The Twilight Saga

The Unexpected & Unfortunate, a story where nothing will be the same...


Characters Main:


Bella Swan – strong, loving, truthsworsthy, passionate & caring; she follows her heart.


Jacob Black- (werewolf) Quileute, Bella’s best friend & boyfriend. Impulsive, loving & warmhearted.

Edward Masen- Mysterious, loving, sincere, passionate. He is hunted by a secret.               

~Character names & main story lines by Stephenie Meyer

~This story follows some events from new moon book adapted, to my convenience for the story.

~Since I love soap operas I used some things I’ve seen in all of the ones I've seen in my life; and mix them on this story.

~Some quotes from the other twilight saga books.

~But still is another original, it has vampires, wolves, humans and a series of unfortunate events.



*Edward’s family 


*All members of the Quileute reservation: (Jacob’s family, tribe & friends)

*The pack: (werewolves also members of the Quileute reservation)

*The volturi's & Guard(Enemies, vampires)

Added characters:

  • Diana(Bella's real mom-vampire)
  • Erica Masen(Edward's little sister)
  • Summer Call( Embry Call's cousin-Jacob's future Imprint)


Bella is Charlie’s first marriage daughter, her mother Diana leaves them after Bella is born. Charlie then meets Renée who falls in love with the little baby and offers her help to Charlie; she becomes her babysitter. Then she marries Charlie, but dies when Bella is 8. Bella’s best friend is Jacob Black, they grew up together, and started dating when they where 14 years old...

Bella’s aunt Grace comes to visit from Italy, that arrival unfolds a series of old secrets. But she is not the only newcomer, the Cullen family moves to forks with an added member that will turn Bella’s world around.


I had it all, my dad, my boyfriend & friends. Suddenly in just a heartbeat my entire life changed, I was confused, hurt and torn by the ones I loved, while one tried to heal me, the other left; I had to decide which way take.

It was a nightmare, I wanted it to end. I wished to be happy again, to do so I had to make a choice so; I’ll balance my options, would see what’s right to make this pain stop forever…


Chapter one:

First day of summer:


It was the first day of summer and I was headed to la push, the Quileute Indian reservation where my boyfriend Jacob black lives with the rest of his tribe. Jacob and I have been together for 4 years I loved him with all my heart he is my first and only love…


“My Bella” Jake welcomed me.


“My love” I responded kissing him.


“Are you ready for some fun” he asked me smiling.


“Hell yes, where is the others?”  I asked back.


“They are waiting for you inside; umm… bells can some of them ride with you in the back of your truck?” Jake asked me with his pleading look.


“Yes of course love, tell Embry, Quil, and Seth that they can come and ride with me. I said closing the door and turning the engine back on.


They hopped in the back while Leah, Seth’s older sister rode in the front with me on the passenger’s side. Jacob was behind me on his dad truck with Paul, Jared, and Sam the oldest of the Quileute boys, we arrived at the cliff where we spent most of our free time on the rarely sunny days here in forks.


“Come on guys is time” Sam said jumping first.


I took off my jacket and unbuttoned my shirt, I took off my shoes and sweat pants, under them I was wearing swimming shorts with the tank top that was under my shirt. Quil and Embry jumped next while Jared jumped with Leah and Seth were right behind them. Jacob and I where the last one’s Jake held my hand; we gave two back steps, raced forward and jumped…


It was the best feeling ever the wind in my body and the tickles in my stomach, and jakes firm grip on my hand the water was cold as ever but the adrenaline rush is the best feeling ever.


“That was great I want to go again” I exclaimed


“Ok let’s go babe” Jacob said


“No, let me go alone please” I begged


“Ok go I will be waiting for you down here beautiful” he said with his beautiful huge grin I loved.


I went up to the end of the first cliff, I held my breath and jumped gracefully, this time the rush was better I landed in the water again.


“Beautiful jump Bella” Sam said


“But let me show you how is done by a pro” he also said going to the cliff end and doing a back flip in mid-air, he landed in the water without a scratch. The other guys imitated him while Leah and I waited for them in the water.

