The Twilight Saga

The Unexpected & Unfortunate: The Rewrite

One Breaks, the other Heals...

I have never given much thought to how I would die, but dying in place of someone I loved, it seemed like a good way to go. What would you do to protect the ones you love, will you be able to give and risk it all? To put your whole life in danger just to keep them safe, how many secrets would you be able to keep?

There is only one choice when you have everything to lose…sacrifice. I had it all, my father, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my life changed, I was surrounded by secrets; I was confused, hurt and torn.

The ones I loved where in danger, and I was the key to keep them safe. While one tried to heal me, the other left. I had to decide which way take. My life now, It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. What would you do for the ones you love? If it’s someone you truly loved?

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I want to thank all of you who answered my message and wanted me to post this story again. You know who you are! :-) Thanks also to my best friend Ildira Peterson for not giving up on me and saving all the original chapters of this story, also for her encouragement, guidance, and unconditional love; for being there when I needed someone to talk to and for helping clear all my crazy ideas.

I hope that you enjoy this version of the story, somethings were changed, some were added that had been left out before. The plot is clearer now. 

**Feel free to message me for any doubts!**

Enjoy! ;- )

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Once again Alice is going overboard with the party planning.

Is there vampire and werewolf activity in the woods?  Could Jake be on the verge of turning into a wolf and not know it yet?

Let's see how things develop!



great updates!  I can't wait to read your next one!  Please write more again soon!

So, here is another chapter and that will be all for today! I'll think about posting tomorrow...

Chapter nine

Last month of summer:

(August 15th 2011)


The weekend went by and Monday arrived; this was the week of Alice’s party. I have to go to la push, I woke up and did my morning routine but before I went out, I left a note to Charlie.


“Dad, I’m going to la push to see the guys for a while, I should be back before noon. I’ll call you if I’m delaying; Bella”


I pasted it on the door of the fridge and went out; it was raining so I pulled on my hoodie and hurried to the truck. I arrived to Jake’s house Rebecca welcomed me.


“Hi Bella” Rebecca “how are you?” she asked me “hi, I’m fine and you’’ I responded. “I’m tired” she said yawning.


“What brings you here this morning?” she asked, as she prepared some breakfast.


“I came to give you the invitation for Alice’s 18th birthday party this Saturday” I said handing her the invitation, “oh cool! Knowing Alice I know it’s going to rock” she said enthusiastic. “Yeah you can bet on that” I replied.


Rebecca took her omelet, toast, and juice jug and took a seat at the table, she poured me some juice, and I took a sip. “So where is Jacob?” I asked, she was about to answer when a familiar voice exclaimed.


“Is that my Bella?” it was Jake “yes who else?” I teased


“Come here” he said grabbing my waist and kissing me.


Rebecca cleared her throat “sorry” I mumbled blushing


“Oh don’t worry baby, she’s just jealous” Jake said, she gave him a nasty look and continued eating her breakfast. Jacob toasted some bread, spread some peanut butter, he severed himself a glass of milk and took a banana from the fruit basket, then went to seat at the couch, he flipped off the TV and motioned me to seat beside him.


“So what brings my girl here this morning?”Jake asked I smiled at him, “I came to see you” I said, “oh please Bella, she came to invite us to Alice’s party” Rebecca answered with a laugh. Jacob looked at me with a pout, I nodded.


“Right, I forgot” I said smacking my forehead, “I’m wounded” Jake said “there is the invitation” I said pointing to the envelope between the salt and pepper at the table, near Rebecca’s hand.


I stayed for a while with them, dad had called and told me that he was taking a nap and that he was going to take the night shift tonight; he told me to be careful. When I ended my call I turned to Jacob, “I have to go give the gang the rest of the invitations”


“Okay, love lets go deliver them then” he said heading to my truck.


We walked hand in hand to Jacob’s car; we got in and made the short drive to where the rest of the tribe lived. I wanted to know how things where but I didn’t found the right words, I didn’t want him to upset him;


“So how is everything Jake? I mean about what you told me last week…” He sighed deeply before answering.


“Well…it's been quiet but Jared’s still hanging out with Sam he is very changed, he cut his hair a shorter and he is a sack of pure muscle. I mean more than what he was before; he looks like if he was in steroids of something. He is always in bad mood, you can barely talk to him” Jake explained. “It changes when Sam’s around him is like if Sam controlled him” he added


“Oh…well, I’m sorry” I said,


“Its anyway, you know that he was always a bit short-tempered since we where kids” he said, “Yeah” I agreed. “Sam keeps looking at me you know, its creepy it feels like if he is waiting for me to join him or something.”  


“You won’t join him right? No matter what he says to you” I asked.


“Don’t worry love, I promise you that. I won’t be a follower of his cult or whatever it is” Jake reassured me. I nodded and kissed him lightly, he held my hand tighter. We arrived to Seth and Leah’s house. Jake said hi and went to play some video games with Seth, I went in with Leah and gave them the invitations, and they agreed to come. This was the first time Alice invited Seth to a Cullen party, he was ecstatic.


We went to Quil's place next, Jacob went to the bathroom and then we went to Embry's house next, “sweet! Yes another Cullen party, this is going to be awesome” he said exited.


“Hey bells why don’t we play some soccer? the rain stopped” Embry said giving a glance to the sky.


“Hey great idea meet us in 30 minutes at my house” Jake said “call Leah and Seth” I suggested


“Okay, see you in a bit” Embry finished.


We went to Paul’s house next; Paul was eating when we came in. “hey Jake? When will my car be ready?” Paul asked him, Jake sat at the table with him and Paul offered him some chicken, Jake took a leg and started eating.


