, “So what are you doing here” I asked him


“Well I wanted to see you again, and since Charlie is not here well…you can’t be alone” he said kissing my forehead.


“Really…?” I said grabbing his waist.


“Is not like it’s the first time he leaves me alone all night Jacob” I added.

“Whatever” he said


He kissed me and I kissed back, after a moment I realized I hadn’t changed for bed and I was already hyperventilating as usual.


“Jake I need to change” I told him


“Okay i’m already changed so I’ll wait here cutie” he said smiling


“Okay” I said


I went to my bathroom do my nightly routine, 20 minutes I came out and he was there waiting for me.


“Nice” he said admiring me. “Like you haven’t seen me on pajamas before Jacob” I stated.


“You look good that is all” he defended.


“Oh shut up” I said lying by his side.


I didn’t realize how tired I was when Jacob cuddled me more close to his warm body, and placed the bed sheets on top of both of us kissing me softly.


“I’m tired” I told him


“Sleep Bella” Jake said.


My eyes where closing by their own “Bella, I love you” I heard Jake said as I drifted to sleep on his warm arms.


August 7th 2011


As the morning drew in I woke up alone.


“Jacob?” I asked still half asleep


I went down the stairs and he was in the kitchen.


“What are you doing?” I asked yawning, he smiled


“Breakfast” he responded.


I saw him for a few moments and he was fidgeting so I helped.


“Okay enough, let me help you before you burn down my house” I said fast.


“But I wanted to make you breakfast!” he whined, I gave him the look and waited.


“Okay then together” he agreed.


We finished the cooking and ate, after a while Jake dressed and left.


“Bye love” he said “bye Jake”


“I love you” he said


“Love you” I answered.


He left, 10 minutes later dad came home, I made him breakfast and he went to sleep. I dressed for the day on simple sweats and a t-shirt.


I did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen; I did the laundry, dusted the furniture and vacuumed the carpet. I finished rearranging the frames in the fireplace mantel piece and finished the rest of the chores by lunch time. I did some lunch, dad ate his plate, and he went back to work.


I called Alice and asked her to come with me to the grocery store she accepted and was dropped by Esme; we arrived at the store, with my list on hand. Alice was a bit absent minded.


“Alice what’s wrong?” I asked


“Jasper” was her answer


“What’s going on?” I said


“He is having a date with Leah” she said


“Okay…what did you just say? When did Jasper show any interest on Leah on the first place? You do realize that he is doing this to annoy you right? You guys are so blind!” I replied


“Don’t worry Bella, is okay” she said


“So what do you think about Edward?” she changed the subject.


“What about him?” I asked back


“Well he is gorgeous” Alice said


“Alice I don’t know what you mean…” I said annoyed


“Well he opened your door and…he was like entranced by you or something” Alice said


“Well did you tell your cousin that I have a boyfriend? By the way, Jacob was waiting for me in my bedroom and saw Edward and the whole ordeal.” I said


“Oh my, did he fight you?” Alice asked worried.


“No but he was a bit pissed” I said truthfully


We finished with the groceries and headed home, she helped me load it and arrange it on the pantry & fridge. It was Sunday night and I was very bored, so was Alice, so she made a plan.


“Why don’t we go see a movie?” she proposed.


“Where Alice?” I asked “Because the theatre is at Port Angeles and it would as you may know take us an hour or so to get there” I explained


“Okay then let’s do it here! We can call from some pizza, its good we bought some ice cream and enough soda, I can ask the guys to bring some chips” she said


“Okay, dad will come at midnight and its 6:00pm, so we have lots of time. Call up to your house to see who is up and I will call Jake” I told Alice and we both called


“Jasper is off with Leah, but Rosalie, Emmett and Edward are on” Alice said.


“Well Jacob will bring Paul, Embry, Quil, and his sisters Rachel and Rebecca” I told her.


“Rebecca? Wasn’t she in college and couldn’t come this summer?” Alice asked, “I don’t know, maybe she did had some time to visit after all” I said.


Alice shrugged, “I also called dad and he was okay with our gathering” I told her also.


“Hey let’s call the pizza place and get everything” Alice suggested.


I ordered four large pizzas and three orders of breadsticks and some buffalo wings. We had enough ice cream; I took out the cups plates and cutlery for everybody. Rosalie was going to bring three bags of chips with dip and some more soda. I also told her to bring me some Cracker Jack I had forgotten to get them when I went to the store.


I took out four movies to choose from;


*Dodge Ball

*Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1

*The Messengers

*Fast Five


Rosalie and Emmett arrived on Emmett’s jeep, Edward got out behind Rosalie carrying a grocery bag. I went to open the door for them.


“Nice house Bella” Edward said

“Thank you and welcome” I replied.


Edward smiled and handed me the bag, he followed Emmett to the living room


“Well you know where the flat screen is so get comfortable” I said


Minutes later Jacob arrived with the guys.


“Hi love, how was your day?” Jacob said kissing me.


“Pretty boring, but I got my chores done” I told him.


I took him to the others to introduce Edward.


“Guys this is Edward he is Alice and Emmett’s cousin, he came all the way from Chicago.” I said


“Hi” he said


“Well Edward these are Quil, Paul, Embry and my boyfriend Jacob.” I said introducing.


“These are Jacob’s sisters Rebecca & Rachel”


“Nice to meet you all” He said


Everyone got a plate of chips and some soda; I went to fetch the Cracker Jacks from the grocery bag and noticed that there were four bags. In that same moment Edward appeared.

“Two of those are mine” he said.

“Oh! You also like them? They are my favorites” I told him.


“Well they are mine too” he replied. Edward took a bag, some potato chips on a plate and a bottle of Mountain Dew.


We were about to start the movie when the pizza arrived. Alice gave half of the money, I added my part and I paid the delivery. Emmett helped me I placed the pizza and the other food in the coffee table I went back to the kitchen and brought plates, napkins, and the opened soda liters. Jacob was seating on dad’s recliner chair which was big enough for two, I grabbed a slice of pizza some breadsticks and wings and sat beside him.

Rosalie and Emmett sat on one side of the couch; Rebecca sat on the other chair with Paul at her feet. Rachel sat near Embry on the floor, Quil sat near Jacob and me while Edward and Alice sat at the other side of the couch. We chose to watch The Messengers, I loved this movie and the main character looked kind of like me. The food went out fast, those Quileute boys ate a lot.


