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Who thinks Kristen Stewart is perfect or no perfect for the role for Bella??

I want to know if you guys think that Kristen Stewart looks like Bella, and if you think Kristen Stewart is perfect as Bella. This girl is saying that she(kristen stewart) doesn't look like Bella and she is also saying tha kristen is not good choice to play as Bella. I want to know what you guys think.


Personally, I love Kristen, and I've been a fan of hers before Twilight. And she is a really good actress and she does Bellas role perfectly, I can't picture any one else. If you think different, tell me why.



P.S. If you do think different, then you are out of your mind.

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I've seen the movie like probaly over 60 times, I could whatch that movie some many times and get tired of it.
I watched Twilight so many times at least 60 or more times and not once was I bored. It was like watching the movie for the first time again. My husband would come home from work and say, "Not again." I would tell him sorry honey bad day at work, I'm having Edward and Bella withdrawals. After watching it again I felt better and I was in a better mood, which my husband liked, if you get my drift, which I know you do.
OMG I know exactly what you mean, thats funny to.
LOL now I found your thread.
LOL, good one! at least you have something to ease you stress!
kristen makes bella even more better!
I agree
Well, she really act like her. The only things are in her look. Like her top lip is not too full to look weird like Bella says hers look, her eyes looks like black even with the contacts, and her hair is curly, which is not Bella's hair. But she can't do anything about it, other that these minor and not so change-able things, she fits Bella perfectly. She really made the movies great.
Kristen Stewart playing Bella is awesome, she is magical and without her the other actors would be nothing. She is unique, there is just something so special about her. Kristen will no doubt become a great actress without peers.
I really like Kristen Stewart. I think that she has a very unique way of acting that really identifies her and I love the chararcters she chooses to play.


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