The Twilight Saga

would u rather be bitten by a vampireand be forced to watch all ur friends and family die while u live or have transform into a werewolf and never be able to keep a secret from ur pack?


Would u rather be cold or hot?


Hard (omg that sounds so wrong sorry) or soft muscular?


tempted to drink blood or tempted to kill the ones who could harm u and ur loved ones?


live for ever or have a choice on how long u live?


It all comes down to would u rather be a Vampire or a Werewolf?




Me? I'd be a werewolf just cuz I wouldn't need a halloween costume! lol

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Vampire :) I woud bite all the important people in my life and we would live happy ever after :)
i agree
i Would so do the same
i'd rather be a vampire
but i would be a wolf if i had to :)
1st of all, I would change the closest people to me even if it is selfish.

Secondly, in reality I'd rather be cold. Look at it this way. If you had to choose between being burned to death or freezing to death, what would you choose? That's kinda where I got my answer from cuz I sooo rather freeze to death!

Thirdly, my answer is hard, no matter how bad that sounds lol

Fourthly, I don't have a problem with the blood thing. I would adopt the lifestyle of the Cullens

Most definitely live forever and get to do things I did'nt when I was human and maybe even make a difference in this world, human or not.

So all in all my answer is VAMPIRE!!!
Vampire (: Cozz I Would Give My Loved Onez A Choice On Whether They Want To Be Immortal And Experience Life Over The Long Years, Whilst Saying Good-Bye To The Onez They And I Love Which You Couldn't Change - Either By Their Choice Or Yours. Or They Could Stay Live A Happy Mortal Life And Die In Fates Hands.
And Also...
i would be a vampire cuz i wouldnt want to get angry at someone then kill them by standing too close. also how cool are vampires!
i would rather be a vampire cuz i might have to deal with jacob
VAMPIRE theres no way i would choose wearwolf even though jacobs hot but i love vamps got team edward!!
I would prefer to be a VAMPIRE. Although I need to pretend to be dead, at least I will still have the chance to see them as long as they live. And i will also get the chance to live forever. :D
Vampire: if i was a werewolf, i would always feel like i was losing myself. at least when im a vampire i can live in another way besides killing people. i would feel more my human self.

WEREWOLF FOR SURE! I'm sorry for all you vampire fans but I honestly think it would be wicked if I was a werewolf because Werewolves are skux :p


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