All that was left was the popcorn, Edward and my bags of Cracker Jacks and some soda. We were watching Fast Five now; I noticed that Edward shot some glances in my direction. I hope that Jake didn’t see that, I don’t want another fight. Although Jacob doesn’t need to be jealous, I could be friends with whoever I wanted. Perhaps Jacob and I were drawing too much attention to us since we kissed a lot.


The movie ended, Jake and his friends where the first to leave, Jake and I kissed goodbye.


“Goodnight pretty girl” Jake said with a bit of authority.


“Night Jake, love you” I said, he smiled.


“Night Bella” Embry said, the others bid me farewell too and started getting in the car, “Bye thanks for coming” I told them. I waved until they rounded the curve, then I closed the door and went to clean up what was left. I came back in and Alice was clearing up with Rosalie and Emmett in the kitchen, Edward was in the living room.


“Hi there” he said


“Hi” I answered.


“So do you like Forks?” I asked


“Yes as far as I’ve seen. Your house is really nice, by the way.” he answered.


“Thank you, both my parents worked hard to make it like this” I told him. He was staring at a picture in the mantelpiece of the fireplace.


“Is that your mom?” Edward asked, pointing to the picture of my 3rd birthday.


“Yes” I said “you don’t look like her at all” he asked


“I know, I look more like my dad”


“How old was she on this picture?” he asked me, I looked at him, “how do you know she is gone?” I asked.


“Alice” was Edward’s reply.


“That little meddling pixie” I muttered


“umm… well I think she was 29 when that picture was taken, but I always saw her the same way is like if she never changed or rather aged I must say” I told him.


“Do you miss her?” he asked, I sighed before answering.


“Of course I do, every single day” I said, “I miss my mother too” he looked at me softly but with a sad look still he changed the subject.


“So you have a boyfriend?” Edward stated


“Yes Jake and I have been together for almost two years now”


“He seems…big” Edward acknowledged.


“Yeah” I said


We finished clearing up quietly, Edward gave some glances in my direction and opened his mouth as if to say something, but he never did.


“Eddie is time for us to leave” Rosalie announced.


“Okay” Edward said getting his jacket on and moving towards the door. “Bye Bella, I had a good time, thanks for inviting me”


“Anytime” I told him.


“Bye Bella” Rosalie said. Emmett kissed my cheek and ruffled my hair as always.


“Bye Bella see you Tuesday” Alice reminded me.


“Of course…shopping” I said to her with a wink. Alice laughed, and closed the door behind her.


I turned off the lights and went to my room, I showered and climbed on my bed, and I plugged on my IPod on the speakers and listened to classic music, the playlist mom used to make me go to sleep. I remembered when I was little and she held me on her always cold arms. I saw her happy with me and my dad. I dreamt that she was here, and everything was like before.



So, what could be Edward hiding, what brought him to Forks?

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Nice party!  Does Jacob feel a little threatened by Edward?  (LOL)  There is definitely more to this Edward than meets the eye.  Bella also seems a little intrigued by him.  Please post again soon.

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Chapter 6

Shopping trip and senior party:

August 9th 2011


Tuesday finally arrived, and Alice was picking me up to go shopping for the senior summer party tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning, hours before the party the band was coming here to practice the songs that we were going to perform at the party.


I finished getting ready and went downstairs to grab something quick for breakfast; dad had already made something from him and was watching the news before going to work.


“Have fun Bells” he encouraged


“Thanks dad, don’t work too much” I laughed, “silly girl!” he laughed too.


I saw Esme’s van arrive and didn’t wait for them to honk, I went out and the door was opened, Emmett was on the back seat with Rosalie and Jasper was in the front as a passenger, while Alice was driving her mom’s van. The only vacant seat was at Edward’s side.


“Hi Bella” Jasper welcomed “what’s up?” I answered, Jasper just laughed.


 “Hi Edward” I said “Bella” he smiled at me, “how was the rest of your weekend?” he asked me. “Very boring, I just stayed at home and yours?” I told him.


“I finished unpacking my stuff”


We went to Angela’s place to pick her up and then we left the city limits to reach the mall. Angela sat beside me during the car ride, we chatted amicably for a while, Edward gave me some side glances but for the most part he was absent minded looking through the window while he listened to his iPod.


We arrived at the mall, Alice had a freaking parking spot reserved, she said that it cost her lots of tears to convince Carlisle and Esme to pay for it; I’m very aware of the shows Alice can put up. Edward opened the door on his side and got out, he motioned for Angela and me to get out, and after we did he closed the door.


“It’s a semi formal casual party so let’s just go to a regular men & woman clothing store. Just follow your style but with a kick make a statement people, its senior year after all…” Alice said. We all nodded and started walking to the entrance of the mall; Edward gave a quick glance in my direction and followed Emmett & jasper. In the store we all scattered and started the search.


“Okay girls, ready to spend some cash?” Rosalie said, Angela nodded and joined forearms with her, Alice grabbed my hand and we walked together.


Alice laughed, “This party will be awesome, I’m ready to start senior year!” she added excitedly.


~0~ U&URW ~0~


“Alice I do not know why I told you this was a good idea, I have still clothes at home that I haven’t worn from our last two shopping trips. I think I’m all set for senior year, clothes wise, I’m pretty sure I can find something there to wear for tomorrow…” I said, Alice turned around already holding to possible tops and gave me the look.


“Isabella, please, as you said this was your idea so suck it up, and if there is actually something that you have already in mind then tell me” she said.


“I have a skirt and a cardigan that will look good together, what I don’t have is a good top or shoes to combine it with” I replied.


“The skirt is a bit bohemian looking” I added, Alice nodded and handed me two white tops from the rack, “how do you know that I want the tops to be white?” I asked


“Intuition, I guess, I think I remember the skirt you’re saying” she told me with a smile.


Alice handed me three more tops but I was getting frustrated. “Alice these are too much, I want something simple maybe a scooped neck plain white mid arm sleeves?” I suggested, Alice searched for a moment; “something like this?” she showed me a top, I looked at it “yeah that one is the one” I said grabbing it.


