The Twilight Saga

Right, first tells us what your name is and describe what you look like (What you really look like! Don't lie!)
And then describe what you are like, What you like to do and why you love Edward!
And then the next person to comment tells you if you really are like bella or if your like any other characters in the books.
One Rule!!!!!!
1. DON'T LIE !
you have to tell the truth or else your being somebody your not!

I'll give you an EXample:

Short dark brown hair blue eyes.
Kind caring friendly funny (haha) and creative.
I love reading and drawing, I also like to chat to my friends!
I love edward because he's gorgeous, kind and caring!

(By the way I got my best friend laura to write that^^^^^^^^^^)
See what I mean and then the next person to comment would write who Laura is most like and then that person would write what they look like and ect.

My name is ......
Dark Brown hair, brown eyes.
kind, caring, considerate, friendly, but I don't like a lot of attention and I have a temper.
I like to read and write and dream about edward cullen and twilight.I like to watch films and talk to
my friends!
I love Edward because he's kind,considerate,Protective,Friendly and loveable. Not to mention
Gorgeous.And because he will risk himself for the woman he loves.

So now the next person to comment says who I'm most like and then writes what they look like and ect.
Have fun!!!!!!!!
AND DON'T LIE!!!!!!!

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my name is olivia..
i havea light brown topaz eyes depending on the light and what iam whaereing they are differnt shads ofbrown
auborn hair with copper and carmal and honey collard highlights (they are natrial) wavy soem times ringing
i love to read and write stories pombs and songs
i could not live without music
i think im moast like bealla alice and nessy
i HATE edward
i love to not fit in stand out and try my best to persue my dreams
i am the oldest kid im my family and my parents love me to death
i also love greek mytholgy
My name is....
Auburn hair, blue/green eyes, short 5'1' but not dainty...
I am a very loving and caring person, very accepting and tolerant of everyone except those who are cruel to others. I am extremely patient. I love to read, listen to music, and be with my family... but I am easily overwhelmed by boisterous people.
I love to watch sports and I love the beach and ocean.
I love Edward because is so open-hearted and giving. Smart, funny, and has many leadership qualities like Carlisle. I secretly have a crush on Emmett! He is so fun.
sounds like Chrissy is like a combo between Bella & Alice

My name is summerlyn
I have reddish brown hair & blue eyes I'm 5'4 average size
I'm passionate about what I love, caring, hate being center of attention,quite& friendly
I love to read, I make friendship bracelets for my kids, helpless romantic, love to hear piano music
I love Edward because how he shows his love, very protective, thoughtful, has morels
You sound a lot like Esme to me!!
Blond hair and Blue eyes and am 4'11
Friendly, funny, loves to dance
I LOVE to read and dance and play floor hockey
one time had a dream about Edward Cullen, to hard to explain thought, I don't hate Edward but I don't like him.
U sound and probly look like Rosalie
I forgot to mention I had short hair that is curzy on one side and spikey on the other
Long Ringlet Curly Brown Hair, Hazel eyes
Athletic, kind, funny, sweet, quiet, but also outgoing
I like to read, shop, write, and dream
I love Edward cause he is fun, protective, enjoyable, knows what to say, smart, and probly fun to hang out with!
i think your like Alice!
i have dark blonde hair and blue/green eyes
i'm kind, considerate, friendly, loving, whould do anything for the one i love, and dnt really like attention
i love Edward bc he's gorgeous, would do anything for his loved ones and i like his sense of humar.. *hehe*
my friends call me: jay..
I have long blonde hair, with brown/hazel eyes
I am kind, loving, athletic, i am kind of shy around people i dont know but if i know you i love attention but i have a temper.
I love to play soccer, field hockey, volleyball, and lacross and read and listen to music and look at cars.
I love Edward because he is the perfect person and is protective and loving and kind and will do anything to make bella happy.
My name is.....
Light brown wavy/curly hair, Dark green eyes
Kind, total klutz, i have a very short temper,
love to read, and hate school.I love Edward because who wouldn't?? :)


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