The Twilight Saga

50 Things The Twilight Saga Taught Us

True love knows no boundries

“Hell’s no so bad when you have an angel with you”

Romeo was an idiot

“You can enjoy the banquet while resisting the wine”.

The future is not set in stone.

Soul mates exist, even if it takes 100 years to find them.

Nothing beats an irritable grizzly bear

Porshe 911 Turbos make really great bribes

Vegetarian had many meaning

There are exceptions to every rule

Always check bad news before doing something stupid

Dont give yourself a papercut infront of hungry vampires

You can’t fight an eclipse

Crazy stalking is okay if your a hot vampire

Family is about more than blood

Even eternal enemies can work together to save something they love.

Hearing voices in your head doesn’t always mean your crazy.

Extreme sports should not be attempted alone.

Stupid lambs and sick masochistic lions make quite a pair

Clumsy is cool again

Pale is the new tan

Cold hands = warm heart

Space heaters can be exceptionally annoying.

Volvos are cool again

“it’s healthy to ditch class now and then”

You “don’t get your family slaughter for pride”.

“it’s about time someone scored around here”

“it doesn’t count until she’s concious”

You shouldn’t punch werewolves in the face. Use a bat instead!

If you come to witness, you stay to fight

It’s okay to deny your very nature

Happy endings are rare

Responsibility is good. Twice a week.

A box of 50 cents valentines hearts, can get you a slave for life.

“Vampires don’t count as people.” Or do they?

“the hardest part is feeling... out of conrol.”

“the best part is the speed”

A girl stamping her foot, doesn’t just happen on TV. It happens in books to.

Not to foget our options

The cliche ‘life sucks, and then you die’, is sooooooo not ture.

OCD really means Obsessed Cullen Disorder

Vampires are simply dazzling

Rose is the prettiest

Emmett is the stongest

Alice is the quirkiest

Edward’s the fastest

Bella’s the clumsiest

Carlisle’s the smartest

Esme’s the most loving

But Jasper can sit in the corner and still make you feel jealous.

What do you think?
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can you think of anymore... i kinda wanted to make a list of 101... let me know.

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loveeee itttt
i luv it ...i luv it,,, i luv it
Love itttt....
Excellent! Think I'm going to have to save this... =D Great Job!
I love this lol!
Love it!
love it we also learned that you are never to wear things more than once from alice lol
that is sooooo true lol never ever wear somthing twice lol
Aww! I love it and will be saving it. So good. Don't forget how needing car parts for a vw can make you enemies at dances. And don't forget it is all in the leading especially when it is a hot vampire/soul mate doing that leading. Love it.
absolutly loving this (;
its great , saving it to read cus its just so funnny (=
parents eventually will catch on to the latest trends


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