Angela, you haven’t picked out anything yet” Alice stated, “I want a dress” she said, Angela had a thing for dresses she could pull them off so easily, she loved them.


We looked at some racks and choices, I was thinking that this was absolutely useless when Rosalie exclaimed,


“Yes! I totally found something, girls come here” she said exited.


“This is totally you” Alice said to Angela, “great, thanks Rosalie, I have shoes for that” she said taking it from her hands. “And it’s my size too!” she added.


When Rosalie and Alice had their outfits we went to the dressing rooms, I had finished with my top quickly it was a perfect fit, then Angela came out and the dress looked beautiful on her.


While Angela changed back to her clothes I received a text from Jasper:


J: R u grls done?


B: almost, I’ll make Rose and Alice hurry ;-)


J: ok, we r done we r at the game store.


B: I’ll tell them


J: :-)


I was putting my phone away when Rosalie and Alice came out of the dressing rooms looking like super models.


“So what do you girls think?” Rosalie said showing us a complete outfit.


“Yeah that is great Rose” Alice complimented.


“Yours is awesome Alice, only you can pull of those shorts” I complimented her.


They both smiled and went to put their clothes back on, they came out a few minutes later, “Now let’s look for accessories” Alice announced happily.


“Bella we still need to get your shoes, what do you have in mind?” Rose asked.


“I don’t know, boots maybe, but instead of velvet they would look awesome in leather, plus I can wear them in winter time” I said Rosalie nodded. We found what we were looking for at the shoes store rather quickly; we then went to the accessory store.


“Hey Alice your outfit would look good with a long chain necklace, or a long chain with a charm and big earrings” Rosalie told Alice.


“Check these out” I said showing them a set of bangles.


“I like those, they so go with my dress” Angela said exited, she took them of my hands and went to search for a matching necklace and earrings.


I found some gold earrings and showed them to Alice,


“Yeah those work out for you Bella” she said approving.


They found accessories for them; we paid our stuff and headed to the food court.


I told them that boy’s where at a game store, Rosalie yanked them off and we went to Chili’s to lunch. This was really random Emmett ordered baby back ribs with extra BBQ sauce and French fries. Rosalie ate a plate of Broccoli & cheese soup, Angela ordered some fajitas, and Alice ordered pasta so did I, while Jasper and Edward ordered steaks.


“So did you girls found something?” Jasper teased. “I’m just saying since you spent all that time in the store”


“Yeah we did jerk” Alice snapped at him.


“Bite me” jasper said Alice looked at him serious, “maybe I will, so watch your back” she told him.


These two are so blind… their relationship is what you call one of though love, they treat each other with hate when we all know that they like each other. I know that Alice likes Jasper I still don’t know of he likes her back, although is pretty obvious that he does... well, sometimes.


“So Bella, what is this party about?” Edward asked while he ate a bite of steak and Alice gave Jasper a nasty look.


“Is just a party for seniors, to meet new students if there were any, and some sign up for extracurricular activities, clubs, international exchange programs… etcetera” I said.


“Oh, that is great” Edward said casually.


We finished the meal and had dessert, after that we headed back to Forks. We dropped off Angela first, a few minutes later we were at my drive way.


“Bye Bella, see you tomorrow” Alice said


“Goodnight Bella” Edward holding the door for me.


“Thank you, see you tomorrow, bye” I told him.


I turned around and entered dad was still out so I hung the clothes and called Jacob.


“Hi Jake” I said


“Hello beautiful” he answered happily “what’s up?” he asked.


“I just came back from shopping with Alice for the party” I told him.


“Your school’s party?” he asked “yes” I responded.

He was silent for a moment.


“Is Edward going to be there?” he asked an edge on his voice.


“Well…yeah” I started. “Why?” this jealousy thing he had is stupid.


“I don’t like that Edward guy” he admitted, “why not love? He has done nothing for you not to like him” I said nonchalantly.


“I don’t know baby, just be careful around him okay” he said his voice soft.


I sighed, “Jake this sudden insecurity of yours is giving me a whiplash” I told him.


“There is something in him that I don’t like Bella” Jacob told me. I rolled my eyes, “to me he is just shy, he was normal today at the mall, although I didn’t saw him much since we scattered once we were inside the stores”


“Still Bella, I saw him yesterday, I mean the way he was looking at you. I didn’t like it” he said.


“Okay then, I’ll ask him what’s going on tomorrow at the party” I said Jacob sighed.


“Okay Bella”


He was silent for a moment,


“Can I pick you up tomorrow and take you to the party?” Jacob asked… jealous much? “Okay but only if I get the ride back with Alice? I will text you when I get home”


“Okay, okay” he said


“Jake, I don’t want you to be mad, I’m sure it’s nothing” I reassured him. “I have to go Bella but I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7:45pm okay?” Jake said fast.


“Sure love, okay, bye I love you” I said “me too, i’m sorry Bella” he said sadly and hung up.


After that I called Alice to tell her about the change of plans, she was okay with it I changed and went to sleep.


August 10, 2011

(Party day)


In the morning I woke up early I couldn’t sleep, it was around 5:00am, I was worried about what Jake had told me, was he that jealous that he had to go all protective with me? Although the part of Edward looking at me was true; I’m definitely talking to him at the party. I had to make things clear with Edward, maybe there was nothing wrong and Jake was just being paranoid over nothing, I will talk to him still.


I fell asleep again thinking on how to approach Edward without sounding harsh…


~ (~ U&URW ~) ~


After breakfast I put on some jeans and a band t-shirt and my red comfy socks, I moved the living room furniture to make room for the instruments, Emmett had asked Mike to come and play with us tonight on the second song, I had been the one who taught mike how to play guitar, it took him six months to learn but he is good at it.


“Who’s ready to rock?” Emmett said


“I hope you guys are because I know I am” I told him.


They got everything ready for practice; I realized that Edward didn’t come with them.


“Where is Edward?” I asked Alice who was adjusting the microphone stands. “Mom took him to Seattle” she said.


“What for?” I asked, Alice stood quiet for a minute, “he had to run some errands there” she said quickly, why did it sound like she was lying to me? or perhaps not telling me something?


“Will he be in time for the party?”


“Yes” Alice replied.




We decided on two songs for tonight. Mike was having trouble with some of the notes of the second song, but I was patient with him, it’s just that he was a bit rusty.


