The Twilight Saga

vote for who you think will stay in a relationship the longest i think alice and jasper because emmet half the time cheats on rosalie.

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alice and jasper, but i still like rosalie and emmett,
how does emmett cheat on rosalie?
yeah how does Emmett cheat on Rosalie???? never once said anything about him cheating on Rosalie? hmm.... I love Emmett... but I love Alice's and Jasper's love for eachother!!!
i think alice and jasper
Alice and Jasper. Although, Rose and Emmet are good too. It is like a 1% difference!
in BD ive watched and read ill be putting it up soon emmet sees other girls behind rosailes back bella know but she didnt tell bella said he had sexaul problems
Bella, what the heck are you talking about?! BD is not even out yet and so how could you have seen it??? and secondly there was never any mention of Emmett seeing other girls.... wow.
u have been losing your mind in all the books about the Twilight Saga there is no mention of Emmett ever cheating on her sexually, but he has slipped up on their vegetarian diet if that's what you mean.
exactly.... no mention of the girls... just the slip up on diet but that was years ago....
Both are good in their own ways,but Alice and Jasper love each other equally,but Rosalie is ready to give up Emmett for a few things,so maybe Alice and Jazz.
Alice and Jasper is the better couple. Rosalie and Emmett are just airheads they are too vain.
I love Emmett though! ;) I don't really connect with Rosalie.... but I love love love love Alice and Jasper. :)


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