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Well...just WHAT would you do and say???  A family was surprised by Rob at their door for a segment taping for the Oprah show.  Think they all about flipped.  As for me...not sure...would either .. pass out cold, scream bloody murder, or be struck dumb.  And you?  Be so curious as to what some of you would do.

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if rob pattinsin wus at my door i would be struck dumb!!!!!!
I would be struck dumb for sure and then pass out.
i would ask him for a pic and autograph and then die
I would bw stunned. then I think a picture and autograf would be nice if I ever able to speak :) and after I would invite him for dinner. Don't know, I am lost :)
I would invite him in like any other guest and treat him respect. Of course I would be excited and all that but I would restrain myself. Actors get the screaming and craziness all the time. I have met Hali Berri because she came into my work when I was in my early 20's when she was still with Eric Benaeu. I got her signature from her because I did not ask for it as well as was the only person that got it.
i would invite him in and pass out cold on my bed then wake up and tell all my friends the rub it in there face;)
If Rob was at my door i would scream. I would let him in and make him feel at home. We would talk about the twilight movies. I would want his autograph.
When Rob will knock my door, I will scream very loud, then give him a big bear hug,ask pic with him,his autograph,and then i'm ready to die cause then my lifedream will come true...of course i never vash my hand if he touch it:D
well i wouldnt ask him for a autograph cause celebs hate that. but if i ever get outta the komma i'd be in i would tell him that i love his acting and uhhhhhh ask him for his number. daaaahhh.


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