After the fifth try he finally got it right, we practiced the song two more times, and then we had some snacks, the band left so we could get ready for the party. I curled my hair loosely, and gave myself the natural look, and then I put on my accessories. I looked nice, at 7:45 I was outside, Jake arrived I got in the car.


“Hi Jake” I said


“Hello baby, you look amazing” he said


“How are you?” I asked him, “I’m okay…oh you mean because of last night, I trust you love, just talk to him find what’s going on. I’m sure it’s just me” he said kissing me lightly.


“May be he just wants to be my friend, but perhaps because he knows I’m with you he doesn’t know how to approach me” I said looking at him.


“Talk to him Bella, maybe you are right” Jacob said, he looked in to my eyes, “I’m going to admit that I feel jealous Bella” he said.


“I figured that Jacob, but you have nothing to worry about” I said, kissing his lips. “Yeah, love that is exactly what i’m going to do, don’t worry” I reassured him


“Okay” he said caressing my face.


I held his hand all the way to my school, when we arrived I saw that Alice and her brothers where there. Jake opened my door and I came out, he kissed me.

“Bye love, have fun”


 “Thanks for driving me, love you” I said


 ~ 0*0* U&URW *0*0 ~


“Shall we enter?” Jasper asked.


“Yeah” I said


I led the way, but I noticed that we entered with attitude like owning it. I was in the front but in the middle. Jasper was at my side, we grabbed by our forearms; Emmett and Rosalie, at Jasper’s side holding hands. Alice was at my right side, Edward with his arm around her shoulder; she grabbing his waist.


We got to the registry table where coach Clapp and the administration secretary Mrs. Cope checked the lists.


“Names” she asked


“Swan” I said. “Here is your tag” she said I took it and wore it on my neck, she then asked the others.


“Names” she said again.


“Cullen” Alice and Emmett said they handed her them the tag.


 “Masen, new student” Edward told her “Edward?” Mrs. Cope said.


“Yes” he answered “here is your tag and welcome to Forks High School.”


“Thank you ma’am” he told her.


Next finally was Rosalie and Jasper’s turn.


“Hale” they both said “have fun” Coach Clapp said to us.


We entered to the almost packed gym and everyone looked at us, we entered with the attitude again.


We had the right to own it, I mean; I’ve been the captain of the volleyball team for three years in a row. Rosalie is a cheerleader, Emmett plays football, Jasper is on the basketball team captain, and Alice is popular because of her attitude and sense of fashion. Angela is not that popular but since she is also friendly, a lot of people likes her.


“Let’s get a table first, then we can dance or whatever” I suggested they all agreed.


We selected one of the tables in the middle of the right side of the court. The dance floor was in the center, the decorations where the school colors, navy blue and mustard yellow.


“Welcome, senior class of 2011-2012” banners covered the walls.


The table cloths where white, runners on top, with the previous color combination. Balloons and streamers decorated the ceiling and walls I saw some of our school name ‘Spartans’ banners in the walls also, covering every other space.


“Hi there Bella” Mike said, “hi Mike ready for the semester to start?” I asked, “Classes no, last basketball season…yeah!” he said high fiving Jasper.


He saw Edward and Emmett introduced them.


“Mike” he turned around, Jessica Stanley was coming our way.


“Hello guys, ready for this new school year?” she asked us with a smile. We all replied, and then she noticed Edward.


“Oh, and who are you?” she asked him, Edward smiled politely. “I’m Edward Cullen” he said his hand stretched, Jessica shook it not taking her eyes of Edward. “I’m Jessica Stanley, cheerleader captain, and prom queen candidate” she said bragging as usual.


“Do you want to dance?” she asked him, he scratched the back of his head, “perhaps later, okay” he said.


“Sure” Jessica said and smiled at him flirty, after that she went her way. “Hey mike why don’t we dance?” Alice asked “sure why not” he said. They both headed to the dance floor.


Mike was like the best of both worlds, I mean he is a jock but he is not mean, he talks to everyone and has average grades, and of course he sometimes plays with the band. I don’t know if Edward knows about the band, it would be a miracle that Alice didn’t tell him that.


After a while Lauren came to our table.


“Hey Jasper”


“Yes” he answered.


“Want to dance?” she asked, smiling.


Jasper stood up and followed her to the dance floor. Emmett and Rosalie were already mingling so Edward and me where alone at the table.


I turned to face him; I was going to speak when he cut me off, “Bella?” Edward asked “yes Edward” I said “do you want some punch or something?” he asked politely.


“Some punch wouldn’t actually kill me” I said, he went to get them.


“Here” he said handing me a cup.


“Hey Edward, can I talk to you?” I said.


“Yes Bella, what’s wrong?” he said


“Well is just that I… is there something that you wanted to tell me the day of the movie night. While we were cleaning I thought that maybe you wanted to say something to me but you didn’t…” I said


“And I also know that you stare at me a lot” I stated.


Edward was silent, “does it bother you?” he asked me.


“Well… not exactly” I said “then why are you questioning me Bella?” Edward said looking at me. I didn’t answered I just twirled my cup in my hands.


“…it doesn’t bother you but it bothers your boyfriend… Is that it Bella, Jacob made you question me?” Edward said.


“A little of both actually” I admitted. Edward sighed and gave me a crooked smile, “okay Bella I understand I’ll “behave” whenever he is around, or he told you not to talk to me?” he asked


“No, of course not at all, we can be friends Edward” I said.


“Okay then, friends?” he said shaking my hand I felt a sudden rush of current at his touch, I shuddered I never felt this before.


“Let’s dance?” I said.


We went to the dance floor and danced 2 full songs, I saw Alice, and she was with Mike, Angela, and Ben; Emmett and Rosalie where outside, Jasper, was now dancing with Victoria.


“Bella, Edward smile” Alice said taking a picture with her camera. “Now us three together” she said taking another.


Alice took some more pictures and then we danced more…


*/*/* U&U RW */*/*


“I can’t dance another song” I exclaimed sitting down.


“I’ll get some punch” Alice said leaving Edward and I.


“Hey Bella, I’m going to go get something to eat, do you want anything?” he asked


“Sure, some food would be nice” I said.


He smiled at me and went off to fetch some food.


