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Would Bella Really Fall In Love With Jacob If Vampires Never Existed???

This question has been really bugging me for a while and I was thinking if Vampires really didn't exist would that lead to Bella falling in love with Jacob? And would Jacob still be a Werewolf if Vampires didn't exist?


The other thing I was thinking is that in the first movie when Edward saves Bella from the van. If Edward never existed then, then would Bella just be in hospital with a few broken bones or could she have died from that accident?


So if Bella would have died if Vampies never existed then either way there would have been no future for Bella or Jacob to be together.


What do you guys think?


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That is a lot of what ifs but it is proven in book and movies that Bella could have fallen for Jake and for that reason I think Jacob imprints on Bella's baby


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