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What do you think would happen to the story and what do you think will happen to Edward?

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If that happened then I would be happy!!! It would be great.

The story should be about the life and times of the shape shifters. I wonder how the love life of them is going and how Paul, Embry, Quil, etc... are feeling. Do they enjoy this?

Edward said that he would let her go, but who believes that? I mean: he's jealous everytime she's with Jacob. Either that or he's just overprotective! And that's just so stupid about him. Jacob would give her some space and freedom and that would be great for her, because she's not an ordinary girl, is she?

Anyway, that's just my opinion.



Haha Obviously, You're Team Jacob but I'm Team Edward :)) 


I respect your opinion though, It really is something to muse about..

Oh!!! Sorry! I thought that you were Team Jacob too, because I didn't knew someone from Team Edward who would ask that question... You know: I was first Team Switserland, but then I read the passion from Jacob towards Bella and it made me jealous of him.

So nice of you that you respect opinions...

What's yours actually?

Haha. Because I respect both sides. Because like Jake, I understand the feeling of loving and never loved back the way you want it too. and like Edward, I know the feeling of loving someone and getting too stubbornly protective.


:) Thanks.


Haha. Maybe the stories will begin to shift when Jake went to Bella's room. Bella will then forget about Edward and she will Marry Jake instead and the Pack will be so happy for Jake and they will be the one's protecting Bella from Victoria's revenge and the wolves will be the one seeking help from the Cullens. Yeah, Edward would be so devastated but what can he do? Bella will be so happy with Jake and I guess that's what Edward wants for Bella.and they'll have a baby and Bella will still be human :) and they'll die. LOL 

well then if that is what happened then why didn't he imprint like he should have? it is cause he was not meant to be with bella
You're weird. I was just musing.

ugh, that's a disgusting scenario!!

a world without Edward isn't one worth living in!!

I respect your opinion though,

but I am team Edward!!

I do respect other peoples opinion but if you look it is just people from team jacob that wants bella with him and not with her soul mate which is what edward is. glad that ya all think it is something to think about it but it must be just team jacob that wants this. hey if that is what you want then why don't you tell a story with edward out of it so that you get what you want. just my opinion
Actually, I was only thinking about it. I'm Team Edward Okay??!
I am so glad that you are team edward.
i agree with u because edward can run fast and read minds.

Same here im sooooo Team Edward but it would be intresting....


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