The Twilight Saga

The Unexpected & Unfortunate, a story where nothing will be the same...


Characters Main:


Bella Swan – strong, loving, truthsworsthy, passionate & caring; she follows her heart.


Jacob Black- (werewolf) Quileute, Bella’s best friend & boyfriend. Impulsive, loving & warmhearted.

Edward Masen- Mysterious, loving, sincere, passionate. He is hunted by a secret.               

~Character names & main story lines by Stephenie Meyer

~This story follows some events from new moon book adapted, to my convenience for the story.

~Since I love soap operas I used some things I’ve seen in all of the ones I've seen in my life; and mix them on this story.

~Some quotes from the other twilight saga books.

~But still is another original, it has vampires, wolves, humans and a series of unfortunate events.



*Edward’s family 


*All members of the Quileute reservation: (Jacob’s family, tribe & friends)

*The pack: (werewolves also members of the Quileute reservation)

*The volturi's & Guard(Enemies, vampires)

Added characters:

  • Diana(Bella's real mom-vampire)
  • Erica Masen(Edward's little sister)
  • Summer Call( Embry Call's cousin-Jacob's future Imprint)


Bella is Charlie’s first marriage daughter, her mother Diana leaves them after Bella is born. Charlie then meets Renée who falls in love with the little baby and offers her help to Charlie; she becomes her babysitter. Then she marries Charlie, but dies when Bella is 8. Bella’s best friend is Jacob Black, they grew up together, and started dating when they where 14 years old...

Bella’s aunt Grace comes to visit from Italy, that arrival unfolds a series of old secrets. But she is not the only newcomer, the Cullen family moves to forks with an added member that will turn Bella’s world around.


I had it all, my dad, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my entire life changed, I was confused, hurt and torn by the ones I loved, while one tried to heal me, the other left; I had to decide which way take.

It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. I wished to be happy again, to do so I had to make a choice so; I’ll balance my options, would see what’s right to make this pain stop forever…


Chapter one:

First day of summer:


It was the first day of summer and I was headed to la push, the Quileute Indian reservation where my boyfriend Jacob black lives with the rest of his tribe. Jacob and I have been together for 4 years I loved him with all my heart he is my first and only love…


“My Bella” Jake welcomed me.


“My love” I responded kissing him.


“Are you ready for some fun” he asked me smiling.


“Hell yes, where is the others?”  I asked back.


“They are waiting for you inside; umm… bells can some of them ride with you in the back of your truck?” Jake asked me with his pleading look.


“Yes of course love, tell Embry, Quil, and Seth that they can come and ride with me. I said closing the door and turning the engine back on.


They hopped in the back while Leah, Seth’s older sister rode in the front with me on the passenger’s side. Jacob was behind me on his dad truck with Paul, Jared, and Sam the oldest of the Quileute boys, we arrived at the cliff where we spent most of our free time on the rarely sunny days here in forks.


“Come on guys is time” Sam said jumping first.


I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt, I took off my shoes and sweat pants, under them I was wearing swimming shorts with the tank top that was under my shirt. Quil and Embry jumped next while Jared jumped with Leah and Seth were right behind them. Jacob and I where the last one’s Jake held my hand; we gave two back steps, raced forward and jumped…


It was the best feeling ever the wind in my body and the tickles in my stomach, and jakes firm grip on my hand the water was cold as ever but the adrenaline rush is the best feeling ever.


“That was great I want to go again” I exclaimed


“Ok let’s go babe” Jacob said


“No, let me go alone please” I begged


“Ok go I will be waiting for you down here beautiful” he said with his beautiful huge grin I loved.


I went up to the end of the first cliff, I held my breath and jumped gracefully, this time the rush was better I landed in the water again.


“Beautiful jump Bella” Sam said


“But let me show you how is done by a pro” he also said going to the cliff end and doing a back flip in mid-air, he landed in the water without a scratch. The other guys imitated him while Leah and I waited for them in the water.

