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Well, the cold man and the cold woman once attacked and killed many of the werewolves, so maybe that wrong doing is still unforgotten. But I think it's ridiculous. Why can't they just make up for it and be friends???? Please answer for me

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Not all vamps are like the Cullens, and the wolves are there to protect humans from evil vampires.

Yeah... but even so, it's not fair to be rude to the Cullens. At least THEIR not like other blood suckers....

True!  But maybe it's just a little bit difficult to get over one's ingrained prejudices...  After all, later they do work together to keep first Bella and then her half-vampire daughter safe.  That brings them together in the end.  Think of Jacob in that house full of red-eyed vampires!

Yes, well, Jacob did a good job, but I doubt the others (Sam's pack) made up with the Cullens. Anyway, I'm glad Jacob didn't fight against Bella's choice. It would have totally ruined everything!

 I think they were enemys is because vampires kill humans and itw the werewolves job to keep them safe. they are naturaly mean to vamps because all vampire are not like the cullens and they didn't know they were "vegitarians".

But don't you think tha the wolves can be at friendly at least toward the Cullens? They could think about it you know.

But, The "Shape Sifters" don't belive it because their has never been a good kind of vampire, all they've ever known is the vampires that kill the humans and their job is to protect the humans, who knew nothing about the super-natural unknown. And they don't think, they act at the slightest hint of danger to the humans of thare territory.

Oh, that reminds me. The treaty says that the vampires can't bite humans, but if the human actually chose to be bitten to their will, the wolves will just have to make an exception. Don't you think so?

I think the mythology of werewolves and vampires being enemies originated from ancient folklore and especially Hollywood's old black and white horror movies. For instance the werewolves in twilight have alot in common with my country's myth Ireland has a lot of myths of werewolves who were protectors of celtic tribes. One such legends syems from the town of Kilkenny which is about a half hour drive from my home town.

      And legend has it that such a tribe of the "mac tíre-fir" = Wolf-men had a feud with the "marbh go siúlóid" = the dead that walk. So I think it's always being around vampires vs werewolves the wolves being the protector's against the vampires and vice versa.

Whatever. I still think it's absolute garbage that they growl at eachother.

I think that the wolf clan and vampire clans just can't let go of a grudge!!!


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