The Twilight Saga

i know i will never forget them i will keep them like they mean to me rite now..

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No.. I can't forget it.
O no i don't
I gonna read the books 4-ever:D
me too lol..
Definitely not, i bought the hard cover books because i want my little girl(2 yr. old) to read it when she's teenager, i know she will like it more than i do and be inspired by it too. I'm planning also to buy the set of blue ray or DVD when the movie completes and put it in our shelf for preservation hahahaha...
I Will Never Forget Twilight Saga I'll Still Be On Thsi Website Twilight Is In My Heart For All Of My Life After This I Bet i Will Cry At The End Of Breaking Dawn Cause It Would Be Finished And I'll Be Like Sobbing My Heart Out.
I Can See It Coming :(

i'll never ever 4get them i'll b reading them 2 my great grandkids (that is if i live that long). they're the sweetest books ever!!! if ur a real twilight saga fan u'll nevr 4get them
Never Forget! These will be classics!


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