Alice returned with the punch, 


“Hey Bella, I need to finish the invitations for my party, you promised you would help…” she started. “Yes I know Alice at what time you want me to swing by tomorrow? I have to work though” I said.


“Actually we all do, well except for Jasper and Edward” she said. “Let’s get together after we get out, we just need to address them so I can deliver them on Friday.” She said,


“Okay I’ll go to your place at that time” I told her.


“Thanks Bella, you are the best” she smiled.


Edward was back with the food;


“Here girls” he said “smile Eddie” Alice said taking a picture


Edward rolled his eyes at Alice, gave me my plate and sat to eat quietly. We stayed at the table and chatted for a while, Edward smiled at me a few times but the dancing crowd was more entertaining to him.


“It’s band time” Mike said to me, I nodded and stood up, Alice did the same, Edward noticed “where are you girls going?” he asked.


“Dear cousin, go to the dance floor please” and that’s all she told him.


The DJ turned low the music and took his mike “let’s step it up a notch, here I present you the one and only band directly from Forks High “Bella Swan and the Cousins.”


We went to the stage and I took the mike, “Hello Forks High seniors!” I saluted.


They all cheered, Edward was very interested on what I had to say apparently because he didn’t take his eyes of the stage. “It feels good to be back right?” I asked them.


“The band and I are very excited tonight, since this is the first performance of the year. This year will decide the rest of our lives, what we will be in the future. I don’t know about you but I’m sure I want to at least be: ‘Somebody’”


Angela started the song with the first piano chords, I started the lyrics.


The crowd cheered when the song ended, Edward was in shock; he clapped and looked between Alice and me.


“Well fellow students, now we present you the last song of the night, but first I want to ask Mike Newton to come to the stage to accompany us” Mike stepped in and got ready, and he nodded at me I directed to the crowd.


“For all of you, this is Play my music!”




The performance had been amazing, everyone was pumped up and ready to start the year. We were all on the dance floor now, enjoying what was left of the night.


“You were amazing Bella, I didn’t know you played so well” Edward told me, “well thank you singing is one of my talents” I told him with a curtsy; Edward took my hands and laughed while he twirled me.


“What about you Edward, what are your talents?” I asked him. “I have many, but…why don’t we keep those for another night?” he said, “okay whatever you say” I replied.


In the end Edward and I were friends, Alice took like a million more pictures and then the dance ended one hour after midnight. We went to the parking lot after saying goodbye to some people, and soon I was on my driveway.


“Bye guys” I said to them.


“Bye Bella, goodnight” Edward said, he took my hand and kissed my knuckles, I felt that current again…


I got in quietly and went to my room, there after undressing and taking my makeup off instead of texting I called Jacob,


“Hi Bella” he said, “How was the party?”


“Amazing, I had fun and everyone loved the songs the band and I played” I told him. “I’m glad you had fun baby, I was waiting for your text while I watched some TV” Jake told me. “So how was the rest of your night after you took me to school?”


He was silent; he sighed deeply, “Jake what’s wrong” I asked he didn’t answer. “I had a mild argument with the guys” he explained.


“What happened?” I asked worried, “nothing you have to worry about, love. It was just an argument, I’m sure we’ll be okay” he said. “Well I’m here Jake, if you need to talk more about it” I said solemn.


“Thank you Bella” Jake replied.


The line was silent for a bit, “love?”




“Can I come by to dinner at your house tomorrow?” he asked. “Yes love of course, you don’t have to ask” I replied.


“I’m going to sleep okay” I told him, “bye Bella, goodnight see you tomorrow at dinner” Jake said a bit if sadness on his tone. “Love you lots” I said, “love you lots too princess, and sleep tight.”


“Bye” I said hanging up.


August 11, 2011


The next morning, I got ready to work, then I went down and had breakfast dad already did his so I sat on my chair.


“Morning Bells” dad said


“Morning daddy” I said to him “how was the party kiddo?” he asked me.


“Pretty awesome” I replied.


“well I’m off to work, Bella enjoy this last summer because next year will be very busy and you will not have time for friends with college” he was saying, “yeah I now dad” I said.


 “Dad, Jake is coming to dinner with us tonight” I told him.


“Okay Bella” he said “well dad I better get going, see you on dinner. It’s my turn to cook okay” I said on my way out.

My work day was very monotonous and slow, Mike and I had a lot of free time. I got out and was on my way to Alice’s house to help with the invitations and other details of her party. 


So a lot happened on this chapter! 

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That was quick!  Looking forward to read more!

PS:  What happened with Jacob and the guys?  Something seems to be bothering him.

great updates!  can't wait to read your next one!  please update again soon :-)

Please update more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just cant stop reading!!!!!!  i started reading a few hours ago and havent stopped since! u r AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone! I'm back...and with a treat, i'm posting two or three chapters today!!! :-)

Chapter seven

Addresses and unexpected sleepovers:


(Still August 11th 2011)


“Hi Bella just in time” Alice greeted at the door.


“Come on” she said pulling me forward.


There in the living room where several portfolios, binders, magazines and phone books. I also saw fabric pieces, bows, laces and balloons.


Okay, she definitely lost it this year; all of this is crazy. I thought.


Alice’s birthday theme this year black and fuchsia; she said she wanted to step it up a bit, and was throwing a massive party even bigger than her sweet 16, I can’t think of what she would do for her 21st  birthday.


“Okay so now let’s talk dresses” Alice said to us, “you girls including Angela, will be all black dress with just one fuchsia accent” she was saying to Rosalie and me. We both nodded.


“Mary” it was Esme, “Yes mom?” she asked


“I’m not wearing fuchsia” Esme told Alice.


“Yes I know mom, you can always go black and white” she said as an option.

“Yeah maybe” Esme concluded


Jasper came in,


“Hey Alice, i’m going to be…your entrance partner again, okay?” he said with a bright smile. “So what do you think? Black suit, fuchsia vest, white shirt, and fuchsia tie?” Jasper said with a smile showing her a picture on his laptop.


 Alice looked at him dumbly, and then blushed a bit red then she just nodded without a word. “Well then I will leave you to your business” he said leaving the way he came.


“Okay…well that’s done, whatever that meant.” Rosalie exclaimed to her brother’s antics. She gave me a knowing looked, I giggled. Yeah like I said they like to tease each other.


