The Twilight Saga

I was so easily amazed by my dizziness. Edward waited warily out the door of the hospital, and I shook my head. "Im not sick..I just don't feel right." I reassured him. He looked at me with his brilliant topaz eyes and said, "Ok Bella. Your as healthy as a horse." I frowned at him and stomped away. And then I saw her. Leah Clearwater, with her dark hair now to her stomach. Her dark eyes were covered with brilliant large eyelashes, and her smile was fierce and tamed. She was an animal ready to kill. Her russet skin was lighter in the sunlight, and she wore a dark blue tank top, that hung low on her chest. She wore jean shorts, tight and high. And she was wearing orange flip flops. She looked at  me for a second and scowled. She plugged her nose and muttered something I couldn't hear.


"Edward! I'm telling you i'm fine. I'm not sick, not unhealthy just leave me alone!" I spit through my teeth, and slammed my window down. I covered the window with my curtains and watched his helpless face as he walked back into his Volvo and disappeared. I felt ready to cry, until I saw her in my mind again. Beautiful..Amazing. Wild as a tiger. A wolf ready to kill the lamb. I smiled at the thought. Instead of the lion and lamb, it was the wolf and lamb. I looked down at the bracelet Jacob had gave me. His russet colored wolf still hung, but the crystal heart, was nowhere to be found. I had made my decision. I didn't want Edward nor Jacob. I wanted Leah.


Leah POV

Bella with her peach colored skin, her almond colored hair, and her chocolate brown eyes. That's all I thought about when I saw her walk towards me uneasily. I didn't like her. Well I think I didnt. I scowled. She was always pale and clumsy. "I have something to tell you Leah. You better follow me." She snapped. I followed her into the forest. She twisted through many trees, and had managed not to fall. North west is where we headed. She walked right into a clearing with brilliant grass, and trees surrounding the place into a large circle. And then she pushed me right against the tree. I was ready to attack, but her hands bound my wrist and I stopped with surprise. I felt her hand brush my cheek. I managed a pink blush. "I love you Leah." She whispered.

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Wow! Thats a twist!

wow just wow you need to continue this i need to know what Leah says


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