“Hi, Bella! What’s up girl? What brings you to my modest headquarters?” he said chewing his chicken, “I came to deliver you invitation for Alice’s party on Saturday” I said.

“Oh good, thank her from my part”


 “Well then, see you there. Paul we are playing some soccer later, would you like to join us?” I asked.


“Of course, just let me finish my chicken and I’ll be right there.” He said, “Okay then, see you in a bit” I said and turned to leave Jacob waved at him with his hand and followed me.


Jake we then went directly to Emily’s house, because he said that Jared was always there since he started following Sam.


“Bella” Emily greeted, “hi Em” I told her.


“What brings you here?” she asked “I came to invite you in Alice’s behalf to her party” I said handing her the invitation.


“Oh great thanks” she said


Sam and Jared entered in that moment Sam looked at Jacob, Jacob looked at him angrily. I told both of them why we were there and they said they would be there.


Jared looked different, he was muscular and huge; to me it’s like if he was on steroids of something like that. His hair was shorter than usual and he was wearing cut off shorts like Sam. They were both wearing a tattoo on their right bicep.


I said goodbye to Emily and then we went back to Jake’s house and all of them where there, ready to play I made up the teams.


Leah, Paul and Jacob in one, Seth, Embry, and I on the other while Leah did as referee with Rebecca. Of course my team won even though Jake and his team did everything to win. At some point of the game the rain started again and our legs were all covered in mud, “Bella” Embry called “yes” I said turning around, in that moment Embry threw mud in my direction.


“Not funny” I said angry.


“Embry” it was Jake “yes” Embry responded


Jake hit him with a ball of mud in his head and we all started a mud fight like the ones we did when we were younger.


**************U&U RW**************


We were covered in mud from head to toes, Rebecca then told us to hose off us with water to clean up some of it. I was glad that I wasn’t very fond of my clothes today, in case that I couldn’t get the mud out of them later.


I got ready to leave; Jake told me that he was coming to my house later. I got in and hurried into the shower, I had to wash my hair four times to leave it clean. I washed my clothes and they came out clean, it was a miracle. I cleaned my shoes and went down to do some late lunch, I went down to the station and brought some to Charlie, he was grateful.

Alice texted me asking if I could stop by on her house, I told her yes and then texted Jacob to inform him about the delay, in case that he was on his way to my place.


“Hi Bella” Emmett opened the door “hi where is Alice?” I asked


“Um actually, I have no clue last time I saw her she was in the dining room” Emmett said “oh thanks” I told him.


He let me in and then he got out, I said goodbye and went to the dining room; Alice wasn’t there so I climbed on the stairs instead of yelling for her. I don’t know why I just didn’t texted her, the house looked so quiet, what if someone was taking a nap or something…?


There were some bedrooms on the 3rd floor of the house; Alice’s room was the last one since it was a little bigger than Esme and Carlisle’s master bedroom. As I walked through the hallway, I saw that one of the doors to my right was opened, it was Edward’s room and it appeared to be empty.


I was going to close the door and leave when I heard a sob, and then I saw him, he was sitting on the floor unaware of me; he was holding a picture and crying, it sounded more like deep on the chest broken sobs. His cry made me worry even more about his past, what was going on with him? What made him hurt like that? I could help him overcome whatever it was; I mean I recovered from the disappearance of my mother even though I’ve never lost hope on finding her. I wanted to help him.


That’s just me always wanting to help everyone.


I would find out what happened to him, sooner or later, I will come to him and ask him, he owed me. I remember he said that he would tell me sometime but not the night of the senior party, perfect then he will have to tell me since he promised.


I made a rough movement and he saw my reflection in the glass window, he looked at me and I then saw his eyes, they were very red and his nose too, he had been crying indeed.


He stood up quickly and grabbed the doorknob.


“Bella” Edward asked confused, “yeah, I um…sorry” I said trying to close the door; he didn’t give me the chance.


“What are you doing here?” he asked.


“Ah I uh…I mean…Alice… I’m looking for Alice” I responded.


“Didn’t your mom teach you to knock before opening a door in a house that is not yours?” he snapped.


“I’m s-sorry Edward” I stuttered


“Are you okay? Do you want to talk? I’m sure I can help…” I started. “Are you blind? Of course I’m not okay, I’m never going to be!” he told me.

I took a step back and decided to leave him alone, “I said I was sorry Edward, but if you are going to be a jerk then fine!” I snapped at him.


He froze where he was just looking at me he lowered his head, “I’m sorry Bella” he said.


“Whatever” I said turning around I heard his door slam.


I always forget how bright Alice’s room is, I squinted my eyes and went in, she was filing her nails while listening to her iPod.


I tapped her shoulder and she took of the earphones, “oh Bella hi!” she said placing the nail file back in her pedicure kit.


I decided not to tell her anything about my incident with Edward that was between me and him. I sat on the bed beside her and took one of the magazines there.


 “I told you to come because I wanted to show you the stuff that arrived for the party. The supplies mom and I found & bought online” Alice explained.


She showed me everything, every little detail of the decoration, all was really good; but all I could think about was Edward crying in his room, I still didn’t mention anything to Alice, he was rude to me yeah, put I was the one eavesdropping anyway so I guess he had the right to scold me.


“Alice everything is really nice” I said “the party will be a hit” I added, Alice’s smile grew wider


“You think so?” Alice asked “of course Alice, I mean everyone will have high expectations you know they have attended anything that you have planned. Everything will be fine.” I said to reassure her.


“I hope so Bella” she said.


She had I had been lying on the bed, I got up and my head spun, at the same time my stomach churned and a wave of nausea hit me; I climbed of the bed and hurried to Alice’s mega bathroom. “Bella, what’s wrong?” she yelled after me.


