The Twilight Saga

So I want to see what twilight fans can come up wit in a story of a alternate universe. Hmm maybe Bella ending up with Jacob you can write from Edward POV

The rules are follow my prompt above and make your post short but not to short so other people can start from where you left off of. It's fun I tried it on a different site.

Have Fun :)!!! I'm not gonna start cause I have no ideas and because it's midnight so Im off to bed and I thank the pocas who contributed to my other discussion

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Edwards POV

I saw Bella sneaking out of her bedroom one night. I went to follow and found out that she is hanging out with Jacob and the pack. I stick around to watch what happens.

Bella: This has been a perfect night

Jacob: It has. Will you come tomorrow?

Bella: Sure

Edward runs off to think.


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