“Are you done with the guest list?” Rosalie said


Alice opened a smaller binder and looked for the section she needed, “the invitations are in my bedroom, I’ll be right back”


“Where is Emmett?” I asked, “Emmett is asleep in his room the big oaf” she said with a smile. I wondered where Edward was but didn’t ask.


Alice came back with the invitations and we started addressing them by hand, I swear I’m going to develop carpel tunnel after this, my hand was cramped up pretty bad.

“I don’t think I can write one more address” I said putting the pen down, I had finished with my third pile of invites.


Emmett eventually came down from his nap, and Edward had arrived with Carlisle, when he saw the mess in the living room he waved at me and went upstairs avoiding the party planning altogether.


I ran a hand through my hair and noticed the time, “crap! Guys, bye I have to go because I have to cook dinner, Jake is coming over to dine at my place so I’ll call you later to confirm when we are going to deliver the invitations.” I said taking my bag and coat.


I hurried home and started dinner, I decided to do pasta and since spaghetti where jakes and dads favorite it was a great idea. I made a salad, and for dessert I went over the top.

I was going to make brownie Sundays, so I mixed the brownies and popped them in the oven after taking out the breadsticks.


I finished my mom’s famous lemonade and went to set up the table in the small dining area of the kitchen, there was no use of using the dining room just for the three of us. Dad arrived first so I went to my room top fresh up; I hadn’t noticed that I had a text on my inbox. It was of Jake of course;


“I will be there in 15minutes” I washed my face and brushed my hair. I changed my shoes for simple sandals and my working polo shirt for a tank top.


I came down and dad was talking with Jacob,


“Yeah Charlie, I know I’ve been out these days, I’ve been enjoying the summer.” Jake said I was about to enter the kitchen when Jake said something that made me stop, “hey Charlie, do I have your blessing for the future…” he said.


“Of course you do kiddo, but my warning stands Jacob; you hurt my baby and you will have answer to me, understood Jacob?” dad told him.


I made myself known and they stopped the conversation.


* U&U RW *


“Smells great bells” Jake said kissing the top of my head.


“What’s for dinner?” dad asked sitting on his chair.


“Spaghetti” I said


I placed the pasta bowl in the middle of the table, the lemonade and salad on one side; I took my place between them.


“Dig in, what you are waiting for” I said and they both served.


The dinner passed by with quiet conversation, Jake was very rare, he wasn’t talking too much, something definitely was wrong he enjoyed talking with dad. I wonder what his question was about… I will have to ask him what was wrong after dinner.


“So Bella how was work today?” dad asked me, “very boring” I answered. “I was at Alice’s house addressing the invitations for her party”


“She is throwing another of those things?” dad asked, while I smiled and nodded, “Yeah so what’s up on town dad? I mean nothing to worry about at work?” I asked


He thought a little before answering a low crease raised at his forehead, but he relaxed and answered.


“No, nothing you have to worry about Bells, there’s been some disappearances in the woods but we are working in it so don’t worry” dad reassured me. “So? How is everything in La push Jake?” dad asked him while I prepared dessert.


Jake didn’t respond at first,


“Um… all is fine Charlie” he just answered.


“It’s a miracle you are here having dinner with us Jake, what’s wrong, the kitchen is on recess?” dad said joking.


“Something like it” he replied with a huff.


I hurried to the table with dessert before dad says another stupid thing.


“Here is dessert” I said giving them the cups. “Umm good” Jake said taking a bite.

“These brownies are delicious baby, wow I missed your baking” Jacob told me


“Wow Bella, this is huge. Jake you should come over more often, she never does dessert like this” dad said smiling.


“Oh come on dad don’t be such a drama queen” I said laughing.


After dad finished his dessert, I went to put the dishes on the dishwasher while Jacob watched from the counter.

He was looking at me with a nostalgic glare, he looked sad. I hurried on cleaning the kitchen so we could talk in my room.


“Let’s go to my room Jake” I said grabbing his hand,


“Okay what’s with the attitude?” I asked “it’s nothing love, don’t worry” he said.


“If it’s nothing then why are you so down Jake?” I said “it's not your problem” he snapped. “What made you come eat dinner with us tonight, did you and Billy fought or something?” I asked


“I just needed a break Bella that’s all, so please don’t worry” he told me his tone cold at the end.


“You don’t have to be such a jerk Jacob! I’m just worried about you but apparently you don’t trust me enough to tell me what going on. If you don’t want to talk to me then, there’s the door” I told him sourly.


He stayed there silent for a moment; he sighed deeply and flexed his hands.


“Bella please, don’t get mad love, is just that I don’t even know what’s going on. Some of the guys are acting really weird… I mean they’re are, No actually Sam is acting weird he is giving us this looks, the worst is that now out of nothing, Paul started hanging out with Sam; He follows him around like a puppy. There have also been howls on the woods, like wolves you know, it’s creepy; in the end Bella, and all of it is rare” he said sitting on my bed covering his face.


He turned to look at me with a soft look, I caressed his face, Jake traced my lips with his tongue and kissed me, I wrapped my arms around his neck, Jacob grabbed me and we stumbled into the bed never breaking the kiss. We made out for a while taking into count that my father was in the house.


“I love you” Jake said


“I love you too Jake” I told him smiling.


“Don’t worry about the stuff in La Push, maybe is just a misunderstanding Jacob, don’t let it get to you.” I told him “I know love, is just that it annoys me” he told me.


 “I know but unless they bother you directly, you don’t have to worry. I’m sure everything will be fine” I kept reassuring him.


I placed my head on his chest; he bent down to kiss the top of my head. “I’ve missed you Bella” he said “I know love, me too and i’m sorry. I’ve spent too much time with Alice” I said embarrassed.


“Don’t worry babe is alright” Jake said kissing me again. He tugged on my tank top, I raised my arms and he took it off, I kissed back with desire.


“I love you Jake” I muttered between kisses. “Bella you are the only thing I need right now” Jake told me pressing me closer to him.


We were both breathless but we had a passion rush on our kisses and actions, we made sure that Charlie didn’t hear us.


** U&U RW **


My head was rested on Jacob’s chest; he was drawing patterns on my back.


“Love?” he asked me, “would you like to go cliff diving?” Jacob asked me.


