The Twilight Saga

Right, first tells us what your name is and describe what you look like (What you really look like! Don't lie!)
And then describe what you are like, What you like to do and why you love Edward!
And then the next person to comment tells you if you really are like bella or if your like any other characters in the books.
One Rule!!!!!!
1. DON'T LIE !
you have to tell the truth or else your being somebody your not!

I'll give you an EXample:

Short dark brown hair blue eyes.
Kind caring friendly funny (haha) and creative.
I love reading and drawing, I also like to chat to my friends!
I love edward because he's gorgeous, kind and caring!

(By the way I got my best friend laura to write that^^^^^^^^^^)
See what I mean and then the next person to comment would write who Laura is most like and then that person would write what they look like and ect.

My name is ......
Dark Brown hair, brown eyes.
kind, caring, considerate, friendly, but I don't like a lot of attention and I have a temper.
I like to read and write and dream about edward cullen and twilight.I like to watch films and talk to
my friends!
I love Edward because he's kind,considerate,Protective,Friendly and loveable. Not to mention
Gorgeous.And because he will risk himself for the woman he loves.

So now the next person to comment says who I'm most like and then writes what they look like and ect.
Have fun!!!!!!!!
AND DON'T LIE!!!!!!!

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You are soooooo Bella.
Thers no doubt About it!
darkest blonde lightest brown long long hair Green eyes ( its freaky but, my eyes change colors when i have different moods )
I'm shy and like to fade into the background, but at times i'm a very out going person, im also sarcastic. im really clumsy ( every 1 asks me how i get around alive every day the way i do things)
im not sporty, but i like ballet, ilove 2 read and some times write just 4 fun, i like to spend time with my family,
i like the warmth of the sun on my skin and i also like the coldness of the wind on my skin
i always blame myself 4 when others abandoned me
and i like Edward because He's so deep, you can really feel his pain and joy, he's so timeless, and kind and he goes for what he wants even if he knows he shouldn't Edward's character because he's protective, caring, & loyal to a fault. I love how he's a gentleman to Bella!
im also emotional and have a temper
I think you sound like Bella... before she was sure of Edward's love.
you sound like bella Sara..

I'm Premiere, I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.
I am very outgoing, loving , caring, and I love to make new friends and try new things.
I like jacob and Edward.. but I like Edward because he is really sweet and he really does care about Bella
and would do anything for her.
I'm nearly 6 feet tall, I look like it though I'm technicaly an inch and a half short of that. I'm very very large. I have a 22 inch neck and 21 inch arms which are long. A barrel chest that is 60 inches but short legs. I weigh over 300 pounds so yes I am a little fat as well, I'm working on it. I'm 35 and have a goatee beard, short brown hair, and blue eyes, but they are hidden behind my graduated lense glasses that I wear. I have worn glasses since 6th grade, and graduated means 3 focal points so worse then grandpa's bi focals. I also have very large hands which I consider to be my best feature.
I enjoy school, learning, reading, writing, carving wood, sculpting, painting, and other creative solitary persuits.
I am sort of scared of crowds and people, I do not like talking to new people except for where it is safe on-line, I get very nervous arround people which includes my family.
I like to be alone physically, but with people that I can chat with online.
I hate the phone.
I'm an accountant, with a degree Bachlors of Science in Accounting, and I'm working on my MBA Finance. Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting. After that I'll get the MS in Accounting, then work on Fine Art Studio, History, Math,Literature, Creative Writing, and whereever else I choose to go.
Did I mention that I like to write.
black hair with brown eyes..
im sweet but shy to those person i did not loyal and trustworthy...some told me that their 1st impression to me was im snub...but u got to know me nice...
and most of all im CUTE...haha..according to me...
i love to read...maybe love is understatement...hehe...

TWILIGHT....i love it so much..
i like Edward just bcoz ________....
i just love him ......XD
Pretty dark red hair, down to my shoulders. Blue-green eyes. About 1.70 meters, which is much taller than I'd like.
Kind, but also sarcastic. Very considerate and shy, and I get sad very easily; I'm almost never angry, I just cry instead. Hates talking in class when everyone listens. Loves to sing, read and write. I watch a lot of TV. Mostly crime/drama & romance.
About Edward.. What is there not to love? He's a vampire, he's very handsome, slightly overprotective - but, heck, who cares? He'll risk everything for Bella, which is just too sweet ^^,
medium brown hair about medium length brown eyes
art, books, music, quietness, randomness, sarcasm
i like sitting at home but if i get tired of that then i go to the library
his smile, his heart, his voice, everything

kinda like bella but a little too desprite
Brown hair, Brown Eyes
I kind of hate to lead but i kind of hate to shy but very hyper once you get to know me.
I joke around A LOT im caring genourous kind and im sarcastic alot.
I Love Edward becuse he is kind shy and when he needs to he helps lots of people but at the same time he keeps to himself.OH! and who can forget that hes awsome and he is a vamp. not a stuipid mongrel!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have brown hair and brown eyes love twilight series cant wait forr movie I am a grandmom x 4 and work in physical therapy i think that i was alot like bella when i waas younger i can really relate to her i like reading and going to clubs on the weekend like all music but country is my fave.i am 5 ft 5 and married i think also think i could make a good esme in a role on twighlight torn between edward and jacob thoughwho do u like beests out of the guys.

brown hair,brown eyes
im shy everyone loves me i try very hard to disapear
when you get to know me you begin to think,i know self defence,i can work hard,and feel very defeses,and i take everything seriously:Di love edward because he is very very caring


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