The Twilight Saga

Hello, My name is Deston Nighthart and thats all I am tellign you about me for right now.

Death, Death, Death, I heard the words being whisperered over and over again. The screech of the car came next,  the car slamming on the brakes, trying to stop. Slam, That was the car hitting my mom. The sound echoed over and over of her being hit. Screams came, the screams of me and my sister. And it repeated as it uasually did. But this time it was different, this time I was standing next to my mom. She smiled at me then she was gone. Thrown back by the car thirty feet. I ran to were she fell. This was a first for that too. I bent down and looked at her face. It was covered in blood. I started to cry. She lifted up her arm and whisperered weakly 
"Don't cry my darling."   
I awoke from my nightmare. The nightmare that played the same scene over and over.  The dream that replayed the death of my mother, the same dream I had been having for weeks. I panted, trying to catch my breath. I looked around my black room, frightened. I got out of bed, and I saw that I was violently shaking. I walked out of my room and scurried down the stairs, as fast as I could.

I turned into the dining room at the bottom of the stairs, heading towards the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen, and opened the fridge. I opened my favorite 2% milk, and reached into the cabinet next to the fridge. I got a glass and poured my milk. I put my white treat back into the fridge, and turned around to see my step-mom standing behind me. "What are you doing?" she asked me. "I couldn't sleep. I kept having the dream," I replied recovering from the fear of her supriseing me. "Oh," she wispered, "I'm sorry. Do want to talk about it?" I shook my head, feeling annoyed once more.

My step-mother Brenna was a psychiatrist, so she always wanted to talk about the dream. That's all I would tell her, that it was the dream. I will never tell her the depths of it. She sighed and said, "Well, the best thing would be for you to go back to bed." I drank my milk, and went back up stairs. My belly was full and I was getting sleepy. I couldn't sleep though, because of the haunting thought about drifting back into my world of nightmares. The world that couldn't be controled. The world were no matter what I tried, It was always in control, always controling me.


I woke up the next morning, feeling as tired as I was when I went to bed. I walked into the bathroom, and got ready. I came out of the bathroom spiffed up, hair jelled, teeth brushed, and contacts in. I walked to my sisters frilly room. She came out of the door when I knocked, and raced me down the stairs. Downstairs, our step-mother was fixing a putrid breakfast. Corbin Daren Darcy, my step-brother, was vegging on the couch, watching tv. I rolled my eyes at his lazyness and grabbed a bagel. Brenna glared at me and asked, "Why aren't you eating this?" pointing at the food.

"Remember, I don't like bacon, only turkey bacon. Eggs... I only like them fried, not scrambled, and I am allergic to the cinnamon that's in your pancakes." She looked at me, confused.

"How did you know there was cinnamon in the pancakes?" she asked. I smiled and pointed at the bottle of cinnamon next to the pancake batter.

"Don't worry, you will figure it out one day," I said sarastically smiling.

She smiled back, and turned around to finish cooking. Angelica, my sister, was already out the door and walking to our grandma's. Angelica, with long, blonde hair, and blue eyes, walked to our Grandma's house every day. She normally walked with me, though. Grandma lived two miles away, in a simple cottage looking house. We walked there everday during the summer to visit with her.


It took us a while, but we finally got there. Grandma was waiting for us on her porch. She always acts like she hasn't seen us in months, even if she had just seen us yesterday. She hugged us, and ushered us inside. She took us straight to the kitchen, were she made us real breakfast. Turkey bacon, eggs, and toast. We ate in silence, and I noticed Grandma was worried about something. "Whats wrong, Grandma?" I finally asked her.

She looked up and said, "Nothing, dear," in her sweetest tone. I rolled my eyes at her. "Yes there is, now tell us."

She sighed in defeat and said, "Well there is something, I need to show you now." "Ok show us." I said

She nodded and took our plates. She then brought us up into her attic. She unlocked the door and let us go in first. The attic was huge with lots of shelves. Cute knick-knacks sat silently upon those shelves, with decades worth of dust piled on them. I looked closly at Grandma, and thought I was halusenating. Demon teeth, and and a ghost essence defined Grandma. I jumped back ,and then Grandma pushed us to the center of the attic. Grandmas inner demon came through her bones, and the strength was powerful. In the center was a pentagram. Grandma walked over to a book.

"Guardians of the spirit realm, hear and guide my plea.

When the witching hour rings true, bring my beloved daughter to me.

Other souls who hear my call are not welcome in this place.

Only the one known as my daughter may enter this sacred space."

I watched the florecent, glowing pentagram, and inside it appeared my mother.

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Hmmm interesting
What do you mean
just that its interesting.  its not like I am saying anything bad.  its different and its good :)
Ok, I didn't know If you mean't bad or good. I am going to add Chapter 2 later
:)  ok
very interesting
What do you mean
Thanks glad you like it. If you would like to read more message me.