She held my hair off my face, while I emptied my stomach, after that I felt a little better. I flushed the toilet and went to splash some water on my face and rinse my mouth; Alice gave me some mouthwash and a hand towel.


“Are you okay now?” she asked “I don’t know what happened, I was fine until I got up from the bed” I said.


“Maybe it was something you ate earlier” Alice pointed out, “yeah it could be” I said.


“I have to go, Jacob is coming over” I told her, Alice nodded and gave me my bag. We said goodbye and I went down


To my surprise Edward was outside, sitting on one of the front porch chairs. He saw me, got up and opened the door; his green eyes were still a bit red but not as before.


“Bella” he said, I just stood there and waited for him to talk, “I’m sorry” he mumbled.


He stood there, I watched his expression he still looked sad but somehow he seemed sorry. “I was just looking for Alice” I repeated.


“I wasn’t myself Bella, please forgive me.” Edward admitted


“Don’t worry, next time I’ll knock” I said, “is not that” he pointed out, “i’m sorry Bella, for being rude, I shouldn’t have talked to you that way no matter what” he said.


“Okay Edward, I forgive you with one condition…” I told him.


“What?” he asked eager. “That you tell me what’s your story, and I will tell you mine…” I proposed.


“Yeah I guess I owe you that Bella” he said.


“Okay then Edward, you are forgiven”


“Thank you Bella” Edward said, he then took my hand and kissed it, a bolt of energy ran through me at his touch. I blushed, “I have to go now; see you around” I said, “okay then, bye” he said going back to the house.


I made the short drive home when I arrived Jacob was there, no car on the drive way, he smiled when he saw me, I grinned back as I got out of the truck.


“How long have you been waiting?” I asked “no more than 15 minutes” he answered.


“Ah, sorry I was at Alice’s place for a bit”


“Why?” He asked, “Alice wanted to show me some stuff for the party.” I said


I opened the door and we entered Jake grabbed my waist the whole way to my room.


“You know that I love you right?” Jake said “yeah Jacob I love you too, more than anything” I responded taking his neck and pulling him closer to me, we kissed.


“I should come more often, if this is the way I’ll be treated” he teased. “Whatever” I said smiling


“So what are we doing today?” I asked “I don’t know you invited yourself so yeah…” I told him, “let’s watch a movie” he suggested.


“Cool” Jake said sitting in my bed. “I’ll go get the movie and…popcorn?” I said


“Perfect” Jake concluded taking his shoes off.


I went down to the DVD shelf and grabbed one; I went to the kitchen and did the popcorn. I grabbed two soda bottles from the fridge and then some candy. I went up to my room and Jake was there comfortable, remote in hand. I placed the movie on the player and went to sit by him he placed one hand on my shoulder the remote on the other.


We started to watch the movie, halfway through it my eyes dropped and I fell asleep. I woke up suddenly and it was nearly dinner time and I was sweating because of Jacob, he had me spooned to him on a tight embrace.


“Jacob” I called shaking him “Jake wake up” I said


“What time is it?” he asked “it's almost dinner time get up” I said to him, “we had like the longest nap ever” he said


“Yeah” I responded “I have to get you home Jacob”


“But I’m hungry” he whined “you will have to help me make something for dinner then” I responded. “yes ma-am” he said grabbing the empty soda bottles & popcorn bowl.


I cooked dinner with Jacob’s help even though he was a mess. When dad arrived just in time so we ate, after dinner Jake and I cleaned the kitchen, and then I drove Jake home and the creepiness was there again.


When I was about to leave, I felt like if Jake and I were being watched. I drove home dad was asleep on the couch, the sensation I felt at la push was still there… I locked up the house and told dad to go to bed, I went to my room and closed the curtains the headed to the bathroom to get ready for bed.


I slept well that night because I was still drowsy from my nap.

August 16th 2011


I got the mail the next morning and there was a letter from Italy, it was from my mom’s only sister Aunt Grace, it was addressed to Charlie and me;


To my beloved brother in law Charlie and My dearest Goddaughter Bella;


I know I’ve been gone for a while, since well you know…

I wanted to inform you that I’m planning to visit Forks soon; I miss the both of you very much. Bella you may not remember me, but I do. I love you both, and hope that we can pick up our relationship were we left it and that my visit is an enjoyable one. See you soon.


Yours truly;


Graciela Gabriella De Laurenttis

Aka: Aunt Grace


I went to the station and showed the letter to dad, he smiled and was happy, he said that he will call her to get everything ready for her arrival, after that I went to work. The rest of the week passed by, I had a vomit incident on Wednesday. I was really dreading Thursday and all the dress shopping for Alice’s party.


so that's all there is...for now! Happy summer, thanks for reading. Feel free to ask me any questions, comments and private messages accepted :-)


There is definitely something strange going on around Bella.  Why is her aunt suddenly coming to visit her?


love it!  there is definately something going on with Bella, maybe she is pregnant.  can't wait to read your next update!  please post again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :-)

Chapter 10

The last month of summer pt. 2,

Dress shopping & Pre-party conversations:


August 18th 2011


Thursday, the day i’m supposed to go dress shopping for Alice’s party. I wasn’t in the mood to go shopping at all, but I had to do it, I had promised the pixie…


I went to meet Alice at her house she told me that the boys weren’t going with us on the trip. Esme was shopping for them, so we all hopped in her van and headed to Seattle after we picked up Angela at her house.


I had puked this morning when I woke up, I tried to eat something for breakfast but my stomach heaved every time I thought of something to eat, so I settled with some tea and soda crackers. I hoped that I could eat lunch and dinner. There has to be something wrong with me, I will have to visit the doctor soon this was not normal, it was occasional and wrong.


