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i think that she hates her because she didnt have a choice but to become a vampire and bella has a choice.

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She doesn't hate Bella. She is just jealous that Bella is "alive" and can have a life and she had to be a vampire without a choice (what Danielle also said), she wishes she could continue being human. In Breaking Dawn, she told Bella that she was sorry she was sometimes so mean and that she was only jealous.

Exactly!!! You'd know this if you read the book or even seen the movie!

Yeah, thats true

Yes you just took it out of my mouth!

Its not that she hates Bella shes just jelous for reasons

ONE: Bella found out there secret which put them in as much danger as Bella between exposure and the Volturri
TWO: Rose is very vain she thought if Edward didn't find her beautiful he wouldn't find anybody beautiful so it bruised her ego that Edward fell for a simple human.
THREE:Rose would give up everything even Emette just to be human and she thinks Bellas making a huge mistake by throwing mortality away (not to mention the ability to have kids.)

The way Rose sees it Bella has everything she wants Rose doesn't hate Bella shes just envious of her.
I truly don't feel Rosalie hates Bella at all. You will see the true reason when Eclipse comes out or if anyone has read the book so far. Rosalie was simply angry over the thought of Bella wanting to give up her mortality.

Rosalie's life was taken away from her against her will. She was raised to be the snobby, rich little princess who gets everything she wanted. But when the King at the time who was destined to marry her robbed her from her innocence and left her to die, this is when Rosalie's heart turned cold. Then when Carlisle gave her the opportunity for immortality against her will she didn't want it, she would have preferred to die than to live with the nightmare she went through for centuries. Then she see's this human who attracts Edward in her own way and wants to give up her mortality so easily.

Also, please remember Carlisle brought Rosalie to become Edward's mate but they never had gotten along since they met. So that relationship between them was never going to happen at all.

You will see in Breaking Dawn how Rosalie & Bella will finally bond as a team! Emmett Cullen in Breaking Twilight.
She soesn't hate Bella. Rosalie ENVY her. You know, during Eclipse. :D
She dont hate her she just envy of what Bella has and wants that. It says in the book even tho she got her soul mate Emmett and her profound beauty, she would give it all up just to be human and produce a child. Thats why when Bella had the chance to have a baby she didn't want some one to make a decision for Bella that if she was in that same situation she would still have a baby
Well, "hate" is not the correct word, it more like "envy". All of that jealousy turned into great envy, when Bella kept going more rationally and pushed herself forward to the choice of becoming a vampire, with her other choice is being human. Rosalie hates Bella because she has everything Rosalie should've and wanted to have. Bella has a choice, and she didn't non of them did, but Bella does, and Rosalie thinks she's choosing wrong.


She doesn't hate Bella per se. She thinks that she sees Bella doing things that Rosalie did when she was a human, like focusing on a goal to the point she didn't truly recognize the dangers of her choices. Rosalie turns her regrets and self-anger on Bella, but she doesn't know or understand Bella at all.

she did say that she's not angry to bella,didn't she?she said that emmett is her soulmate but they will never have a child of their own.

Rosalie always explain to Bella that she doesn't hate her, she just doesn't understand why Bella wants to resign life, she doesn't even hate her for taking Edward, but it's just that she didn't have the possibility to choose and when Bella chose, she did ''wrong''...


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