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What do you Edward lovers think is  going to happen this year for Twilight? Rob and Kristen are back together[Hallelujah!], how do you guys think it will affect both of their lives and familys? Breaking Dawn Part 2 is going to be coming out on DVD probably somtime in May, are you people going to  pre-order it? How do you think the rest of the Twilight Cast's carrers are going to go this year? So much to think and we're only in the first month! Tell me what you guys think!

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Yuck! I have never approved of Rob and Kristen's relationship in real life and I. the Twilight series. But now that Kristwn is pregnant there is nothing that an be done. And I do not think that I will buy the movie since it is too inappropriate for my 8yr old brother.

I dout that that is true. In my opion, the media these days are ridiculous, they give no privacy to celbertys, and I think they sould at least consiter a shread of respect to everyone.

I will definitely be buying the BD2 DVD to go with my collection.  I loved this movie, especially the fight scene at the end.  In the book we knew that Alice showed Aro something, but since it was written from Bella's POV we never knew what.  Now we know the real reason Aro backed off.

As for Rob and Kristen's relationship, it's none of my business.  I think they should do whatever makes them happy, whether it is being together or apart, and it does not influence my opinion of the movies or of them as actors. God knows I have enough trouble tending to my own life without judging their relationship.  They are adults and have the right to live as they please. 

I think all of the Twilight actors have great career opportunities ahead of them. I would like to see more of Kellan Lutz for sure. They are all still honing their acting skills and learning their craft, so I wish them all great futures.  I have really enjoyed the Twilight Saga and all of these actors who brought the characters to life.

My point exactly on Rob and Kristen's relationship. People are WAY to nosey on celb. relationships. As for the movie, you sould of seen my face the first time I saw it, until they went back to real time at least

I totally agree with you Vivan, but I'm such a great fan of Robert and I think he will never get true expected love from Kristen on his condition and hence both of them will be unhappy. i think it's time both of them should move on of each other.

 It 's pretty much the same piont.To me, it's nice to konw that they are back together, like how other couples would tell people, but other than that, it's really none of my bussiness; I and other people don't need all the gory details. I don't really think that they sould get married, but they are on God's control and they want to, they have all the right to, but they souldn't force the issue in my opion.

Kellan Lutz for sure cause he doesn't look that bad.

Kellan will definatly have his carrer cut out for him.

Yeah. I don't think that Rob and Kristen should get married. I don't like Kristen "EXPRESSIONLESS" Stewart. And I think Rob should not trust Kristen now, after her affair with Rupert.Kristen I think is marrying him just so that he would forgive her. She does not love him or anything, cause in the media it is said that rob had put the condition that he's gonna forgive her only when she'll marry him, that was nonsense. Rob will never get true love from Kristen I think. and for the Pregnancy part, i think you might have heard the word Abortion!

No kindn'!

It won't be surprising if she does use the big A if it is true. I hope that it doesn't happen, but you never know what celebrertys will do these days.


i think that they will be together and they will not break up


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