We arrived at the mall and Esme decided to look for the guys stuff first because they gave her a list, we all scattered & divided in the store to look for what the guys needed, and to my surprise I was in charge of Edwards stuff.


“Here Alice, I don’t know if this is what he wanted” I told her


“That’s perfect Bella, and it comes with the tie?” she asked me, “Apparently it does” I replied. “Okay then, let me look for a belt, and then I’ll get his tux at the tailoring department. We finished with the boys shopping and then we went to the dress shop and we started to look, it was a good thing that Alice knew exactly what she wanted. Esme was the first one to find a dress; it was a white halter dress with a black sash at the waist that was really pretty.


Alice told us that our dresses will be black so we went straight to the black dress racks and it was too much, I mean too many black dresses. Then Alice saw one rack that had was she was looking for, so she went to give them a look, after a few minutes she squealed, “I think I found the perfect dress girls” Alice exclaimed smiling. The dress was in a lighter shade of black, one shoulder, and it had a big fuchsia sash at the waist and the whole fabric of the dress ruffled with a little bit of tulle at the skirt and the edges. 


Alice was ecstatic when she saw the dress in our 3 sizes. She ushered us into the dressing rooms.


“I like it Alice” I Angela said, “wow! Guys you look great” she complimented us; I have to admit that I liked the dress and we indeed looked good. We went to pay the garments and headed to the shoe store. Alice told us that she had ordered her dress by catalog, and that it was supposed to arrive today.


We searched through the styles and shoe racks for a while, Esme found a pair for her, while Rosalie was torn between two styles we left Alice in charge of finding the shoes for the party since we had to all use the same ones. I went with Angela to the sneaker section, “so did you finish learning the song?” I asked her. Angela smiled and nodded, “we have to meet tomorrow to practice again. It’s going to be great” she told me.


I had composed a song for Alice, it was a duet that I wanted to sing with her, but I decided to surprise her on the party, so I asked Angela to sing her part in the debut of the song. I had bought Alice a gift but the song came to me while I was online purchasing her present and I had to finish the lyrics. I talked to Emmett and Jasper and we have been secretly practicing.


“Did you buy the wig?” I asked her


“Yes! It’s so cool, I hope that Alice likes it” Angela said, as she chose a pair of black chucks and some flat shoes.


“I know she will, trust me” I reassured her.


I got a pair too and new boots for school, the ones I had had seen better days, it was time to change them both. I also got a new pair of tennis shoes. Alice found her black heels and she showed us our heels for the party I tried them on and they fit well, I was concerned of the size of the heel though, they were death traps for me and Alice knew it. If I fell during the party I swear I’m going to hunt down the evil pixie and slowly torture her with said heels.


We all went to the register, we paid off our purchases and then Alice took us to the jewelry store. In one of the display cases there was a cute charm bracelet, I wanted to get it but it didn’t have the amount on me right now. I kept looking through the beautiful pieces when I heard Alice’s squeal of delight.


“I think I found the perfect pieces girls, come and see” she said. We all gathered and the sales lady showed us a pair of earrings, a very pretty bracelet and a charm necklace. They were pretty indeed, and best thing is that the earrings and necklace could be used with other outfits


“I want three of each please.” Alice said


The sales lady told Alice that she was lucky the artist had made a few of the pieces; they were all from the same artist of two different collections. The last thing on Alice’s list was a tiara, she found the perfect one and we paid for the bling. It was time to lunch so we went to a new place at the mall to eat, it looked very comfy from the outside, we got in and indeed the restaurant had a homey kind of feeling.


I had drunk a fresh fruit smoothie earlier and apparently it wasn’t agreeing with me.


“What’s wrong Bella?” Angela asked me


“The smoothie is not agreeing with me” I said covering my mouth with my hand. The girls ushered me to the bathroom, while Esme stayed with the purchases and was settled to a table.


My stomach emptied what little it had in, but I still felt horrible, there were spots in my vision and I was a little dizzy. I stood up carefully after the walls stopped moving and went to the sink area. “Better?” Rosalie asked me, “I think so” I said after I rinsed my mouth. “Are you sick?” Alice asked. “I don’t know, it’s been going on this week, maybe I have some type or bug or something… I have to make an appointment at the hospital to see what’s going on.” I said.


“Promise me that you will go tomorrow” she said.


“We’ll see” I told her.


I had a very busy work schedule, I had to work tomorrow; and during the week I had to work two double shifts, plus I had to buy my supplies for next fall before school started on in September 5th, and I had also to finish planning my small birthday party. We went back to the restaurant and found Esme waiting for us while she drank an iced tea, she had ordered drinks for us she ordered me a lemon soda to settle my stomach.


The waitress then came and we all ordered, Esme told me that their soups were good so I chose good old fashioned chicken noodle soup with a green salad. I ordered something fancy for dad to eat and some chocolate cake for dessert, I texted him letting him know that I had bought him dinner, because I really wasn’t in the mood for cooking. The food was brought and it was really good, I at the whole thing plus the salad and the breadsticks that came in with the soup. I was full and satisfied with the meal; I hoped that my stomach agreed too.


We paid our bill and left.


As we stopped in Alice’s house I helped with the bags, I took out my bags and Edward’s since his shopping had been my responsibility. Edward was in the living room, a glass of iced tea and some cookies on a platter were on the side table beside the chair he was sitting in.


“Hi” I said, he looked away from the page he was on and smiled. “Hi Bella, how was the shopping trip?” he asked “tiring” I admitted. “Alice got what she needed?” he asked me with a wink.


“Yeah she did”


“Here is your clothes for the party, let me go get the tux” I said, Edward grabbed my hand and stopped me. “No Bella is okay, I can get it” he said and went outside. He came back and went to his room to leave the tux there; I had to go home to give dad his dinner. I peek into the cover of the book he was reading it was Romeo and Juliet.


