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Who thinks Kristen Stewart is perfect or no perfect for the role for Bella??

I want to know if you guys think that Kristen Stewart looks like Bella, and if you think Kristen Stewart is perfect as Bella. This girl is saying that she(kristen stewart) doesn't look like Bella and she is also saying tha kristen is not good choice to play as Bella. I want to know what you guys think.


Personally, I love Kristen, and I've been a fan of hers before Twilight. And she is a really good actress and she does Bellas role perfectly, I can't picture any one else. If you think different, tell me why.



P.S. If you do think different, then you are out of your mind.

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i agree!! keep it up KSTEW!
I agree she rocks. GO KRISTEN.
Apart from the fact that Kristen is one of the best actresses of her generation I know of no one who could play Bella as well as she does. Kristen is a unique talent with that special something that only great actors/ actresses have. If you don't believe me then I suggest you watch some of her early work especially " The Cake Eaters ".
As far as I'm concerned Kristen Stewart is Bella and Bella is Kristen Stewart.
You both need to talk to the girl who thinks Kristen isn't good.
Hi Mercadez I have always said on this site that Bella is a wonderful actress for the series. That's just my opinion. Talk with ya later.
That what I keep telling everyone who doesn't like Kristen.
She is perfectly for the Bells role
I love Kristen and she is so Bella. She is beautiful in her own way, and will continue to grow and blossom into whatever she puts her mind to. She is serious in her first movie, she needs to figure things out, Edward so not going to just come and and tell her. She did figure him out and she moves so graceful in both movies and I just can't wait to watch more of her.
Kristen is special and unique like Bella, that's why she's perfect for the role. She looks like her too, so there's no doubt!!
Great actress, and really beautiful and charming in her own way :))
i am a Kristen stewart lover! i love her style..
she's a good bella but there are some things missing like the guilt, underconfidence and childlike quality bella has but you don't expect her to get it perfectly. i watched the movie before iread the books so i though she was perfect and then i read the books and started saying maybe if she didd this or that...i love the book bella more but she's alright


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