The Twilight Saga

This takes place after Breaking Dawn-It's called Sunrise Tide, and is my fanfiction.


Chapter One-Bella's POV
I stared out the window in the bedroom of our cottage. Peering far out into the forest, I spotted them, using their laughter as a map. They were running, her on his furry back, almost home. It was raining out, but not too breezy. I sighed. I watched as Jake shifted back to human, his hair and bare chest dripping wet. Nessie was close behind, a big smile on her face. Only five years after her birth, yet she looked and acted the equivalence of a girl around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Yet she was far too advanced in her knowledge to be so young.
“We’re home!”, Jacob shouted, shaking his head furiously in an attempt to dry it.
I wrinkled my nose and gave him a small grin.
“Ugh, wet dog”, I noted.
He gave a small laugh, and just as abruptly, his smile turned into a frown and he rolled his eyes.
“Gotta go”, he said.
Nessie placed her palm on his neck, her expression pleading.
“Don’t go”, she whispered.
“I have to, honey”, he whispered back, leaning in closer.
I huffed, and he quickly turned around, a sheepish look on his face.
“See ya, Nessie”, he called, dashing into the forest.
Renesmee waved back, standing in the doorway and watching even after he was clearly out of sight.
“Nessie”, I said softly.
She turned, her quick movements graceful, and slammed the door shut.
‘Where’s Daddy?”, she asked, shaking her wet curls out the same way Jacob did.
“He went into town to pick up a present for Grandpa”, I said, running a finger through my daughter’s beautiful bronze curls. She was wearing a pale green silk dress, and matching flats. “Is that a new outfit?”, I noted, trying to make conversation.
She nodded, a grin filling her face.
“Aunt Alice got it for me yesterday. It’s for Grandpa Charlie’s party later.”
I sighed. Of course, she had to put it on two hours early to impress Jacob.
The thought made me shudder, which is odd, if you’re a vampire, like me. We’re never cold.
Nessie noticed, her chocolate brown eyes hinted me. But I pretended not to see it.
Renesmee looked as unbelievably beautiful as the first time I had held her, as a baby, if not more, but expressed it in a less childlike form now. Seeing her in “adult clothing”, the silk wrapped around her perfect, extra slender frame in a stylish way, made me a little nervous. She was almost fully matured, not only mentally, but physically. And it was hard to be prepared for all the things that would come with that new age. I’d only had five years to prepare. And though I didn’t sleep nights, it still came as a shock to me when Jacob displayed little tidbits of affection for my daughter. It was so weird to remember my blurry human days, when Jacob had done those things for me.
Just then, Edward came through the door, fashioning a jacket so he wouldn’t look too out of place in the town. In his hands were a giant box, wrapped up in silver wrapping paper and topped with a bow.
He gave me my favorite smile, and I dashed toward him like two magnets attracting. We kissed quickly, the big box in the way. He placed it on the floor gently, and sweeped me into his arms, then the same for Nessie.
He eyed her clothing.
“Alice”, he said, giving a velvety chuckle.
“Do you like my dress?”, she asked him.
“Of course. It’s beautiful.”
“What’s in the box?”, she said.
“Your grandfather’s new HD TV”, he answered.
“He’s never going to leave that old couch of his now”, I joked.
“Good thing Carlisle and Esme got him a new one”, Edward noted, smiling.
I smiled back, shaking my head.
We decided to go out and hunt for an hour, and then head over to the Cullen’s house to set up for the party. Little did I know of Alice’s upcoming vision……
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love it!
Amazing, soooooo cool! :DDD
Chapter 25-

The shadowed starry night sky allowed us to finally deport from the hotel. Outside it was moist and warm, a nice contrast from the cold lifestyle I was now adapted to. We all walked together, side by side, making our way to the cars we’d rented.
The sliver of moonlight added wondrous capabilities to vampires, an almost silver glow reflecting off our skin. However, as Emmet boomed with laughter, always unaware of expected dangers, the light reflecting off his gleaming teeth just made him more frightening.
“It’s not really that funny”, I half-growled.
“C’mon! You didn’t even break the lamp!”, he said, cracking everyone up all over again.
Even Edward was trying not to smile, one corner of his mouth turned up slightly.
“Jacob’s right, there is no privacy in my family”, I muttered.
“Told ya”, Jake grinned back at me.
I forced a small, tight grin, glancing over to him and Renesmee. The one detail that did comfort me right now was their behavior. They acted exactly the same as they did before the engagement. I was guessing it was to keep any more surprises from happening, from ruining everything all over again.
Then fixing my gaze on Jake, I realized it was Renesmee who restrained any behavior. It was all in his stare. I could read the longing and desire that radiated from his eyes.
“Did Alice see anything new yet?”, I asked.
“Nothing of grave importance.”
I kept my silence for a minute, waiting for him to add on. But it seemed he was done.
Why was nobody else as distressed as me? Could it be the future we inclined towards was easier to access than I had believed?
“I love you”, Jake whispered to Nessie from the back seat.
For a moment, all was silent. I teasingly cleared my throat.
“Sorry Mama”, Nessie flushed.
I smiled. I felt my disposition lifting a little. After all, we were already in Jacksonville, not far from my mother and Phil’s home. How couldn’t we save her?
I love this I have been following this for quite awhile and I crave more. You are an excellent writer I would totally buy this if it were a published book, and I would it read over and over again.
man i hope they make it to save bella mom
I love it, continue to keep up your great writing! Not to be rude,but when's the next coming out?
Is there ganna be more to chapter 25
Every time i read this i keep craving for more.
i just read the whole story and i love it! please keep me updated, i can't wait for more!
There will be a Chapter 25-2, I just thought I'd give you the first part to read for now. Thanks for all the constructed criticism!
when do you think you will post 25-2???
you really are very talented. i cant wait to read more.


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