The hours passed quickly when you are having fun ,by the time we noticed I was lunch time ,we headed back and went to Emily young’s Sam fiancée’s house.


Emily was beautiful even thought when on the right side of her face and whole body she has this huge bear scars. She was attacked by one, about a year or so by now.

We entered the kitchen and Leah and I helped while the guys ate like pigs as usual.


“Well Bella, do you know what school you are going after next year?” Emily asked me.


“Well… actually no I hadn’t thought about that yet, come on is the first day of summer! I have 365 more days to think about that” I responded her.


“Yeah you are right Bella” Leah added.


After we all ate we played some soccer, I was captain of my team and my team mates where Quil, Embry and Seth.Sam was the captain of his team, composed by Leah, Jacob and Paul; Jared was the referee while Emily watched.


We played two games and my team won both 5 to 3, I loved soccer! After the game we watched a movie at Jake’s house while we had dinner, I saved some for dad. When the movie ended at 8:00pm I said goodbye and went home after Jacob and I kissed till we where breathless.


“Goodnight Jake” I told him


“Night beautiful” he responded closing my door.


I arrived home and dad was there thank god I brought dinner from Jacob’s house.


“Hey dad sorry I’m late I was with Jacob and his friends” I confessed.


“Don’t worry bells I just got home” he responded.


“Well here is some dinner, I will go take a bath ok” I said on the way up to my room.


I did my night routine and I was in bed at 9:30pm today I slept early because even though I didn’t noticed it I was very tired.


One week later…




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Hey Ppl merry Xmas!!! here is part B of chapter 60. 


My Immortal



I’m so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears, and if you have to leave; I wished that you will just leave, cause your presence still lingers here and it
wouldn’t leave me alone…

These wounds wouldn’t seem to heal; this pain is just too real. There’s just too much that time cannot erase…

When you cried I’ve whipped away all of your tears. When you screamed, I’ve fight away, all of your fears. And I held your hand trough all of these years but you still have, all

You used to captivate me by your resonating smile, now I’m bound by the life you left behind. Your face now hunts, my once pleasant dreams; your voice has chased
away, all the sanity in me…

These wounds wouldn’t seem to heal; this pain is just too real. There’s just too much that time cannot erase.

When you cried, I’ve whipped away all of your tears. When you screamed, I’ve fight away, all of your fears. And I held your hand trough all of these years, but you still have,
all me…

I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone. But do you still with me? I’ve been alone; all alone…

When you cried, I’ve whipped away all of your tears. When you screamed I’ve fight away, all of your fears. And I held your hand trough all of these years, but you still have,
all me.





Chapter 60 /Part B


Great! I had looked and looked everywhere for like what felt forever and I didn’t see anyone. I was ready to give up and leave, when I felt a hand on my shoulder; I was ready to defend
myself as I turned around,

“Hi” a voice that above the noise I recognized as Angela said.

“Angela?” I asked unsure because this wasn’t Angela in front of me she looked more like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. “Bella?” she asked me, I nodded. “Wow you look beautiful” she
told me, I smiled and looked at her “you’re dressed as Hermione?” I asked with
a laugh, “yes and Ben is Ron! He’s around here somewhere…” she said looking
around, “never mind” she told.

After a few seconds I decided to apologize with Angela, she had been very caring with me since day one and all I did was reject her and push her away like I did to everyone else.

“Angela, I’m sorry if I’ve been a jerk with you these last weeks. I haven’t been myself” I apologized. That was the reason I came here anyway. To apologize with all of the people who cared
about me…

“Is okay Bella, you went to through a lot since September. I understand and I forgive you” Angela said with a big smile, “thanks”.

“Oh Bella, forget it! Come lets enjoy the party, want some punch?” she told me, “sure although I really came here to apologize, I still need to see Alice and…Edward; have you seen them?” I
asked while Angela served our punch cups. “Yeah, they’re all here, they have
very awesome costumes like yours” she said…

I stayed with Angela for a while, Ben joined us and yeah he was dressed as Ronald Weasley and he looked a hell lot like him; after 3 more punch cups and a plate of refreshments , I needed to go
to the bathroom; I excused myself from them. When I was coming back from the
bathroom I stumbled on someone…

“I’m sorry, I was dis…” the girl I stumbled with said, she was cut off she stared at me for a few seconds scrutinizing my face.

