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I fill bad for rob she shouldn't of done it it's wrong but it wasn't just her lets hope rob and kristen can sort it out and get back together

It is sad what happened.I hope Rob and Kristen can work things out.Tracy

The way I see it is that Kristen is a cheating jerk... and rob is SINGLE now. I know that's sort of mean but that's the way I see it. And that is just wrong cheating on rob with a 40 year old!! I'm really not a mean person but,that just makes me soo mad.

Well, I think Kristen has some problems (low self-esteem maybe?) and she is not ready to build relationship right now.


So everything what happened is hard but good for them. Much worse would be if they already were married and with children.

I really hope they can work it out. thare so good together. It was wrong to cheat on rob with a man who is marred and has kids. if its really ment to be it will work out in the end. but what i really want to know is why she did what she did.

Will everyone leave kristen alone she did something wrong she's only human she's sorry leave kristen alone stop with the threats she loves rob he loves her i hope he will remember that wen he stops hurting they can sort it out i love them both
i totally expected something like this would happen....and the thing is...i mean yea i feel rob and i wish them both the best....but i kinda thought it was pretty highlarious... cuz i wus rite all along... WHY KRISTEN?!?! WHYYYYY???!!!

Their's two sides to every story that's all i have to say!

I really don't see the big deal. They both are humans and humans makes mistakes. Ok, she cheated. Yeah, i know everyone thought that they were a match made in heaven; but the main thing is that they are humans. That's whats wrong with the world now, the put celebrities on a pedistal. Get over it. Im tired of hearing about this.

i feel really bad for robert , but hope their can work it out.


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