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I would say EDWARD! I guess its not really about who deserves her more, cause its really about their love. But still.. I think EDWARD really does deserve her more. He can live forever and since he already has lived for 108 years going through a lot of crap he deserves something more to live for! JACOB is only 16 and girls go crazy for him (specially since he has amazing abs! (=..) so he doesnt really need her as much..

Feel free to post your fave picture too! =)

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By the way ..
Edward Cullen Owns My Heart... ECOMH. Great :D
haha mine too! :)
well that is a hard one but i go with edward. hey now edward has nice abs too
haha! ya! lol.
totally agree with the EDWARD!
i think ur right...but i did feel bad for jacob while reading the series..but i loved the ending..i was totally not expecting for him 2 imprint on there daughter...that blew me away!
I totally agree with you!
Jacob just thought he loved Bella, not knowing that later on, like the other werewolves, he would find his own true soulmate in no one else but Bella's daughter Renesmee.
i think Jacob deseves her more becouse he only has so long to live! (and that he imprinted on her)
Personally I think that Edward, because how I see it he is willing to do anything for Bella even leave her if that's what makes her happy. He is more of a fareplayer, I think, because he always tells Bella that if she wants Jacob he'll step aside, instead Jacob is always trying to pull Bella from Edward.

That has my fave. picture on it i could not figure out how to get it on here!!!


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