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hey. of course bella is preetier than rosalie. rosalie's lipstick is getting redder day by day. and that makes her look disgusting with her face white and lip red.

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but becuse roaslie has emmet. and besides if rosalie and edward were toghter then they wouldnt need bella or emmet! and it wouldnt b that much fun
BELLA ROCKS she prettier
Rosalie is pretty period same with Bella. everyone of the Cullens is like the 7 dwarfs Jasper is the one in pain Carlisle is the thoughtful one Esme is the normal one Alice is the outgoing one Edward is the unnown one Emmett the energetic one and Rosalie just has the prettygirl-attitude. and Bella is like the fair maiden Snow White so of course technically Bella is more beautiful.
I do!!
I do.kristen has a nayural beauty to her I think nikki reed has to have the make-up I'm not trying to be rude I like her and all but bella is prettier.
Me of course... rosalie's different from the goddess-like described in the book... bella is a lot more gorgeous
idk but i no tht rosalies eyebrows r 22222 dark in eclipse compared 2 her hair
I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bella is nice and sweet and rosalie has this kinda uptight look. but she gets sweeter through out the whole series!
can we vote for alice or esme? :)
I think Bella is prettier than Rosalie during New Moon and Eclipse. But she's so pretty especially on Breaking Dawn. :D


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