The Twilight Saga

This takes place after Breaking Dawn-It's called Sunrise Tide, and is my fanfiction.


Chapter One-Bella's POV
I stared out the window in the bedroom of our cottage. Peering far out into the forest, I spotted them, using their laughter as a map. They were running, her on his furry back, almost home. It was raining out, but not too breezy. I sighed. I watched as Jake shifted back to human, his hair and bare chest dripping wet. Nessie was close behind, a big smile on her face. Only five years after her birth, yet she looked and acted the equivalence of a girl around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Yet she was far too advanced in her knowledge to be so young.
“We’re home!”, Jacob shouted, shaking his head furiously in an attempt to dry it.
I wrinkled my nose and gave him a small grin.
“Ugh, wet dog”, I noted.
He gave a small laugh, and just as abruptly, his smile turned into a frown and he rolled his eyes.
“Gotta go”, he said.
Nessie placed her palm on his neck, her expression pleading.
“Don’t go”, she whispered.
“I have to, honey”, he whispered back, leaning in closer.
I huffed, and he quickly turned around, a sheepish look on his face.
“See ya, Nessie”, he called, dashing into the forest.
Renesmee waved back, standing in the doorway and watching even after he was clearly out of sight.
“Nessie”, I said softly.
She turned, her quick movements graceful, and slammed the door shut.
‘Where’s Daddy?”, she asked, shaking her wet curls out the same way Jacob did.
“He went into town to pick up a present for Grandpa”, I said, running a finger through my daughter’s beautiful bronze curls. She was wearing a pale green silk dress, and matching flats. “Is that a new outfit?”, I noted, trying to make conversation.
She nodded, a grin filling her face.
“Aunt Alice got it for me yesterday. It’s for Grandpa Charlie’s party later.”
I sighed. Of course, she had to put it on two hours early to impress Jacob.
The thought made me shudder, which is odd, if you’re a vampire, like me. We’re never cold.
Nessie noticed, her chocolate brown eyes hinted me. But I pretended not to see it.
Renesmee looked as unbelievably beautiful as the first time I had held her, as a baby, if not more, but expressed it in a less childlike form now. Seeing her in “adult clothing”, the silk wrapped around her perfect, extra slender frame in a stylish way, made me a little nervous. She was almost fully matured, not only mentally, but physically. And it was hard to be prepared for all the things that would come with that new age. I’d only had five years to prepare. And though I didn’t sleep nights, it still came as a shock to me when Jacob displayed little tidbits of affection for my daughter. It was so weird to remember my blurry human days, when Jacob had done those things for me.
Just then, Edward came through the door, fashioning a jacket so he wouldn’t look too out of place in the town. In his hands were a giant box, wrapped up in silver wrapping paper and topped with a bow.
He gave me my favorite smile, and I dashed toward him like two magnets attracting. We kissed quickly, the big box in the way. He placed it on the floor gently, and sweeped me into his arms, then the same for Nessie.
He eyed her clothing.
“Alice”, he said, giving a velvety chuckle.
“Do you like my dress?”, she asked him.
“Of course. It’s beautiful.”
“What’s in the box?”, she said.
“Your grandfather’s new HD TV”, he answered.
“He’s never going to leave that old couch of his now”, I joked.
“Good thing Carlisle and Esme got him a new one”, Edward noted, smiling.
I smiled back, shaking my head.
We decided to go out and hunt for an hour, and then head over to the Cullen’s house to set up for the party. Little did I know of Alice’s upcoming vision……
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DANIELLE??? WHY OH WHY DIDN'T YOU CONTINUE THE STORY??? *SOBS* please please try to end the story..
love lots,
ADDI xoxoxo
Chapter 35 is FINALLY up!
It is told in Bella's POV-

Chapter 35
Bella’s POV

I sighed as Edward’s warm lips brushed against the side of my neck.

I placed my hand around his waist and drew us together, intoxicating myself with his enticing scent.
I wasn’t recovered from what had just happened. Being a vampire and having Edward by my side was definitely an advantage though.
It wasn’t as if I would ever be prepared for my daughter’s marriage. Especially when the groom was Jacob.
They both looked so happy together, as if they belonged to one another only. It reminded me of Edward and myself. Inseparable.
The cottage felt sadly empty without her soft, thrumming heartbeat keeping its rhythm.

It was hardly a year ago I’d fought with Jake over a simple kiss with Renesmee. Now I was supposed to allow them everything.
I smiled sadly, remembering Nessie’s past vulnerability, how afraid she was just moments ago.
Those moments quickly accelerated along with her growing maturity, and became days, months.
“Give it a little time, love. Everything will become more comfortable for you”, Edward murmured onto my skin.
I sighed, jolted by his simple touch.