The hours passed quickly when you are having fun ,by the time we noticed I was lunch time ,we headed back and went to Emily young’s Sam fiancée’s house.


Emily was beautiful even thought when on the right side of her face and whole body she has this huge bear scars. She was attacked by one, about a year or so by now.

We entered the kitchen and Leah and I helped while the guys ate like pigs as usual.


“Well Bella, do you know what school you are going after next year?” Emily asked me.


“Well… actually no I hadn’t thought about that yet, come on is the first day of summer! I have 365 more days to think about that” I responded her.


“Yeah you are right Bella” Leah added.


After we all ate we played some soccer, I was captain of my team and my team mates where Quil, Embry and Seth.Sam was the captain of his team, composed by Leah, Jacob and Paul; Jared was the referee while Emily watched.


We played two games and my team won both 5 to 3, I loved soccer! After the game we watched a movie at Jake’s house while we had dinner, I saved some for dad. When the movie ended at 8:00pm I said goodbye and went home after Jacob and I kissed till we where breathless.


“Goodnight Jake” I told him


“Night beautiful” he responded closing my door.


I arrived home and dad was there thank god I brought dinner from Jacob’s house.


“Hey dad sorry I’m late I was with Jacob and his friends” I confessed.


“Don’t worry bells I just got home” he responded.


“Well here is some dinner, I will go take a bath ok” I said on the way up to my room.


I did my night routine and I was in bed at 9:30pm today I slept early because even though I didn’t noticed it I was very tired.


One week later…




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It was great!!!!!!!!!!

i'm really spellbounded!!!
I hope bella becomes allright ....

And i HATE Jacob,
Edward is best for her..and will always remain....
is the story finish already?
no is not, chapter 60 will be under construction soon! this story will have 113 chapters.
thanks I read it in 3 days, awesome, hope you're studying for being a writer, you've got natural talent, please update soon, keep loving it, I <3 U!!!!
ummmm i just want to ask if when can u published it.....'cause everyday i check this and nothing happens yet......pls hurry up.....pls......i'm dying to know what's next......thx
is it gona be later tonight please hurry im so anxious to read it please post it soon
hello there everyone, this teaser was supposed to be up on friday but due to technical dificulties that where not on myb hnads i couldnt post. Here is a teaser of the chapter. let me tell ya that this chapter will be divided in 2 or 3 parts becuse a lot of things happen and i dont want to maje mopre chapters than the ones i already named because the story is wayyyy too long already and i sincerely been having a hard time writing beacuse of school, writers block and other situations and stories that need my attenttion too!!! here it is but this is not the complete chapter just a part of it.... Enjoy!!!

hi girl how you doing?? i can´t see it is not there
It isn't coming up for me either. It has a red X like you could click and make it show but it doesn't work.
OMG my bad here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy love yaaaa

Chapter 60 (Part A)
Romeo & Juliet

Saturday arrived way too fast, the home coming dance was tonight. Aunt Grace has been bugging me all day, asking when I was going o get ready. I was dreading it, I really didn’t want to go, but I had to; dad was very clear I HAD to go to this party or I was grounded forever.
“Isabella” aunt grace said “mmm” I responded not lifting my eyes form the T.V “now is time to get ready” she announced. I groaned loudly “now give me that remote and go hit the shower, I have a lot to do” she said I obeyed.
Aunt Grace told me to re-shave, wash my hair and put some exfoliating cream on my face. After my shower I applied my body lotion and perfume, I covered with my robe, when I came out of the bathroom aunt grace was getting everything ready to start on my hair and makeup. “Okay Bella I’m going to do your nails” she informed I nodded.

She made a French manicure; while that dried she started on my hair, she applied mousse and started modeling it at the front, and she left a few strands loose. She made two medium braids on each side of my head; she held them by using two rose shaped rhinestone clips. She twisted the rest of my hair at the back, and then held it in place with a pair of combs that had red rhinestones in them. After that she sprayed some hairspray to set it all on place. She applied a bit of heat with my blow-dryer, “There we go Bella, nails and hair done” she told me.