Okay…so Edward had a thing for classics like me?


He came down the stairs, “I have to go now, feed my father and all that” I said. “Okay then, see you later” he said.


“Definitely” I told him.


I said goodbye to the others and went home, I was a little tired I got inside; dad was taking out his coat and boots when I got in. I placed the food in the kitchen and got a glass of water. “Dad do you want me to serve your dinner now?”

“Yes please” he said, he sat on the couch and turned on the TV, he settled into the sports channel, I placed the meal in a plate and heated it, I took it to him. “Smells nice baby girl, what is it?” he told me. “I bought this in Seattle when I was dress shopping for Alice’s party” I told him


“You found one?” he said I nodded; he took a mouthful and groaned in delight.


“This is really good” he said.


“Well there’s a piece of chocolate cake in the other container at the counter, I’m off to bed. I have to be at Newton’s at eight in the morning” I told him, he nodded and kissed my forehead.


“Goodnight dad”


“Night kiddo”


******************* U&U RW *******************


August 20th 2011


Saturday, today is Alice’s party. I woke up at 9:00am and took a long shower, and washed my hair. I dressed on one of my sweatpants and jacket combinations and put on my boots. On a big back pack I placed my makeup bag, my tooth and hair brushes and my black nail polish. I also put my camera, and then I went down for a quick breakfast and went up to my room again, I got everything and headed to the Cullen’s.

Dad knew about the party because Carlisle asked for some sort of security, dad agreed. When I got to the house the tent for the party was already installed, and all the trees of the drive way where decorated with fuchsia bows and Chinese lanterns.


“Bella” Jasper greeted exited


“Hi Jasper” I responded the same way


“Let me help you” he said grabbing my backpack, garment bag and shoe box.


He went inside I followed, “I‘ll go put this on Alice’s bedroom, she is with Rose in the kitchen” he added


I entered the kitchen, Alice and Rosalie where dressed as me but Alice’s combination was pink and Rose’s was baby blue.


“Hi birthday girl” I greeted Alice smiled “hi Bella” they both said. They were filling helium balloons and tying a star at the end.


“So what can I help you in?” I asked “well why don’t you go and take this to the tent and give them to mom, I’m not allowed to see” Alice explained


“Okay” I said grabbing the two balloon groups and going through the back door.


“Hi Bella” Esme greeted, “hi, Alice sends this” I said giving her the balloons. “Bella take them to the center of the tent and let them go there, they will rise to the ceiling, make sure that they don’t tangle together.” she told me, I nodded. I did what she told me and almost the whole middle of the tent was covered in balloons, it looked good.


I went to where Emmett was,


“Hi Bella” Emmett greeted “hi” I said.


“Here” he said giving me a plastic box filled with napkins already on napkin rings.


“What should I do with this?” I asked


Emmett rolled his eyes in an Alice manner, “Place them on every place setting on each table Bella, what else?” Emmett responded teasing.


“Okay” I responded


When I was done with that, Esme asked me to get her some fabric that was back in the house and on my way there I stumbled on someone, “hey pretty girl, watch where you are going” Edward said.


“Sorry Edward, I was distracted” I admitted


“Is okay, we are all running crazy today, Alice and her parties…” he said.


“Bella can talk to you for a second?” he asked.

“Okay but let me go get something Esme asked me first” I told him “okay I will wait” he said, After giving Esme the fabric she asked for I went back to Edward. “Here you have me…” I started “okay Bella I wanted to say sorry” he said


“Why Edward” I asked. “For what happened on my room the other day” he said. “Edward! I thought that argument was over…” I said to him.


“Okay Edward, I know I shouldn’t have been eavesdropping on the first place, but you didn’t have to be such a jerk” I told him, “yes Bella I know and i’m really, really sorry i’m not usually that rude is just that I wasn’t myself in that moment” he said facedown.


“You told me that already Edward, twice” I replied. “When are you going to tell me what’s going on with you Edward? Why did you moved here? You want us to be friends but you can’t tell me what caused you to now suffer of PTSD… all of that Edward” I said


“Okay I understand you are forgiven” I told him it was the truth I should have knocked in the first place. He smiled a little


“So? Are you going to tell me what happened to you?” I asked. He deliberated for a second, “yeah Bella, I will tell you but not today though” he said I sighed resigned.


“Today is Alice’s party Bella, so not today Bella.”


“Seriously Edward, that’s going to be your answer” I said indignantly. “Is not that I don’t want to tell you Bella, is just that I am not ready to talk yet, please understand” he pleaded with me. And for the third time I let it go. “Okay then Edward, again not today” I repeated


“Bella?” he asked




“One more thing” he added “shoot” I told him


“Are we still friends?” he asked looking at me, “yes Edward we are friends” I said shaking his hand. “Thanks Bella” he said relief in his voice.


“Hey can you two move your hands down here and do something helpful” Emmett said Edward and I laughed.


“Let’s go or the birthday girl big brother will kill us” I told Edward.


“Yeah” he agreed


We helped to finish the decorations on the tent, it looked amazing, sophisticated with a touch of Alice. The stage looked amazing, it had a backdrop in white with fuchsia twinkle lights and Alice’s displayed with a spotlight. Stars were taped across the bottom of the stage, and at the corners these fuchsia vines that looked great. Esme designed an area to take pictures and a little sitting area, with two couches and different decorative pillows, that area had its own lights and a white and black area rug. Paper lanterns where scattered around the room, and at the food tables and some areas of the tent they had placed these beautiful trees with fuchsia and white flowers, some of them had stars hanging from the branches.


