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So I was messing around on Polyvore and I ended up making this;

Which then raised my question- Which Bella?


With Edward she is the serious in love teenager, the one who has to watch out for danger but who worries about everything. But with Edward, she is at her most happiest; despite the danger that lurks around the corner.

With Jacob she is free to do what she wants, not taking into consideration what might happen, she has almost nothing to worry about. But when she is with him, she misses Edward like part of her heart faulters without his presence. Yet when she is with Edward she is constantly worrying over Jacob and how he is depressed- because of her.


So, which Bella do you prefer?

I am on the fence. She is free with Jacob, no worries but the crippling pain she feels when Jake professes his love for her, and how she loves him...but not enough.

But she is happiest with Edward, she can relax with him because, he's there.


I posted this in Bella because most of us have a team (like me- Edward hardcore) but this means that we can have a variety of answer, Switzerland! :D

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UGH!!!! Yes, Edward saved her, yes. But if that's reason enough to leave...


That is NOT a normal reaction! A guy who does that is either way jealous or overprotective. In both cases, things can go wrong!


Edward knows that there is danger: yes!! I agree! But if it's Bella's choice to visit Jacob, the "danger", then it's up to her.


And btw: then he should leave again because he draws danger to themselves. If Edward didn't return in NM, then Victoria could have eventually leave them alone.


Look, I don't want to start this over again, but I'll just keep my mouh shut about Jacob if you do a little bit less about Edward. Please!!! It's driving me crazy!

Yes Elita, I'm sorry, but it seems that everytime someone brings up a good point about Jacob, you have to take it down, and it's getting a bit tiring. I've tried agreeing, making my own points, and no offence, but it would be nice if we could all comprimise at Switzerland.

 And god, in that whole paragraph I sounded like Bella! xD

Voila: someone with a brain. Something that I had to say a long time ago! Glad you said that, or typed or whatever you like ;D I agree: on this page, let's be Switzerland and say nice things about both teams.
Sorry to say but I am really surprised how someone could state that Jacob would be better choice. How??????
Eh Hem! Its someone's opinion!

Bella's relationship with Edward is like drug addiction, like Jacob said. She's completely addicted to her drug, that she feels unwell and depressed without him. When she has him, she's happy, content and sometimes, ecstatic. She knew that her addiction would put her in harm's way eventually, but she was brave. She followed her heart. Whatever people might say, that takes some grit.

Jacob provided her a break from her addiction. She had a space where she could breathe, and she clinged to that.

Edward, Bella and Jacob are deeply flawed. "Nobody's perfect" has some intense truth to it. They make the desicions that they feel are right and they go ahead with it. Looking at the three of them individually, I say that I deeply love and respect Edward. He's a fine example of a layered character. He made some of the greatest mistakes in the book, but he realises them and corrects himself. He's a good person.

 Jacob is naturally care-free, he's not always "tensed to spring" like Edward. But his carelessness also cost him a lot. He made a lot of foolish decisions. I can say that I respect Jacob, but I don't love him or like him. Once you have an impression about someone, whether good or bad, it's very difficult to change it. It's natural that you automatically like or dislike a person and when your preferences are questioned, you back up your views with arguments. Natural. :)

 Bella is a good person too. She's different, she's mature, and she doesn't jugde anyone. She accepts them as they are. I love her for that. She was an oddity among other people of her age-group, I like that.

In terms of teams, I'm Team Edward all the way. I like to look at them as individuals, and not as couples. Regardless, when you play the "who-should-be-with-whom" game, I'll say that I encourage Edward and Bella's relationship, becuase it's just my personal preference. It was her choice. She made it. Who am I to say "That's not right." ?





You know what? In New Moon Bella herself says that she needs Jacob like drugs. You can check it!
i think she should stay with edward, but if she does than i dont get a chance with him!!!

I am a Team Jacober. I mean I love Edward, but to tell you the truth, anyone can admit she has like OCD with him. I'm not saying she didn't with Jake. Edward and Bella are kinda good together, because they both are obsessive over their bf/gfs. HOWEVER! It hurts me that Bella would break someone as sweet, and caring as Jacob's heart. At least if she broke up with Edward he wouldn't have a heart!

 Anyway, I know Nessie is with him, but that didn't happen in 5 minutes. So I'm Team Switzerland, but more Team Jacob.

If Jacob would be so sweet and caring... he would not insult Bella then, right? 


he never insulted Bella... Where did you get that idea?


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