“Bella is that you?” she said, I recognized the voice, “Alice?” I asked. “Yes Bella is me” she said exited “oh my god Bella! You look amazing but…who in the world you are dressed as?” we laughed, Alice sometimes could be
a little crude on her exclamations “I’m Juliet” I answered, Alice smiled
suggestively at me …

“Um Bella, do you want to join us at our table?” she asked, doubt on her tone.  I didn’t hesitate at all, I wanted my friends back. “Of course, I’d love to” Alice’s grin got wider, she grabbed my hand and
led me to their table, when we got closer I saw that mike was also there.

“Hey guys, look who decided to show up today…!” Alice said no one seemed to recognize me at first so I spoke, “hey guys what’s up?” then they reacted… “Bella?” they all said unison “yep” I said
popping the ‘p’.

“Oh my god, you look amazing” Emmett said, “is a miracle you’re here” Rosalie added Emmett came and gave me a bone crushing hug. “Is nice to see you again Bella” he said solemnly. I giggled, “I
know Emmett, I’ve missed you too” I told his as he released me.

I looked at them, “guys, I wanted to apologize with you all; I’ve been a jerk lately. I pushed ya’ll away and that was wrong…so I’m sorry, and I wish and will be very happy, if you guys would
let me hang with ya’ll again…” I said.

After a few seconds Alice spoke, “of course Bella, we’re your friends” she said and hugged me, “is nice to have you back Bella” Rosalie said.

“Welcome back Swan” mike told me with a high 5, “yeah Bella, took you long enough” jasper said.

All of them where at the table, except for Edward; after I sat I asked for him, “Rose, umm did Edward come tonight?”

“Yes he was dancing with Lucy Hope, from the cheerleading squad…” she responded. “Oh, so she’s his date?” I asked casually not wanting to hear the answer…

‘Why do I worry about who he came to the dance with? That’s not my businesses’ I thought, although I felt…jealous?

“No! Not at all, he just asked her to dance because he was bored; he should be back soon” Rosalie reassured me.

I noticed the necklace she was wearing, it was made of pearls and it had a ‘B’ shaped charm in what looked like gold, “hey rose…that necklace I’ve seen it before” I said.

Rosalie smiled “yeah Bella of course, is a replica from Ana Boleyn’s necklace” she said then I looked at her outfit and it all clicked, “so you’re Ana Boleyn?” I asked Rose nodded proudly.
“And I’m King Henry 8th” Emmett said smiling and kissing Rose after
that, I looked away.

Jasper was dressed as a soldier of the civil war I must add, and Alice had a beautiful dress from the civil war era…and mike, who the hell mike was dressed as? I turned to him, “mike, mind
asking but…who you are?”  He laughed and
poked my shoulder playfully “I’m Shakespeare, silly!” he said “and you are?” he
asked me,

“Juliet” I replied, he laughed “amazing” he said and laughed harder, “okay, yeah…what’s so funny?” I asked but no one answered, all the sudden they were laughing and looking at me. I mean
Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice laughed; I was getting annoyed, “what are
you laughing at?” I asked again with a frown.

“Nothing” they all said.

4 songs passed and there was no sign of Edward, all the sudden again Alice took my hand and said the most random thing, “come on Bella, let me help you find your Romeo” she said now I laughed
“yeah right” I snorted and followed her. She took me to the dance floor, “wait
here a sec, I’ll be right back” she told me and faded into the crowd.


I was a girl on a mission, Bella was dressed as Juliet and for a reason of destiny maybe, Edward was dressed as Romeo. So yeah…they need to find each other! Plus I know that Eddie is in love
with Bellie…

I found him alone drinking a punch “Edward, finally!” I said, “Hey what’s up?” he said.

“I found your Juliet” I stated “what?”

“Oh for god’s sake, come on!” I exclaimed taking his hand, “Alice!” he protested. “Trust me” I told him. I took him to Bella, she had her back to us; it was perfect!

“Right there cousin, the one with her back to us on the red dress” I pointed out.