Here is Chapter Two


I looked up, my mom staring at me as my Grandma walked out of the room. I continued staring at my mother as she walked out of the pentagram, and went from a floresent ghostly figure to a natural looking human. I crashed right into her, hugging her as tightly as I could. She didn't hesitate to hug back. There I stood, hugging my dead mother and sobbing, while my sister stood there shocked.

Mom finally let me go and turned to my sister. Hugging her, my sister came out of her trance and hugged back, crying. Our mom grabbed both of us by the hands and led us over to the sofas near the stained glass windows. The first thing she said was, "Now, I don't have much time, so I am going to tell you as fast as possible. Deston and Angelica, you are both witches. When I died I gave you both my powers and plus the powers you were born with makes you both extremely strong. Demons will come after you, and try to kill both of you, but Grandma will teach you how to use your powers."

Then a heavenly light shined down, and she turned transparent again, and said, "Well I got to go. I love both of you. Goodbye my darlings." She disappeared. Grandma walked back upstairs after a few minutes finding us both sitting on the sofa staring into oblivion. She walked over and sat where our mother was sitting, and handed us both a glass of something. "Drink." she said.

We both did, and it tasted horrible. "It will bring your powers to the surface so we can see what they are." We both nodded and sat there. I looked to my right and saw something flying towards my face. I instincttively put my hand in front of my face and... nothing. I felt nothing, I opened my eyes and saw a basketball sized rock hanging in mid air a foot in front of my face. Grandma nodded, flicked her hand, and the rock flew out the window. "What was that?" I asked.

"Oh, I have creatures gaurding my house ,and they are pretty smart, so one probably new you could freeze time, so they threw the rock at you." The rock came back in towards Angelica. She put her hands up, and the rock shattered. I put my hands up again shielding my face from the peices ,but they all froze.

Grandma was smiling now. She flicked her wrist again as she threw the rocks out the window. Me and Angelica were both shocked. Next thing I know, I exhaled and snow comes out of my mouth. I looked at Angelica, and fire was coming out of hers in little embers. Grandma was nowing grinning really big. "Good! Now we know what your powers are."

"What are they?" I asked. She replied, "You can freeze time, and can control ice ,and the cold. Angelica can shatter things, and control fire and heat." I nodded and shook my head looking towards my right. I saw a man standing there in a black coat. I froze him, and Grandma looked at where I was looking, and gasped. She walked over to the table, but before she could do anything, I exhaled and snow and ice shot out of my mouth freezing this man.

Grandma walked back over and stabbed a knife into the mans heart. "Sorry, that was a demon." She said as the man bursted into flames screaming. I laughed, and Angelica looked at me like I was crazy. Grandma laughed with me and said, "Well we need to work on your powers while we have time." We both nodded at that and started.

Grandma threw things into the air, and wanted Angelica to shatter them while I was to freeze them after she shattered them. We did that like a game for a hour or so, and then started to work on our fire and ice power. Grandma would throw a candle in the air, and Angelica had to melt it. I had to refreeze it before it hit the ground. It was fun but then the clock struck 5 and we had to go.

The walk home was enjoyable ,espically since it wasn't hot. Grandma said I would always be cool, and that I'd never get warm. Angelica would never get to cold, or warm. That was a plus to this, I could freeze time. It only took us a minute to get home, and I walked right back into my nightmare.

My Dad and Brenna, once again, were yelling at each other. "What do you two think you are doing? Going to your Grandma's house and aruging with each other?" "What in the hell is she talking about?" I thought. I scolded her and asked, "What are you talking about?"

She rolled her eyes, and asked me, "Why did you go to your Grandma's house aruging with each other?" She looked at me sternly, I didn't respond, and she said, "Well, until you admit it, you both are not aloud over there."

I rolled my eyes and ran up stairs, violently slamming the wooden door. I pondered the thought of what she said for us to come over there tomorrow to start training. I guess we will have to train ourselves now. I wouldn't come out of my room. Ataround six o'clock, I got ready for bed changing,into some bed time clothes and tying to go to sleep.

Glad you do.


Here is Chapter 3 


I woke up when someone was creeping down the hall way. I shattered an ice block in front of my door, and threw the ice pieces out my window that was open. I opened the door and looked down the hallway. I immediately saw someone tip toeing down the hallway. I froze time because I got scared. I decided since the time was frozen, to go and see who it was. I looked, and saw Corbin with a knife in his hands. I grabbed the knife and time un-froze. He instantly looked at his hand, where the knife was. "What in the hell are you doing?" I whispered. He turned his head and looked at me suprised. "How . . . did you get there?" I rolled my eyes, but he couldn't see me. I walked over to the window in the hallway and dropped the knife, but I froze it before it moved any. "Go to bed. Before I tell your mom." He nodded, and walked to his room. I reached back out the window to grab the knife. It looked really old, and had Latin writing on it. Time for some research tomorrow.


It is short

Glad you like it. I do have some questions

1. What do you like?


2. Do you think I can write?


3. Do you like my writing style?


4. Would you change anything?

I bet you could make a real book, that was really good. Please keep writing :)


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