I looked myself on the mirror, my hair was amazing, makeup and costume was all left. I wondered how or who I was going dressed as, from the hair is something about renascence… “I’m going to bring a snack, I’ll be right back” she told me. I looked through my window the night was clear; I could see the moon. I felt watched and I felt fear could Diana and Dimitri be watching me? Or was it someone else? Could it be Jacob…? No I didn’t think so, I looked away my eyes landed on my farthest wall, where I had my collage of pictures, pictures I didn’t dare to look at anymore.

Pictures of the old me, when everything was fine; when things where happier. Pictures, years of memories from when all my loved ones where beside me; grandma Marie Swan, my mom (Renée), my friends from La Push, my high school friends, Edward…My lost baby, and…Jacob…

Aunt Grace came back with a sandwich and a glass of milk; she looked at me and smiled. “Here sweetie, to fill you up until you get to the dance” she said.
When I was done, I brushed my teeth then I sat again on the chair so aunt grace could start with my makeup, “don’t go overboard” I said, she just chuckled “don’t worry you wouldn’t need too much makeup” she added… “Aunt grace, who am I going to be dressed as? You haven’t told me” I said “Isabella! Can you stay still please? Don’t worry you’ll love it” she said “but” I whined “no buts! Can you be patient? I’m trying to make you look like somebody here” she said.

“That’s exactly what I mean! Who am I going to be?” I asked again, “Bella please stay still! You’ll know soon enough” and with that she finished the conversation. I sighed and looked around my room while she applied the concealer to hide my lack of sleep bags I had under my eyes, my eyes landed on the pictures I had on my vanity’s top, I reached one of Edward and me; I caressed the frame lightly touching our smiling faces.

Aunt Grace stopped what she was doing to look at me, “You miss him don’t you?” she asked me, “what?” I asked “Edward Mason, you miss him” she stated. I thought for a minute… was she right? Did I miss Edward and my friends? They stayed away because I pushed them not because they wanted… I had pushed away everyone who cared about me. I answered her question with the truth. “Yes aunt grace, I miss Edward” I said with a sigh. Aunt Grace smiled softly and continued applying my makeup…

Makeup was done finally, now it was time for the costume, “Isabella I’ll be right back” aunt grace said. While she was out I put on my underwear she selected it or it was a new set because I didn’t recognize it from mines. She came back to my room a few minutes later carrying a garment bag, and a shopping bag from an internet shoe website. “Okay Bella, close your eyes” she said, I closed my eyes to get this over with. “okay open up” she said , I couldn’t believe what my eyes saw… my costume was beautiful, it was a long red dress with long sleeves, a beautiful neckline and it had a crossed gold lace at the front.

“Is beautiful” I said before putting it on, and then aunt Grace showed me my shoes, simple red shoes with a 3 inch hell. Aunt Grace approached when a velvet box, inside was a beautiful red and gold necklace with matching earrings. “Wow aunt grace this is too much! I can’t wear this!” I exclaimed she smiled “silly Bella” she said putting it on it felt heavy on my neck even though it looked amazing and completed the look. “Aunt Grace, is this necklace real? Cuz if it is take it off I can’t go out of the house with his thing on…is Halloween I could get robbed!” I said, she laughed.

Okay she’s really getting on my nerves with all the laughing. “Yes it is real and you’re not taking it off” she said with a stern look on her face. “but…”I whined “no buts Isabella!” she said crossing her arms, for one moment she looked just like mom when she didn’t want me to get away with my will…
“Okay, Okay” I said resigned, then the wicked smiled at me it was annoying. “Haven’t you guessed who you are yet?”Aunt Grace asked me “nope not at all, and it’s maddening! Although I might have a clue is it someone from renascence…” I said not sure at all, “okay you’re definitely getting there… think harder Bella, come on you can do this!” She encouraged me.