“Alice, please I don’t need another Jessica…I just need Bel…” I cut him off; “too late, believe me you won’t regret it. Good luck” I said and kissed his cheek.

 “See ya later”, after that I left to see Jasper, he wanted to talk to me; I wonder what it could be…


Alice was taking forever; I was starting to think that it was all a joke when someone spoke behind me, “Juliet?” he voice asked. I turned around and right there in front of me was
Edward dressed as Romeo.

“Hi” I said, then recognition hit him and he smiled.

“Bella?” I just nodded and went to hug him, Edward received me “I’m sorry Edward, can you forgive me?” I said. Edward’s arms got tighter around me, “what for Bella?” he asked “for
everything” I replied, “yes Bella, I forgive you because I understand your
motives; but I’m glad that you’re coming around” he said.

“Thanks Edward”

“Bella, would you like to dance?” he asked shyly, I giggled.


3 songs after that, Edward and I where seating on a vacant table, drinking punch; and I have to admit that he looked gorgeous on that Romeo costume, “I’m glad you’re here Bella” Edward said,
“really?” I asked “yes. And you look beautiful by the way” he told me.

“Thanks, you too” I giggled, he smiled at me sweetly, “I missed you” I whispered softly after a minute of silence; he sighed “I know bells, me too.” He told me.

 “Want to dance beautiful lady?” he asked, I nodded.

Edward led us to the dance floor, and grabbed my waist. The song started, it was a soft one…

‘I’m so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears’ 

Edward looked at me, he recognized the song, I might have heard before it but I didn’t remember it, he pulled me closer and embraced me; like if he knew that the song
was going to affect me somehow.

The song continued, ‘and if you have to leave; I wished that you will just leave, cause your presence still lingers here and it wouldn’t leave me alone…

The lyrics sunk into me, we were still dancing. Now I was trying to keep my tears at bay, this song talked about pain and loss; I closed my eyes and held tighter onto Edward. He held me
without questions; I followed the rhythm and thought about the first time that Edward
comforted me like this, how safe I felt in his arms; the peace it gave me. I

The song reached to a part where no matter what I did, a few tears escaped.

‘I’ve tried so hard to tell myself that you’re gone. But do you still with me? I’ve been alone; all alone…’

I undid Edward’s arms from my back, and wiped my tears, but it was too much; I started sobbing. I needed to get away from there; the song cut too deep into my barely healed wounds. I walked
on a fast pace to the exit, I needed to get away fast; “Bella! Bella, wait!”
Edward exclaimed behind me.

“I can’t Edward, I can’t, I’m sorry.” I said holding a sob.

I walked through the halls, looking for the nearest exit to the school’s grounds; I pushed the door open and welcomed the cold air. I sat on the nearest bench and clutched my chest, as I
sobbed uncontrollably. Two warm arms embraced me; Edward sat beside me and hugged
me to his chest as I sobbed harder. “Is alright Bella, cry. Come on, let it all
out. I’m right here, just cry” he told me as he rubbed my back, I cried non-
stopping for 10 full minutes while he just held me.

I sniffled and raised my head, Edward gave me a handkerchief I wiped my tears with it. “Thanks Edward” I told him, “is okay Bella, you needed to cry” he said softly with a smile.

Where were silent for a moment.

I looked at him on the eyes, and saw a little bit of sadness and hurt in them, he had always been there with me in my good moments, but mostly on the bad and I had pushed him away, without
thinking on his feelings. Edward didn’t deserve that, not after all he did; he
had saved my life a lot of times and look at the way I repaid him…he had been
there for me when some other’s haven’t.

He was my own kind of angel…my protector, my friend, and my savior.

“I’m here if you want to talk Bella, I’ve always been” he stated, I nodded.

“it hurts so much Edward, it’s unbearable. I don’t know what happened! In just a few months I lost everything!” I exclaimed “I was used…I mean I had a “perfect life” and in a snap it was gone!
There was nothing…no fiancée, no child, NOTHING!! He just left me, although I
know why…the reason is stupid! Then I lose my baby, his baby, OUR baby and he
wasn’t even there to bury him!” I said my voice raised, my mouth filter went to
hell in that moment, I didn’t care I needed to get all this out so I could go
on…or try to go on.