The dance floor in the middle of the tent, right in front of the stage and the tables where around it; white table cloths with fuchsia runners and the chairs were covered in a black cloth with fuchsia bows. The center pieces were small flower arrangements in a black vase they were from medium height and it had candles around it on the table. The tables were also numbered, I didn’t know that the plates were made of plastic, until jasper dropped one and it didn’t break.  The cake was going to be delivered an hour before the party and the catering company was arriving at the same time. The guys and I had left everything ready to play later.


At 2:00 we got lunch; Esme bought pizza to keep the kitchen clean. 


After eating all of us went to get ready, Alice had her hair curled and was applying her make up while Rosalie’s hair was being curled by Angela, we were all getting the same hairdo since we were Alice’s VIP’s alongside Edward, Emmett, and Ben.


When Angela was finished with Rosalie, she told me to sit so she could start on my hair, Rosalie then started with my makeup. Rosalie kept it subtle since we wanted Alice to stand out tonight. Before I could get dressed Alice painted my nails and toes with my black nail polish, hers were hot pink, she looked beautiful, her spiky hair curled softly and she added fake fuchsia hair.

Her makeup was much elaborated she looked so different, her tiara was already in place, Esme came to check on us, her hair and makeup ready. Since everything was alright with us she left to put her dress on while we helped Alice with hers and got ours on.


Alice’s dress was over the top it was strapless and the top half looked like a corset in black and a sparkly fabric, the half down was puffy the skirt of the dress was all fuchsia but with black details. At her neck, she was wearing a necklace with a round black topaz and matching earring, on her left hand a big bracelet with rhinestones, her shoes were shiny leather black pumps.


She was ready to go down but before I took her some pictures with my camera.


“You look awesome Alice” I told her “thanks, you too Bella” she said.


I looked trough Alice’s window at the tent; I had to go down since I had to direct everyone to their seats. There were some guests arriving, lined up in the entrance, it was almost time, I got down at the same time as Edward.


“Wow!” he exclaimed when he saw me; “oh shut up Edward” I told him “you don’t accept compliments from a sincere friend” he teased. “Yeah but I think that you are exaggerating a little” I told him smiling


“To keep things even you look good too Edward, I made the right choice” I told him. “What?” he asked curious “I was the one who chose that shirt for you” I admitted.


“Oh” he exclaimed “then thanks”


“Would you let me escort you to the party before your boyfriend arrives?” he asked politely. “Yes of course, come on” I said he grabbed my forearm. We helped the first arrival guests to their tables.


After that Edward and I greeted Jessica Stanley and some other kids from school, when Edward told them their table numbers Jessica smiled at him with a flirty smile “hey Edward, remember that you owe me a dance” Jessica told him. Edward smiled and nodded at her, she battled her eyelashes at him, and I noticed that this bothered me so much.


Jacob and the La Push boys arrived; I told them their tables and gave a small but proper greeting to Jacob.


At 7:00 pm sharp everyone on the list was on the tent, so Emmett went to tell Carlisle and Esme. Edward and I went outside the tent to the second entrance were Alice was coming in from.


We took a group picture, then one with Alice’s court and then the photographer took a family photo, then Alice with all us girls and then with the boys, and one alone with her parents. After that Carlisle and Esme were ready to announce Alice, she went to seat at the chair she had rented jasper helped her up, Emmett, Edward and Ben were going to carry her in.


“Ladies and gentlemen we very proud to present you our daughter the birthday girl Mary Alice Cullen” Carlisle said


“Teenage Dream” Alice’s favorite song started playing, Rosalie and I opened the tent where it split, and Angela had to throw the confetti. The boys carried her in until the end of the pink carpet; Jasper helped her stand and then linked his forearm to hers. Edward was right next to me Emmett at Rosalie’s side, and Ben went beside Angela.


Camera flashes came from every direction, everyone was shouting and whistling while they clapped, Alice smiled. And then took the mic, “I am a very glad that all of you are here. Thanks to all the ones who helped, mom, and dad I love you. Emmett big bro thanks; Edward, Rosalie and Jasper also thank you. And last but not least Angela and by BFF Bella, thanks” Alice said.


“Let’s get this party started!” Emmett said.



For the rest of the pictures of the decorations of the party visit the blog of the story:

see you! :-)


Chapter eleven

The last month of summer pt. 3: Alice’s 18th birthday party.


The music grew louder, “may I have this piece?” Jasper asked Alice, she smiled at him and nodded.


The rest of the court, followed them, Edward and I hesitated.


“Do you think that Jacob will get mad if I dance with you now? I mean we have to, the court opens the dance floor.” Edward asked “I guess that he won’t mind, I mean he knows the protocol” I told him.


“Okay then, let’s dance” he said.


“So when does school start?” he asked me, “September 5th” I replied. “I can’t wait to get back on the court” I said exited, Edward looked at me confused; “court?” he asked. “Yes, court, I play volleyball Edward. I’m the captain of the team” I said.


“Athletic, and musical, what other hidden talents do you have Bella?” he told me. “A few” I said with a sly smile.


The song ended, the court bowed to Alice and then we scattered, “see you later Bella” Edward said as he left with Ben. I went to Jacob’s table and he was seating with Quil and Embry, Seth was dancing with Leah. At the other side of the table Sam was seated with Emily, Paul and Jared.


“Hi guys” I greeted, “Hello beautiful” Jacob said smiling. I sat beside him and he took my hand in his. “You look really pretty tonight Bella. I like your hair and your dress” he told me with a kiss. “Hey guys why don’t you go ask some girls to dance?” Jake suggested, “Okay, there are some girls from your school that look pretty good” Embry said to me.


“Please make sure that the one you choose is not taken okay” I said “yes Bella” Quil and Embry said. “Let’s go dance love” he said “yeah” I agreed.


