The Twilight Saga

I would say EDWARD! I guess its not really about who deserves her more, cause its really about their love. But still.. I think EDWARD really does deserve her more. He can live forever and since he already has lived for 108 years going through a lot of crap he deserves something more to live for! JACOB is only 16 and girls go crazy for him (specially since he has amazing abs! (=..) so he doesnt really need her as much..

Feel free to post your fave picture too! =)

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AHH! I love this picture! :)
so is this the offical pic for the movie?
i dont think so! if you look in between their hands you see someones signiture so i think someone just made it. that would be an awesome cover though!.
great picture
i agree with you completely and plus jacob claimed to love her and *spoiler* ends up imprinting on her daughter which seems like he not really caring about her.

i agree with you 100%! =) i love these pictures too! i have never even seen them before lol.!
haha love the comic one funny... n LOVE the lost one HOT!!!
perfect pics! but i thought of that cedric thing to. lol
awesome pics! 3rd is so funny! where do ya find these pics?
Edward. Just Edward. Without Jacob-crap.
He does not deserve to be, as said by J-Dog, "The burning man."
T. E. C <3 - Forever and ever.
lol. i agree!


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