“He threw away 5 years of love, and a lifetime of friendship because if a… stupid…tribe NONESENCE!!” I exclaimed my voice louder.

Edward didn’t say anything; he just rubbed my back and waited for me to go on.

 “I thought he loved me, I know he still does…maybe…but the tribe was more important! He said that he was protecting me” Edward then frowned, “he left to protect you Bella? Protect you from what?” he
asked I sighed, “he was going through some changes and it was going to be
“better” for both of us if he left.” I said Edward looked confused, I couldn’t
tell him anything though; not now it would scare him and it would get me in
trouble…although I didn’t knew what the tribe would do to me if I told someone…

I gave a deep breath and waited, “someday I’ll tell you Edward. It’s better like this now; please don’t ask me anything because right now I can’t tell. Is not my secret to divulge, I’m sorry.”
I said hoping he could understand.

He nodded and motioned me to go on.

“I understand that, believe me I do. But I can’t bare it Edward, is too much; the loss and pain, its killing me. I gave him everything and now we both have nothing, not even our friendship
survived this storm. There’s nothing left, nothing” I said, facedown, Edward
raised my head his hand cradled my chin softly. “Listen to me now Bella, that’s
not true! He might have nothing, but you have us, your dad, and aunt” he
reassured me on a strict tone.

“My cousins are your friends Bella, Ben & Angela and Mike are also your friends, and of course I’m your friend; I’ve always been, you know that. We gave you the space you wanted…but I think
it was the wrong thing, because now look at the consequences…” he said pointing
at me.

I sighed deeply, “I know Edward, and I’m sorry. That’s why I came here tonight to apologize and recover what’s left of our friendship…that’s if you let me of course” I stated. Edward chuckled,
“of course silly Bella. I’ve waited ages for this moment, when you finally came
back to me again…” he said after that he looked down and for the first time
since I know him Edward blushed, why would he be embarrassed?

“As a friend I mean, come back to me as a friend. Our friendship stills intact Bella” he told me smiling. “Thanks Edward” I replied I felt loads better now.

 “Thanks for listening” I said, Edward smiled “it was nothing Bella, that’s what friends are for.” He said smiling wider.

“Come on Romeo, let’s go back inside” I said standing up with a smile, “whatever you say my fair maiden” he said playing along…





I love it!!!!!

Finally Bella cam3 to her ssenses

I love it!!!!!

Wow! You have outdone yourself once again! It's a long time worth waiting to read. The way you described Bella's emotions towards her friends was beautiful. She was completely sincere with them and missed them very much. I'm so happy Bella got her friends back. You can tell Angela is a true friend because she already forgiven Bella before her apology. That is what you call true friendship indeed. I loved the way you made Alice meet Edward & Bella. It was priceless and worth the wait. Now Bella can begin to notice the feelings Edward has for Bella. I can't wait for the next update. The best Christmas present ever! Thank You my Angel for my gift. Love You & Merry Christmas.
As usual, great. I can't wait for the next part. Are Jasper and Alice finally getting together and stop playing games with each other? Are Edward and Bella finally going to be happy? Many more questions I can't wait to learn the answers to. Much love for this story.

Wow ... it was fantastic..... Awesome ... nice .. Great .. wt else to say ...

Really worth to wait for readin tis chapter ...

Update d nxt chapter soon :)


Can't wait til the next chapter.....u truly have a gift!


JUST AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Christmas present!!!!!!!!

love it....... :D

Amazing chapter yet again! 

I'm Bella is beginning to loosen up, kind of. Hope she realize how Edward really or that he tells her soon!

I can't wait for the rest. Your an incredible writer and I hope you update your fantastic peace of work soon :)


loved it

finally love it girl....
write more i have reread this chapter five times tell me what happens or ill stop reading anything by you
That is a very mean and childish thing to say! and I'M AN ADULT!!!
I'll update when I have less schoolwork maybe on spring break, please bare with me. thanks for speaking your thoughts anyway.
Take care, sincerely The Goddess. :-) 


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