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Hi to All at Official Team Edward :o)


You better believe the following, because it is true - was searching for specific DVDs of a totally different genre (especially the 3-disc special edition of Avatar when I noticed a link titled special I clicked on it...and the link lead me to the following:


"After clinching "Top Male Hottie" at the Teen Choice Awards, winning "Breakthrough Performance" and "Best Kiss" awards from MTV Movies for his smash hit Twilight, Robert Pattinson is Hollywood's Hottest Heartthrob! Robssesed is the exclusive and first-ever all-access film into the leading actor's life, available to own on DVD.


"Robssesed charts the British star's rise to U.S stardom and provides the inside story that led to his international fame and sex symbol status! The exclusive film includes sizzling secrets of Rob's first kiss, his bullying at school, and gossip on his co-stars, featuring a great selection of interviews with his acting teacher, former co-star Anne Reid, and influential figures in showbiz, as well as some of his super fans!


"This is an exclusive, no-holds-barred look at the life of today's number one hottie in Hollywood."


This is totally new to me :o))) and thought there may be some of you fans here at Team Edward to whom this bit of info will also be new.


You bet that I am ordering a copy as in immediately!






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I've got it it quite good i got for my last birthday it came free with the hunted air man

I've got it too...


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