“We haven’t got time”, I whispered.

Edward suddenly removed his lips from my neck, and his hands from my waist. I gazed up, confused.
He sternly put my arms around his perfect torso. I felt his golden eyes burning their way through to mine.

“Isabella Marie Cullen, as long as you’re with me, you are not allowed to worry”, he spoke resolutely.

“But-”, I began, about to protest.

He pressed his lips against mine feverishly, in such a fluent motion I had no time to finish.

And I didn’t want to. All I wanted was to release my worries up into the air, and watch as they dissolved within the moistness of Forks.
I wanted to be with Edward forever and eternity. With my family forever. I wanted my daughter to be happy. I wanted Jacob to be happy. Was that too much to ask for?

I became numb, involuntarily throwing myself into Edward’s arms, concentrating on his flawlessness. How smooth the planes of his chest felt against my face.

I knew by now that all of our supernatural guests were being explained to by Carlisle and Alice. We were asking them once again to fight with us. To risk their eternity to help save ours.

“Yes, love?”, he asked, smiling wearily.
“What exactly is coming?”, I asked.

“They’ve blocked us off from their view. As long as they’re controlling Alice’s visions; however they may be doing that, we can’t see. We’re guessing…some sort of army.”

Just then my phone rang from on the table. I swiftly picked it up, and unnecessarily held it to my ear.

“Renesmee, is everything alright?”, I asked quietly.
There was a short silence on the other end.
“Yes. Well, sort of. I just…”, she whispered, trailing off.
“Just what?”, I asked anxiously.
I had a uneasy feeling of the trail this conversation was leading down.
I looked to Edward to confirm my fears.
His warm topaz eyes suddenly lit with understanding.
“I’ll leave you two alone for a moment”, he said softly, kissing my hair before heading out of the bedroom.
I looked towards him in confusion.

“I think I just got…I mean, I know I just got my…”
Oh”, I said suddenly, sparing my daughter the awkward talk I was forced to have with my mother at fourteen.
“Check around the bathroom. I’m sure Alice saw this coming”, I said quickly.
I heard her breathe a sigh of relief from the other end.
“Thanks Momma”, she whispered.
The sky hadn’t fully recovered from the rain; still stained a dark grey tint.
From the phone’s receiver, I could only hear the still, slight wind moving around the house. Jacob must still be training the new recruits.
“You’re always welcome to come by if you’re feeling lonely”, I reminded her.
There was silence.
“Yes Nessie?”
She sighed, sounding anxious and tense.
“Did you ever have the feeling, that everything around us is tied loosely onto a very thin string?”
I completely understood what my daughter meant by that.
“Yes. More than once.” I laughed. “I probably wouldn’t have admitted that if you’d asked me a year earlier.”
“I mean, do you think I made the right choice?”, she asked.
“Do you love him?”
“Of course. More than my own life”, she uttered immediately.
“And you only picture yourself with him?”
“Completely.” I could tell she smiled as she spoke.
“Then yes. You’ve made the right choice”, I said, remembering my mother giving me the same words of wisdom before I’d married Edward.
“It’s just-you seem upset. I could tell how you felt during the wedding”, she whispered.
“All mothers are upset to see their children leave home. I’ve only had you for six years, Renesmee. And, I’m a vampire. We aren’t so good with change”, I said sadly.
“I just want you to know, that you’re the best mother I could have ever wished for.”
that was so good can't wait for the next chapter
great chapter,,,,,,I can't wait for your next chapter!!!1

Here's, FINALLY, another chapter :)

This one is in Nessie's POV


Chapter 36-Renesmee's POV-



His loud bark startled me from my unconscious thoughts.

I looked up at him quickly.

Jake nuzzled my shoulder with his nose. I followed his gaze to my half drained deer carcass.

Playfully rolling my eyes, I ran my fingers across his soft fur.

Go ahead

Eagerly, Jacob dug into my food as I sat upon the ground watching.

As soon as he had finished, he phased back to human, quickly slipping on the jeans and t-shirt tied to a rope around his ankle.

“My Nessie”, he beckoned, caressing my cheek softly with his fingertips.

I smiled.

He took me into him, wrapping his arms around me once more. He was silent for a while; I counted exactly two seconds before gazing up to him.

He looked back, and I stared back comfortably into his deep woodsy brown eyes.






“What is it that you love most about me?”, I asked.

“Your radiance”, he said softly, kissing me on the tip of my nose.

I smiled, watching his face, a half inch away from my own.