We danced two songs in a row, then we switched partners and I danced with Seth, Jake with Leah. Alice was mingling with some of the cheerleaders; Edward by her side, Jessica was beside him obviously flirting. Jake and I took a break; he went for some drinks while I waited at the table.


“Here love” Jake said handing me one glass. “I love you Bella” Jake told me. “I love you too Jacob” I asked, “you are the prettiest girl of this whole party” he said with a smile. I giggled.


Jake got closer to me, he grabbed my waist and kissed me softly; I kissed back, when Jake and I broke apart I gave a look around the party and noticed Edward dancing with Jessica, and again it bothered me…what the heck is wrong with me I thought.


“Are you okay Bella?” Jacob asked seeing the reflection in my face. “Yeah” I mumbled, “Let’s dance” I told him “your wish my command” he grinned.


We danced and I was calmed down as I was in Jacob’s arms, in the end it was his life he could be with any girl but why Jessica? He can do so much better than that…


“I love you baby” Jacob said, his lips at my ear. “Me too” I answered


Alice then came to me after Jake and I finished dancing, she wanted pictures with all the school attendants. “Coming Alice” I said, she didn’t wait for me to finish re-applying some lip-gloss. “Come on” she told me. The court had to be in the middle of the first row Alice in the exact middle

I went to stand between Angela and Edward, some of the guys got down to his knees to make some space; in the end the picture turned out perfect.


“Thanks you guys, I’ll give have a copy for the yearbook” Alice said. She then took some pictures with me and her family again.


(*) (*) (*) (*) U&U RW (*) (*) (*) (*)


It’s been an hour and a half to the party, dinner was being served; I had to seat on the table with the court, Jacob was eating a massive plate of food beside Seth, Quil and Embry were seated with some girls they danced with.


I nudged Angela under the table, and gave the signal to Emmett and Jasper. Angela and I excused ourselves to the bathroom. “Come on Ang, we don’t have that much time” I told her as we ushered into the house using the back door.


We changed in the guest room. I helped Angela get the wig on. A few minutes later jasper texted me telling me that they were ready. Angela and I went to the back of the tent without being seen, he gave the signal and the few lights went off. Angela and I got in place; she was hidden until the right moment. I took the microphone,


“Good evening everyone! This is a surprise performance from Bella and The Cousins tonight, Alice happy birthday, you are my best friend on the entire world, and even though we have different personalities we somehow click; that’s because we are “one and the same” hit it Emmett” I said.


One and the Same

Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez



 You come from here, I come from there


Angela came out from where she was hiding, the crow spotted her and they went wild. Alice’s face was priceless.



You rock out in your room, I rock a world premiere


Were more alike than anybody could ever tell

(Ever tell)


Friday we are cool, Monday we are freaks


Sometimes we rule, sometimes we can’t even speak


But we can get up and let loose and LOL



It may seem cliché for me to wanna say

That you’re not alone

(That you’re not alone)


And you can call me uncool but it’s a simple fact

I still got you back, yeah, yeah, yeah!



Cause we’re one and the same

Were anything but ordinary

One and the same

I think we are almost legendary

You and me the perfect team

Chasing down the dream

Were one and the same

Hay! Hey! Hey!

La, la, la, la, la


Everybody was enjoying the song; Alice was jumping around her eyes with unshed tears. Jacob and the guys were there too, Jacob smiled at me, and I replied the gesture with a swing of my hips. I saw Esme and Carlisle clapping attune with the beat; dad was beside then, smiling at me. Angela and I changed sides for the second line of the song.



I’m kind of like you; you’re kind of like me


We write the same song in a different key


It’s got a rhythm you and me can get along

(Get along)


It may seem cliché for me to wanna say

That you’re not alone

(Here I go again)


And you can call me uncool but it’s a simple fact

I still got your back, yeah!


(I still got your back)



Cause were one and the same

Were anything but ordinary

One and the same

I think were almost legendary

You and me the perfect team

Shaking up the scene

Were one and the same!



(Yeah, yeah)


Cause were one and the same


Were anything but ordinary


One and the same


We’re something more than momentary!


Cause we’re one


Yeah, yeah, yeah


Cause we’re one


Were anything but ordinary!

You and me, the perfect team

Chasing down the dream, oh!


You and me, the perfect team

Shaking on the scene


Were one and the same!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

La, la, la, la, la

Hey! Hey! Hey!


We ended the song, Angela and I leaning on each other’s backs, she in an Alice fashion me with one hand on my hip. We bowed to the crowd while they cheered. Alice came rushing to the stage, “oh my god Bella! That was beautiful, thank you so much, best gesture ever!” she said hugging us at the same time.


“I’m glad that you liked it Alice, we worked hard” Angela said.


“Who wants to hear another song?” Alice asked the crowd, they all started cheering and chanting “another, another” all over. I rolled my eyes and nodded at the guys. Angela went backstage and took off the wig.


I took my guitar and someone brought a chair to the stage, I told Alice to stay for the song.


“Well everyone, this is ‘True Friend’ ” I said.


