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Why do you think Bella was so convinced that Edward woudn't hurt her when she was human?

I think it's becuase Bella loved him. You know, it's hard to believe that someone you love or someone who loves you is likely to hurt you.

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I agree with you. It is hard to believe that someone you love will hurt you. That is why Bella was so convinced that Edward wouldn't hurt because she believed he wouldn't.

I wouldn't have believed it, too.

Because she knew that he loved her and would die if he laid a hand on her. and bella loved him and trusted him.

yes, she did and I'm glad of her actions. The story wouldn't be much fun without bella and edward together.

there wouldn't be a story if edward lost bella.

Well, maybe not at all. She might have continued her love history by dating with Jacob. She loves him too, you know

You have a point. Because if Edward and Bella Never have Renessme and jacob will never find the person he imprints  on.

He would hever have found out that he would have found someone who he could imprint on if Edward and Bella hadn't married! Bitter....


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