I thought there were only two possibilities… but they were totally ridiculous the ones o thought needed a partner to look goo and I didn’t had one so I shrugged my shoulders in response. Aunt Grace sighed “ahh Bella come on!” she laughed. “okay I give up, I forget sometimes that humans can be slow when they think they could take ages… never mind I’m going to tell you so you don’t strain yourself” she joked “you’re lady Capulet” she told me, I thought…. Capulet? “Juliet?” I said as understanding came to my brain aunt grace just smiled…


Everything was laid out on my bed, waiting for me to put it on. I had showered and styled my hair afterwards; u had shaved my stubble and brushed my teeth. Problem was, I was having last minute indecision; I didn’t want to go to the home coming dance. I went to the games earlier on Port Angeles but I didn’t want to go to the party even though I knew no one would be dressed like me, I just knew it.
Is just that I didn’t had a date the girl I wanted was unreachable now more than ever, last time I saw was on the SAT day and she didn’t even says hi to me. Emmett was going with rose, Alice is going alone even though her costume matches jasper’s and jasper’s been acting weird since this morning, my door was knocked…

“Edward, are you ready? We’re leaving in 15 minutes” Rosalie said I snorted, “no rose I’m not ready as you can see”. I said with sarcasm, what you see you don’t ask is obvious. “What’s wrong?”She asked I turned my head to look at her and WOW... “My god Rosalie! You look amazing…who are you by the way?” I said shocked by her costume, she looked great. “Thanks and I’m Ana Boleyn” she answered “and answering your question, I don’t want to go to the party cuz I don’t have a date” I told her. “oh silly, silly, silly Edward! Come on, really? That’s the excuse you’re going to give Alice?”She said raising her recently waxed eyebrow suggestively. I sighed “come on Edward! I’ll be fun” Rosalie begged, “please” she added.

I pinched the bridge of my nose “okay okay” I surrendered. “Yayy” she said, okay now she’s sounding like Alice ad that’s scary… “I’ll wait downstairs” she said and turned to leave, before she closed the door she said, “oh and Edward, I have a feeling that something good is going to happen tonight” she smiled and left.
I was confused… something good will happen tonight…? Is she nuts is Halloween for god sake...

Charlie's POV

Grace has been getting Bella ready for the Halloween party… I heard Bella’s door open for the 5th time yes I’ve been counting, someone came down it was grace, “hey Charlie Bella’s ready” she told me “come on out Bella” she called. When my daughter came down my heart almost stopped, she looked like her Diana…the day we got…um…married. “Bella, you look beautiful” I told her, she smiled shyly at me “thanks dad”. “Well I’m ready to leave for the party, see you in a couple of hours” she told me I laughed to her sarcasm Bella rolled her eyes. “Okay sweetie”. “Bye dad”, “bye Bella, love you have fun” I said after that she left with Gracelyn (aunt grace).


My cousins and I arrived to the party at 8:00pm on the dot. The parking lot was almost full, all school was attending this party, and we were celebrating the victory of the basketball and girls volleyball team. Jasper, Emmett, and I formed a band just for fun one random day and we have played on some school activities and classmates parties we where the bomb it was awesome; they wanted us to play tonight “ready for today’s gig little cousin?” Emmett asked me, I couldn’t get used to his costume he was King Henry VIII (8) and jasper is dressed as a civil war soldier.

“Yeah I’m ready, the only thing funny about this trio tonight is that we look hilarious” I said laughing “heck yeah, a soldier, a king, and Romeo” jasper said as he swung his guitar on his back. Jasper played the guitar or bass, Emmett plays the drums, and I play the piano and acoustic guitar. “What are we playing tonight?”Emmett asked, “We got the party with us, our version of course” I said. The girls caught up with us, Alice was dressed as a southern Belle I mean she was dressed like the women’s of the civil war era so she matched jasper and Rosalie was dressed as Ana Boleyn.

“Are you ready boys?”Rosalie asked “hell yeah!” Jasper responded exited he loved when we played.