“Yes!” I said exited


 “well then okay love because you are a bit to pale not that here is always sunny but you have been indoors too much, you need a good adrenaline rush to put some color on that skin” Jake said with a smile.


“Yeah, that would be lovely, let’s go tomorrow before my shift ok, just you and I we’ll go early, so I can have time to go with Alice to deliver her invitations before work” I offered


“Yeah love, is settled, well go cliff diving tomorrow” Jake ended.


I again sat as his side and played with his hair I was braiding it just for fun, he hated it but I kept doing it.


“Isabella, what the hell are you doing to my hair? Are you braiding it again?” he said


“No I’m not” I said smiling as I made another one


“Bella stop, I mean it stop now” he said raising his voice just a little.


“Ha-ha, very funny, what are you going to do if I don’t want to stop?” I asked smiling


“Oh you shouldn’t have said that” he said turning on top of me and towering my body with his. He came closer to my body I felt his weight with mine both combined in one kiss. I couldn’t get enough of him, so I kissed back with all I got left, but as soon as I was breathless I broke away to catch some air.


“I can’t breathe Jake” I said “sorry love” he said, with a smile.


I fixed my eyes in the nightstand clock,

“Look at the time! Jake you have to go home or your dad will kill you” I said alarm on my tone.


“No Bella, i’m not going home, well not tonight at least” he said “Jacob is way past midnight; you have to go home, come on get up! I’ll drive you myself or you brought your car?” I asked


“I brought my car but I was wondering if I could stay here tonight? I’m still too pissed off with what’s going on to go home right now Bella, please I need the night out love, I need you.” he said looking at me with the pleading look I couldn’t resist.


“Okay stay”


“So we have to get ready for bed then love” I stated


“I have my stuff in the car ill go get it” he said standing up and putting his shirt back on, I wrapped the sheets around me and jumped off the bed alarmed.


“No! Jake get back here” I said jumping off my bed, I grabbed onto his shirt and accidentally ripped it.


“Oh crap! Jake I’m sorry” I said laughing “Bella!” he said 


“let me go get your bag for you Jacob, Its easier I can sneak out without dad noticing, although I know he is already asleep” I told him.


I put on the first nightgown I touched followed by my robe, I put on my heavy sole slippers and went outside to get Jacob’s bag from his car. I locked the door for him and went back.


I heard water running when I went back to my room; the door of my bathroom wasn’t completely closed so I went in and placed Jacob’s toothbrush, sweatpants and towel inside. I knew that having him here was all kinds of wrong, but I sort of liked the fact that he was staying over and more so that he is taking a shower in my bathroom.

I grabbed my towel and pajamas here I went out to use the hallway bathroom.


I went back to my room when I was finished, and Jake was waiting for me on the bed. I scooted closer to him, Jacob kissed my forehead.


“I love you Jacob”


“As I love you Bella”


We drifted off cuddled in each other’s arms.

 (another below)







Chapter eight

Cliff diving trip & invitation Deliveries:


(August 12th, 2011)


The next morning we both woke up early, dad was already gone; Jake and I had breakfast alone.


I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on when after we were done. I cleaned the table while Jacob took out the trash.


“Is everything ready for us to go?” he asked me


“Yes baby, my bag is on my bed” I told him. He went to get it and then we were on our way to La Push on separate cars. We parked and made the small hike to the edges of the cliff; today was a bit warm but not enough, I undressed and Jake did the same.


“Let’s jump” I said exited grabbing his hand.


“One, two, three” Jake exclaimed and we jumped.


“Refreshing! Wasn’t it bells?” Jake said, the third time we had jumped.


“Yeah the best feeling ever” I responded


“See, there is the blush I was looking for” Jake said kissing me lightly. We broke apart and Jacob started tickling me.


“Stop it!” I told him as I squirmed away from him.

“I love you Bella” Jake said while he bent to kiss my neck, he came up to my mouth and we kissed.


We jumped and played a few more times, then we dried off and I changed into my jeans and a simple shirt I will put on my bright orange work shirt later.


I followed him to his house and we kissed goodbye. “Bye love” I said “bye Bella and thank you baby” he said.


I kissed him lightly again, then he went inside. I could feel what he meant about the weird. The air was feeling wrong and at the distance I heard the howling.


What was going on here? It was creepy indeed.


I but on my Bluetooth and dialed Alice, “hello”


“Bella” Alice asked


“I’m on my way, we have a few hours to do this; I have to be at Newton’s at 3:00” I told her.


“Sure of course, Rose and I are ready.” She added


I arrived into Alice’s driveway and honked, the door opened and both of them came out.


“Hi Bella” Alice said


“Hey Alice” I responded. “Hi there Rosalie” I greeted “hey Bella”

They got in Rosalie’s car and I flowed behind, I had to take my car because it was easier. Tedious but easier, Alice called so I plugged on the speaker phone and concentrated on driving.


“First stop is Jessica Stanley” Rosalie said to Alice.


“Okay” she responded.


“Girls, do we really have to invite her this time?” I asked. “Bella please…remember, friends close, enemies closer” Rosalie said. I huffed “whatever, it’s your party anyway. But a little FYI, she is so not coming to my party” I said.


“Fine Bella” they laughed.


We arrived to Jessica’s house, her car was at the driveway, and she was home. We all accompanied Alice to the door.


“Good afternoon Mrs. Stanley, I’m Alice Cullen, is Jessica home?” Alice asked politely.


“Yes I call her” she responded


“Jessica, Alice Cullen is here to see you” she called loudly.


Several footsteps where heard and half of the cheerleading squad came to the door.


“You called mom?” Jessica asked Mrs. Stanley motioned to the door and went back into the house.

“Well, we will kill like six birds from just one little shot” Rosalie whispered to me, I giggled while she searched the rest of the girl’s invitations. Rosalie couldn’t wait to be the captain of the cheerleading squad; she was the next in line after the co-captain Lauren Mallory.


“What’s up?” Jessica asked us “I came to gave you the invitation for my 18th birthday next Saturday” Alice said


“Alright, great, thanks” Jessica responded.


I didn’t like Jessica that much, she thought she was better than all the girls in school, and didn’t like me I didn’t know why, I hadn’t done anything bad or been mean to her since she moved here ten years ago. Although I did punched her on the eighth grade, because she pushed Angela at the lunch line and then she broke her glasses. Maybe that was it?


