The Twilight Saga

i know i will never forget them i will keep them like they mean to me rite now..

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i sure will.
you mean you will just forget them.
huh? what kind of a Twilighter are you...
How could you forget? Seriously are sure you're a true fan?
twilight is the start of it all how can you for get?
I will never forget them. I'll be an old lady saying in my day there was this one book twilight .... lol
well your rit an old ladies tale..
I don't buy many books to keep; however this is a set I will keep forever and pass on.
no way i will never forget them
nope not a chance i would never forget
no no no... no no .. no I will never forget the Saga and the Contents, and the Characters especially Edward Anthony Masen Cullen.. lol.. i would be sharing it to my great great great grand children, and i will let them read it to, i know they will love it...

Forever a Twilighter I will Be...
No, Never, They Have became a part of my daily life. :P


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