We entered the school sports court where the party was held, it was decorated from floor to ceiling. There was a place to take pictures with a professional photographer and tables where the bleaches where supposed to be, and scattered around the room. The middle of the court was a huge dance floor with a stage. We went to the stage and got everything ready. 10 minutes later Emmett, Jasper, and I were ready. We needed Alice and Rosalie for the vocals, they agreed so we were finally ready. I approached to the mic to get everyone’s attention “what’s up forks high?” I asked and they cheered.

“Great game we had today!!! We won!!!”I said and they went completely mad with that. “Goodnight to ya’ll, whose ready to get this party started?”Alice said, the attendants cheered louder, Emmett started on the fists chords of the song, Jasper followed. When my turn came I started on the lyrics…

We got the party with us (Hannah Montana & the Jonas Brothers)

Come on guys tell me what we're doing
We're hangin' around when we could be all over the place
The sun is shinin' just the way we like it
Let's get out of this hallway
Show the world our face
It's Friday but there's nowhere to go
Anywhere is cool but we're not going home
And we can do anything we wanna do
It's all up to me and you

Turn this park into a club
the stars and lights and the moon is a vibe from above
These skateboard heels all right so cool
Everyone is waiting for us

Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us
Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us

Oh oh...
We got the party with us
Oh oh...
We got the party with us

Radio, let me be your DJ
I'll turn you up because we're moving 'till we're on a roll
Everyone is dancing to their own beat
And letting go, everybody here's out a soul
It's Friday and there's nowhere to be
We're kickin' it together it's so good to be free
We got each other and that's all we need
The rest is up to you and me

Turn this park into a club
the stars and lights and the moon is a vibe from above
These skateboard heels all right so cool
Everyone is waiting for us

Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us
Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us

We got the party

Life is for dreamers and I'm a believer
That nothing can stand in our way today to start the place to play

Turn this park into a club
the stars and lights and the moon is a vibe from above
These skateboard's here's our ride so pull on up
So pull on up everyone is waiting for us

Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us
Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us

Turn this park into a club
the stars and lights and the moon is a vibe from above
We got the party with us
Skateboards, heels
So pull on up everyone is waiting for us

Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
We got the party with us
Anywhere we are
Anywhere we go
Everybody knows
Oh oh...
We got the party, we got the party, we got the party, we got the party with us
Oh oh...
We got the party with us!

I focused on the song and the crowd’s reaction, when the song was ending I looked to the entrance and I almost stopped singing. I don’t know whose she is but there on the entrance was one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. She entered shyly. When I gave the last note and chord I looked at her, and everyone in the room turned their heads to look at her, it felt like a Cinderella moment; when she briefly looked at me I smiled, she smiled back and when she did something inside of me stirred she looked like, like Bella when she smiled…


I arrived to the party, aunt grace drooped me off just like that. Mrs. Cope was at the entrance, I gave her my ticket and she was shocked when I told her that it was me, she said I looked beautifully different not like some of the other girls inside. When I told her I was Juliet she said that it was very original and that she liked it a lot. That it was a change t6hat I didn’t used a scary costume or a mask like everyone else.

There was some type of band playing inside, as the song ended I entered and everyone was wearing costumes, and the gym was decorated. Everyone looked at me when I entered even the lead singer of the band he looked amazed… did I look that different that nobody recognized me…? I smiled and he smiled although I’ve never seen that band before, I didn’t knew if they where students here or not. The song ended and everyone clapped & cheered. The band got off the stage then the DJ started.

“Let’s get this party going fork’s high” he said and after a hell more cheering music started and everyone scattered and started dancing.

I moved out of the way and started looking for my friends, but there was one little problem; how was I going to find them if they all had costumes? They could be anywhere and dressed as anyone…

part B will be up soon thanks for waiting love ya all.
It is wonderfully written as usual. Looking forward to the next part (hope it's not too long of a wait). I love your story.
Hello My Angel! Thanks for the update! I will read it tonight and give you a call! I know Teresa will be extremely excited to know part A of the story is up! Now please post the next part soon! This is my early birthday present that will begin tonight after midnight and all day tomorrow. I will call you my Sister tonight or early morning on my way to work. Keep up the good work and post more! Smiles & Hugs from The Bear!


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