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hey. of course bella is preetier than rosalie. rosalie's lipstick is getting redder day by day. and that makes her look disgusting with her face white and lip red.

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hmm.. well, I think, its you....
its even
of courzze.......
bella's awesum!!!!!
Has to be Bella
bella of course!! :)
Well to tell the truth Bella looks better than rose because roses attitude makes her look bad but if ha attitude wasn't so bad she would look about the same as Bella
me,,,Bella always look pretty, like Edward says
Rosalie... Bella is cute but Rosalie is pretty
rosalie looks better. i like Bella yes but fact is fact and fact remains that Rosalie is very beautiful and she looks better than Bella.
i think they both look about the same
well, I think it's bella because edward chose her instead of rosalie..<3
it's not about looks. it's about who you are, your personality and character so that don't say much.

my boyfriend chose me and there are prettier girls than me who does trouble him but in the end he is with me so your point does not make Bella the prettier one.


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