The Twilight Saga

vote for who you think will stay in a relationship the longest i think alice and jasper because emmet half the time cheats on rosalie.

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Alice and Jasper!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
alice and jasper
Well jasper and alice geteach other alot better and are ment for each other..but rosalie and emmett are like more romantic..but i vote for alice and jasper
I think both of them will.
Yeah, how does emmett cheat on rosalie? They are soul mates. It's basicly like an imprint for them too.
*edited by mod*dude were in the world did you read about Emmett cheating on Rosalie and having sexual problems!!!

The better couple is Alice and Jasper, they have an extraordinary communication,even they're not

talking to each other they know what's going on, and they have a cute love story. Alice found him through

her gift, Jasper found his hope to her.



----> Serenity


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