The Twilight Saga

I think most of us on here love twilight so much that we would deffiantly get a twilight tattoo, but that might just be me. I was just wondering what y'all think, and if you would what would you get? I think I would get "you are my life now" writtin on me or Plus que ma propre vie.

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I definately have been going back and forth for a Twilight Tattoo. Here's the one I have on my back now. So it will really have to blend with it to some extent.

Oh my gosh I think that is very beautiful and deffiantly beautiful

I have " So the Lion fall in love with the lame. What a stupid lame. What a sick magistracy lion." writing on me back

awwe, I bet that is so pretty

i would get the the wolf pack and the olympic coven symbols on my shoulders.

That would be so cool!

I know right. The wolf packs symbol would be on my right should. But I think I might put the olympic coven on my left wrist tho. Im not sure about the placement for that one yet.

I think the cullen symbol would would really pretty on you wrist or make it look like a braclet with the cullen symbol like wrapped around your ankle

I was thinking last night I was going to get the cullen crest on my wrist.
I'm definitely getting one either on my wrist or on the back of my neck. But I am not sure what it should say.

would you get like a picture or words?

I guess i could do a little tatoo on me about the saga... that's not bad!


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