“Here” Rosalie said giving Lauren her invitation.


“Thanks” Lauren said on her sometimes annoying nasal voice. They finished with the rest of the girls, we said goodbye, Jessica giving me a glare and then we directed to Angela’s house next.


“Hey Angela” I greeted “hey Bella” she said taken by surprise.


“Is everything alright?” she asked us, “its okay, we are here to invite you to my 18th birthday party” she explained again. “You are one of my VIP’s remember?” she told her Angela nodded. “Here” Alice said giving her the invitation. Ours were in a black gift bag with a fuchsia and tissue paper, it contained a bracelet and the jewelry that the 3 of us where wearing the night of the party Alice wanted us to match everything.


“Ah, thanks so much Alice’’ Angela said delighted


Ben came to the door then, “what’s taking so long Angie?” he asked and then he saw us. “Oh, hi girls, what’s up?”


“I was just giving Angela her VIP invite for my party, btw here it’s yours” she said. Ben took the pink envelope from her hand, “thank you Alice” Ben said exited. “Well then, see you there” Alice said leaving.


“Bye Angela, Ben” I said also “bye Bella and thanks” they both said.


We delivered the rest of the invitations, I stayed with the ones of La Push I will deliver them tomorrow morning. I said goodbye to the girls and headed to Newton’s Alice has given me his and Tyler’s invitation to deliver.


I was a wee bit hungry and since I still had a few spare minutes I went to the diner and picked up something quick, I asked for it to go, while I waited I went to the bathroom for a human moment and to change my shirt. My order was ready; I got it and went my way to the store. Tyler was leaving I honked and waved at him, I got out of my truck with the invitations, my work vest, my bag and food. I gave him his, he smiled and went his way.

I got in and Mike was at the register, I got ready and told him I was going to eat quickly in the back, he told me not to worry and he accompanied me. I shared my loaded fries with him while we chatted.


My shift was good, I just stocked shelves and cleaned the floors, we had a few more late sales but Mike and I handled it, the store closed at eight but it wasn’t my closing night.


“Bye Bella, see you around” Mike said.


As I was getting in my truck my phone rang, it was dad


“Hi daddy, what’s up?” I asked.


“Bella” dad was saying on the speaker “yes dad” I said, “where are you honey?” he asked.


“I just got out of work; I was heading home to fix something quick for dinner. Are you home?” I said. “No baby girl, that’s why I’m calling, i’m not making it to dinner” he explained his tone off.


“What’s wrong dad?” I asked.


“Too much work, someone else disappeared today in the woods that make four on the last couple of weeks” he told me, I was surprised. “Oh god, dad that is really bad. take it easy okay. I’m going to be fine, I’ll go to the dinner and pick something to eat and then I’ll head home and have an early night. Want me to bring you something?” I told him


“No Bella is okay the guys are ordering some pizza, but thanks for the offer I’ll keep it on mind” he told me lightly.


“I have to go now Bells, see you tomorrow kiddo”


“Okay dad thanks for calling me” I told him “ok love you honey” dad said to me.


“Me too, bye daddy” I said before hanging up.


I had to dinner alone again great! This usually happened sometimes but this summer it was being more often. Things on town must be pretty bad if dad had to skip coming home again…The crease on my forehead was more pronounced as I got pissed off, my phone rang again it was Rosalie.


“Hi” I said my tone defeated, “what’s wrong Bella?”


“I’m eating dinner alone again, dad can’t make it” I told her,


“Hang on” I said switching to my hands free device.


“Okay, talk now, why did you called me for?”


“Pixie just wanted to know if you gave Mike and Tyler their invites…” she said, “ah that, yeah I did”


The line was silent for a second, “Bella, why don’t you join us for dinner today? Esme is running a little late with it, you will make it just in time to eat, please it will be more fun.” she said “yeah Bella you are always invited to dinner with us” Alice yelled through the phone.

“Okay girls, I will join you tonight. Tell Esme to place another setting at the table” I concluded eagerly.


I ended the call and made my way to the Cullen house, Esme was taking out two lasagnas of the oven, Alice was carrying a tray of breadsticks and Jasper was finishing setting the table. Esme entered the dining room Carlisle on her heels carrying the salad bowl and what looked like a mega cheesecake.


We all settled and started eating, conversation flowed, it was mostly about the party, Alice’s expectations for the party were high; she wanted it to be perfect. While we all talked and ate, Edward was absentminded and he looked sad and depressed, but since no one questioned his behavior I shut my mouth and didn’t say a word either.


Maybe he was having a PTSD regression from whatever made him get it on the first place. He looked in my direction a few times; I gave him a warm smile the corners of his mouth moved just a little, there was so much sadness in his eyes.


Edward, what happened to you, why do you look so broken?


Everything was delicious I helped clear out the table, Edward helped too. After he loaded the dishwasher he excused himself to his room, he gave us all a stiff goodnight and left. Alice then she showed me some other stuff for the party and we arranged our dress shopping trip for next week’s Thursday morning.


I said goodnight and went home, all the way there my mind was on Edward’s depressed behavior, was he always like this?  What could have happened to him that made him move here? What secrets do those green eyes hide…?


I got in my house and locked the front door; I went to my room and got ready to take a shower. When I got out and was getting dressed for bed, I felt like if I was being watched, I looked through my tightly closed window onto the street and I didn’t see anything, but the feeling was so strong it scared me. I closed the curtains and turned off the light, I plugged on my iPod, and it helped me fall asleep.


Somewhere in the woods of Forks:

(Renee’s POV-same night, after Bella went to bed)


“She is a fine young girl mi amore” he was talking about you.


“Whatever, I despise her; her death can’t come soon enough” she said hatred on her tone.


Oh my sweet Bella, I hope that you are okay baby. I’m so sorry that I can’t be there to protect you from these monsters, I want to see you Bella; just one last time, I know they gave chosen my fate long ago, I just don’t understand why they haven’t  killed me yet.


You where just a girl when I left you, barely 14 years old, but now you have to be all grown up and beautiful. I miss you my principessa always remeber that i love you no matter what...


*mi amore (My Love)

*Principessa (Princess)


So tell me, what you want, another chapter today or tomorrow? Have fun reading :-)



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