The Twilight Saga

would you guys like twilight saga to be come a game when their done making the movies?

i was wondering if guys would play twilight if they make it into a game. Please let me know what you think

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I thought there are games of twilight out already?
no there isnt any game of twilight yet i m hoping they will make them as games
yah there are board games for twilight and new moon i have it both there cool the games is about the movie you have to aswer quiestions about the book there is the board game and the scene it game but there is not a viideogame
well of course we would like that HOWEVER they prolly wont make 1 cuz really there isn't THAT much action in it to make it a video game!! they could obviously make something up but then we'd all be upset...there isn't really a reason to make it a video game... but the board games yes cuz they r bout the books!!!
what i was thinking i could try to make a twilight saga game for the computer would you guys play it if i did try to make it
As I was online searching for some gift ideas for Christmas, I was on and found that they did make a Twilight Scene it game. The retail for the game is $49.99. But I would like to see more games come out. They also have wii controller covers for $9.99.
There are Twilight and New Moon board games out, i have both of them. they also offer you the option to combine the boards and make one big game, in which you move from twilight to new moon! also, there is Twilight Scene it, hosted by Peter Facinelli. that's fun too. Twilight scene it is also available for the wii.
yeah but there is no computer games the scesne it is for the console games
no actually there are games out of the twilight saga i have a few.
yeah there are games of Twilight already, Scene It Twilight, played it at a mates house on Monday is really good, only thing is it didn't take that long to play it and unless your whole family loves Twilight then it's not something you can play on your own. Funny thing is we knew each others answers but not our own was quite funny
that would be so cool! id buy it! 8D


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