True friend

Hannah Montana


That's Right
We sign our cards and letters B.F.F
You've got a million ways to make me laugh(yeah)
Your looking out for me you've got
my back
It's so good to have you around
You know the secrets I could never tell
And when I'm quiet you break through my shell
Don't feel the need to do a rebel
Cause you keep my feet on the ground

Your a True Friend
Your here till the end
You pull me aside when something isn’t right
You talk with me now and into the
Till it's alright again you’re a
True Friend

You don't get angry when I change
the plans
Somehow your never out of second
Won't say '' I told you'' when I'm
wrong again
I'm so lucky(yeah)

that I found

A True Friend
Your here till the end
You pull me aside when something

isn’t right
You talk with me now and into the
Till it's alright again


True Friends will go to the ends of
the earth
To find the things you need
Friends hang on through the ups and
the downs
Cause they've got someone to believe in
A True Friend, you’re here till the end
You pull me aside when something
isn’t right
You talk with me now and into the
No need to pretend
(you’re a true friend)
Oh a True Friend
Your here till the end
You pull me aside when something
isn’t right
You talk with me now and into the
Till it's alright again

Your a True Friend
Your a True Friend
Your a True Friend


I ended the song, and this time Alice was crying, she gave a small squeal and hugged me. “I love you so much Bella, you are indeed my best friend” she said.


Teenage dream started playing again, Angela and I followed Alice to then dance floor, we all danced as a group. Alice told me to stay in the clothes I had used to perform, when the song ended, I went for a drink. I turned around and bumped into Edward.


“We bump again Bella? I‘m going to think that you might need glasses” he said. “Sorry” I mumbled. “Is okay Bella, no blood no foul” he said.


I went to Jacob, “wow baby you are amazing, so talented” he said and then kissed me. “Oh no, please not here!” Jacob exclaimed releasing me. “What?” I asked confused but turned to look behind my back. Paul had Embry against the wall and was showing him his fist Jake and I hurried to them, “Paul calm down” Jared told him “you don’t want to make a scene here” I added “Bella stay out of this” Embry snapped.


“Guys let’s move, come on! We will discuss this outside” Jake said we all followed “What the hell is wrong with you two?” I asked Paul and Jared.


Sam then came with Emily close beside her where Seth and Leah. “Paul calm down now” Sam said harshly. Paul somehow calmed down after his command. “Now, what happened?” he asked, “we were just talking, and I said something and Paul misunderstood, he pushed me against the table and was about to hit me” Embry said.


“Is that what happened” Sam asked Paul and Jared.


“Yes” Jared answered, Paul was raging, his skin red with anger, he had his hands balled into fists. He looked like he was about to explode at any moment.


“Paul, take a deep breath. Is not worth it man, come on” Jake told him “shut up black is none of your business!” he snapped at Jake. “Hey you don’t have to be such a jerk Paul” I exclaimed. “Didn’t you hear Embry? Stay out of this Isabella!” he screamed at me.


“Oh hell no, you did not just told my girl to shut up!”Jake said angry.


“Love is okay” I said, Jacob continued to glare at Paul. “What you going to do about it?” Paul threatened him.


“Okay enough” Sam said, “Paul I think is time you to leave” Sam said. “Come on follow me” Sam said. “Jared Emily, let’s go” they followed without a word.


“Gosh Paul has a bad temper” Quil said to Seth.


“Yeah” Leah said. “But this was not him at all, he should have calmed down…” Jake said


“Let’s go inside” Seth suggested. Jacob kissed my forehead and took my hand, we went back to the party, a few moments later Alice announced it was time to cut the cake, it was rolled to the middle of the dance floor, we all sang “happy birthday” and she made the first cut. After that they took some pictures, the caters then took the cake to the back to finish cutting it. Jake took some home for Billy. After his 3rd cake piece Jake decided to leave even though the party wasn’t over.


“Bells I should go home now” he told me, I sighed deeply “okay Jake” I said kissing him.


“Bye Bella, love you” Jacob said, “I love you too, goodnight” he left, I stayed at the table. 5 minutes after that Carlisle announced it was time for Alice’s surprise.


“Okay everyone can we all please go outside for a moment? Alice we have a surprise for you” Carlisle said everyone hurried out. Jasper smiled and placed his hands on Alice’s eyes so she wouldn’t see a thing, he guided her outside followed by the rest of the court plus Esme and Carlisle.


“One, two, three” Esme said Alice shook Jasper’s hands off and went crazy; and with reason, right there in the middle of the driveway was a yellow Italian Porsche.


“Wow” everyone exclaimed.


“That’s over the top” I heard Lauren whisper to Jessica she smirked as the hypocrite she was.


How could Edward like her?


“Mom, dad, this is so amazing! I love you, thank you so much. It’s so pretty, I can’t wait to ride it!” she said hugging them.


We all went back inside, I went to seat at the table again, most of the adults at the party where already gone but our school mates where all there still enjoying the party.


“Why so lonely?” Edward said sitting beside me. “Can I dance with you again?” Edward asked, I accepted he offered his and, I took it and followed him to the dance floor.


 At the beginning of the second song Edward broke the silence, “so what was going on with your friends?” Edward asked, “You noticed?” I said.




“Well they had a discussion for something stupid and Paul almost hit Embry” I told him “oh…”


We were silent for a moment, and then Edward broke the silence again. “Bella is there a chance that we might get some classes together?” he said, “yeah Edward the student body here isn’t that big” I said, almost all senior class is here today I said looking around the room.


“You are the only new face” I told him. “Why you ask?”


“It will be great” he just said. “Bella?” he asked again “yes” I said, “when is your birthday?” he asked “September 13th” I responded instantly.


“Are you celebrating?” he asked curious


“Yes” I only said,


We danced a bit more and Edward was smiling all the time, I was staying over at the Cullen’s tonight. Dad didn’t want me to drive home so late alone, I was grateful that he gave me permission.


The party ended forty-five minutes later, we all helped clean up and put everything away. The tent was going to be picked up tomorrow noon. I was completely spent when we all finally were done and on our way to Alice’s room.


So there you have it, Alice's party! 

Video of the song (Bella is Selena, Angela is Demi): 

Outfit for the song: 


Some tense moments, but sounds like a great party!  Lots of fun!

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love it!  great party!  can't wait to see what happens next!


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