 “Your sunshine-” Now his lips moved to mine, claiming their position and locking.

 “-your passion, your beauty, your intelligence.” He kissed each of my cheeks gently, then slowly moved down to my chin.

I smiled, completely numb and utterly blissful.

 “Your smile”, he murmured, on my neck now. My heart propelled to such an elevated amount of beats, I was almost certain it would break through my chest at any given moment.

Suddenly, a spark was lit, from somewhere deep inside of me, a place that I had not previously known existed. It was in the center of my body, in my soul, and it sent jolts of electricity surging through my veins. I wrapped an arm around Jacob’s neck and admired our beautifully contrasting skin colors. His was a light copper, the color of the tribe, while mine stood a fatal ivory, the symbol of my clan, of my family.

His eyes met mine once again and followed their gaze to our hands.

 Everything, Renesmee. Everything.”

He smiled. It melted my heart.

It was quiet again. This time for two minutes and twenty-three seconds.


“You must be exhausted.”

I shrugged.

“Not really”, I lied.

In fact, I felt as if I’d collapse at any given moment, just drop to the floor without hesitation.

Involuntarily, my eyelids fluttered as I struggled to keep them open.

I was nestled in his arms two seconds later.

“-on my bed.”

“Sure thing, Jake. Hey, mind if I raid your fridge?”

“Keep off my Doritos and you’re safe.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, dude.”

I felt his lips on my forehead.

“Don’t doubt me, bro. I’ll keep her safe”, Seth said sincerely.

“Why’d you bring her here? There’s a whole house full of bloodsuckers waiting to protect her”, Paul said sharply.

There was a long silence. I guessed they were communicating through thought.

“Whatever, traitor”, Paul mumbled a minute later.

“Talk to me after you’ve found-”

“Jacob! Don’t bring it up!”, Emily said sternly.

Another quiet moment.

“You two talk it out. We’ve got to go”, Sam said.


I heard them leave the room. Seth set me down on Jacob’s bed.

“Look, I’m sorry Paul. I was stupid to bring it up.”

“Yeah, you were.”

They both sighed, and then were quiet for a while.

“Look, Jake. I gotta hand it to you. You know what you want, and… you go after it. I…I’m just…”

“Jealous of me and my awesome skills?”, Jacob joked.

They laughed a sad, heavy sort of laugh. As if something was wrong.

“Y’know? You two look good together. Like you belong,” Paul said, as if he had been contemplating the thought in his head for a while.

“We do belong. She’s my Nessie”, he whispered.

And suddenly, I heard a whimper, a long, low wail.


“Jake, what’s wrong? Get it together, Jake. Jake!”

My eyes sprung open and unthinkingly, I rushed to the sound.

His eyes were closed, hands clenched in tight fists.

Paul looked at me with a fear in his eyes.

“Jake, look at me”, I pleaded, watching in horror as his eyes opened, and started to roll back in his head.

I smelled something, something very sweet.

Then I knew what was happening, without bothering to turn towards the scent.

“Please, leave him alone, Jane!” I screamed, tears escaping my eyelids.


I finally turned to face her, shock and anger clear on my face.

Her milky crimson eyes gleamed a sickly pinkish tint by the light of the moon’s silver rays, reflecting through the window of Jacob’s room.

At last, Jake’s moaning came to a stop, and he breathed heavily on the floor.

I threw myself on top of him as he shook.

Then, as if realizing what was happening, he abruptly stood up, bringing me with him.

“I don’t know what the hell you want, and why the hell you came here, but don’t you dare touch her!”, he roared, still breathing heavily.

Jane rolled her eyes, and slowly raised both hands above her head.

“Oh please, spare my life, giant dog”, she said sarcastically in her sickeningly sweet child-like voice.

I slipped myself smoothly through Jacob’s arms, and turned to face her.

“Why are you here, and what do you want?”

“I mean no harm, I have come to help. The others are outside already”, she explained.

Jake froze behind me.

“Then why’d you torture Jake?”, Paul asked.

She shrugged, an innocent baby-faced smile plastered to her face.

“I just desired to announce my arrival”, she said defensively.

“Well that was no way to-”

“Wait, Nessie. We need her help.” Jacob muttered, hardly able to admit it.

“Badly”, Seth added.

I looked around me, at Paul, Seth, and finally Jake’s face. They were all so tense, even Seth looked practically agonized.

And then I knew everything. It hit me so precisely, I almost didn’t know how to respond.

I counted again. Exactly three minutes of silence.

“It’s started”, I said inaudibly.

They all nodded, except for Jacob. He looked the most tormented of them all.


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