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5 Reasons You LOVE Edward!

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I love Edward because:

1. I love his protective nature.  Not only is he protective of Bella from physical harm, he is also always aware of others thoughts and intentions toward her.  He would literally give his life for her, or any of his family.

2. I love his gentlemanly ways. Always respectful of the women in his life, even some of the females who didn't represent themselves as "ladies".  Like the waitress.

3. I love his musical nature.  I would really love to have a boyfriend who was musical.

4. I love that he is sentimental.  Like him keeping the bottle cap from Bella's drink.  And keeping his Mother's belongings for over 100 years.

5. And of course...I love to look at him.  He's gorgeous. 

I love Edward because:

1. He has a beautiful smile

2. He is patient and generous and understanding

3. He will write his girl a special song and perform it beautifully

4. He is a gentleman 

5. He is a good listener

I love him cause

1) Hes Hot And So Sweet!

2) Hes In LOVE And Doesnt Try To Push Bella To Do Stuff That She Doesnt Want To Do

3) Dogs are ment to be pets NOT SOULMATES!!!

4) I love how he Watches Her Dreams And If SHe Has A Night Mare He'll Stop It

5) He Know How To Make Her Happy And Team Jacobers Dont Relize That He Is A JERK FACE >:P



Love Mrs. Britt Cullen! :0)

1. he is a vampire.
2. he has good at science pretty much coz he had a century to practise
3. he is a music lover
4. he is charming and sexy
5. he realizes too well and trusts


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