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i heard robert proposed kristen but kristen doesnt want 2 marry him

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she said in that same article that he was j/k
Well I heard she said in an interview he propouse to every girl he date
Why does everyone worry about what the tabloids say? Plus, what he does is his business. I would just want him to be happy cause I know I will never get to meet him. And yea he is very hot, but in my dreams would I ever get a chance to mett him and say hey let's go on a date. So I would rather him be happy, then for me to sit here and wish him single forever, just in case. But it still makes your heart drop when you of him with another girl...hmmm. Owell.
I'll believe it when one of them actually admits it in a public, taped interview.
Well, I am sure Rob and Kristen would deny the rumours... I don't take much notice of the tabloids... in 2009 for example, there were reports all over sayin Kristen was pregnant!!! Um.. No sign so far! lol Just the rumour mill. xx
namneet, what tabloid did you see it in?!
I believe those are all rumors. you can't believe everything you read or hear.
Really?! I think it's just a rumor.
I hope its just a probably is because what sane woman would turn him down.
i know, he's too...too...too everything to be turned down
I heard he proposed but I heard that Kristen said yes why on earth would she say no.Well if she did thats her decision but man it's like breaking Edwards heart to not just robs I can't even imagine.
I really dont listen to what the magazines and papers say about kristen and Rob they have said so much since Twilight came out about there so called "relationship" it's all turned out to be false. I think they're just really good friends (but it would be totally awesome if they were a couple) LOL I'm just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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