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What do you think would happen to the story and what do you think will happen to Edward?

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Ye edward js like anti jacob till eclipse. After that there like bros
Edward was more of a gentlmen then jacob could ever be and edward would have done what he said he would do.

Anyway, I don't think it was fate, it was a choice. Alice's vision changes when people's choices change, right? Meaning the future always changes. So, I think it's becuase of Bella's choice that made the whole thing impossible. She might have loved Jacob for his warmness and brotherly way, but in the end she chose Edward's looks and love for her. And anyway, I'm team Bella, so I really like her decision. She made the right choice by choosing someone she truly can't live without.

jacob would have never given her the space or freedom to do what she wants. Edward did. he let her remain friends with jacob but jacob tried to take advantage of the fact that bella just wanted to be friends. he crossed the boundries.

I'm thinking your on Team Edward, but can't we believe in things like that? Can't we write fanfics about it? Why wouldn't we? It's our freedom to do that if that's what we want.

Edward isn't bad at all.

sure. all I am saying it seems like every time someone decides that there is something that needs to be done they want to put jacob and bella together. all i was saying is if you remember even in bd they said that when a shape shifter imprints it is on his soul mate. so jacob should have imprinted on bella if they were soul mates and meant to be. sure people voice there opionion on here and all i am saying is it seems like all team jacob wants is for jacob to be with bella. i am not being mean or anything it just seems like that all anyone can see is the actor that plays jacob. what i don't like about jacob is because he became very arragont in new moon, eclipse and bd. in twilight i felt sorry for him. in the beginning of new moon before edward called and he answered i thought ok maybe jacob and bella do belong together but then he became an arrogant jerk. sorry but that is how i see him
Like I already knew: you have good reasons to say that.
thank you for understanding. i know that people have to right to voice there opionen on here it's just seems like that all people want to do is tear edward and bella apart. thats like with some saying that they are going to have a make out scene between a teenage nessie and jacob. to me its discussing cuase he just made out with bella. i am a team bella and team edward so please don't be mad when i am just stating what seems to happen with a team jacob fan. i would have supported a jacob and bella but he became a jerk in the last movie and got even worse in bd. when he went off in edwards volvo all he wanted to do was wrap the car around a tree. edward would have been a gentleman and waited until bella realized that she was not meant to be with jacob cause he would have cheated on her. he wasn't her soul mate. look at all the other in the pack that imprinted. they found there soul mates and all jacob cared about was keeping bella away from edward when she told him from the get go that she is and edward is a part of her. that is the same with my husband and i. he is my other half like i am his. so if it would have been meant for jacob and bella then he would have imprinted on her.
Why are people trying to put Bella and Jacob together when that was not the purpose of the love story. It would have not happened. I will be so glad when people try saying well maybe jacob should have imprinted on bella. If that would have been what was what was suppose to happen then the story wouldn't have been as good. Please quit trying to say what if Jacob had done this or done that to bella. It is getting trisome to read and quite honestly it makes me want to stay off this sight because of it.
I'm just asking, Because I'm Team Edward all the way. Okay? LOL
I think the story would transform to the danger of bella being with jacob. Then I think edward would wait for her like he said he would.
It would become very dangerous for bella if she would have been imprinted on by jacob. TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!


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