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i think that she hates her because she didnt have a choice but to become a vampire and bella has a choice.

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she  doesn't  hate  Bella  she  just wishes  she  could  have  what Bella  has  and  the  chance  to have  children and  be a  normal  person  her heart  has  been broken  for  a long  time  but look  at  how  well Rosalie looks  after Bella  and  protects  her  from  the  family  trying  to get rid of  the baby.She  don't  hate  her  she  just  has  a broken heart.

I dont think rose hates bella, i think she s the type of person who has to get use to people before they are even before they meet but i also agree with the choise....

I think it is because she is jealous that Bella can have kids, grow old with her spouse, and go to heaven. Rosalie thinks that Bella is chosing wrong by becoming a vampire. She is throwing her life away. Rosalie will never go to heaven and never have kids. I don't think she hates Bella, I think she envies her.

i dont think she hates bella i yhink she miss bein human and she cant have kids so thats what she wants more in the world thats why she helped bella when she was pregant she loves bella in her own way

I don't think that Rose hates Bella. If you read eclipse or seen the movie you will understand that she envy's Bella life. Not for her beauty but for her being able to reproduce. Rose always wanted to have kids and a husband. She explained in Eclipse that she wanted a family of her own. But it was snatched away from her when the love of her life raped her and left her for dead. She feels like Bella was giving up the opportunity to live a normal human life. It wasn't her choice to become a vampire but that was the only way for her to live, and she feels like Bella is giving up her choice, and in a way she misses being human just being able to feel when it gets cold or hot and being able to have kids. Rose doesn't hate her she just feels like the choice that she is making is wrong.

I think that Rosalie is mad at Bella because Bella has the chance to get what Rosalie really wanted when she was alive. Rosalie wanted to have a kid and to stay human. But if Rosalie was still human in her own time, she wouldn't have met Emmett and Emmett would have died in the forest by mauled by a bear and Edward might not have met Bella.

Actually in the book and movie  Eclipse is said that Rosalie envys her because that she is choosing wrong about becominga vampire. She didn't have the choice to ecome a vampire Bella does so she is actually kind of jealous.

Envy is an understatement, I think. But Rosalie doesn't hate her. I think she's simply jealous and frusterated with her because Bella had a choice to choose to be a vampire or not, but Rosalie hadn't had this option. So she is frusterated that Bella wouldn't choose the right thing. In the Eclipse movie, she told Bella that she was choosing wrong. The edge in her soft voice is enough to confirm my thoughts, I think.


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